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  1. That’s really encouraging, thanks again for your help and quick reply Tony
  2. No I am not 😀, sure Toyota is a bad choice for that. Thanks
  3. Exactly, that’s why it drives me crazy and don’t know exactly what to do, but anyway thanks for your help Tony
  4. Thanks for your reply Tony, I forgot to mention that upon returning to the dealer during service, they said it is just normal wear and tear and the only solution is to change the seats!!!😳 but I don’t think removing the seats could help, the seat back only needs to be well fixed, any advice how to do that? thanks again
  5. Greetings I have a 2016 Corolla, few months ago I started to hear rattling noise from the 2 front seats (seems like their backs is not fixed well enough) especially when I drive in unpaved road it drives me nuts! Has anyone experienced similar problem? Response is highly appreciated Thanks

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