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  1. Do you know of any company in Adelaide that sell these systems and install them. Thank you robin
  2. yes tony the dvd is readable but scratched, when i set the nav to go somewhere i end up being somewhere else, its not like my tomtom where you just put in a adress and away you go, i need instructions on how to put in an address on this nav, and do you know what size is the nav unit i have in my 2006 toyota aurion presara , i may be able to ge a bluetooth aftermarket one , i think it is 6 inch but not certain . thanks rob
  3. hey tony thanks for the navigation info, have you any info on getting the navigation dvd resurfaced or can i get a backup copy done, it says you may get wrong information because of a scratched dvd. the reason i needed info on the nav system is when i type in an address it sometimes cant find the number, the price of ver17 dvd here in adelaide is $388. thank you robin sonntag
  4. 2006 toyota aurion presara navigation owners manual , its not easy to use without instructions
  5. hi james I have a 2006 toyota aurion presara , and No nothing will work without the Dvd no radio, no cd player no reverse camera Nothing, and i was told iff you find someone whos got one , you cant use a burned copy either it must be original dvd, Rob
  6. does anybody out there know where i can get updated dvd for my 2006 toyota aurion presara and iff not do you know where i can update the nav unit itself to one that has bluetooth on it. thank you . Rob
  7. 2006 toyota aurion presara navigation unit update dvd
  8. on the navigation unit in my 2006 aurion presaro, it wont let me put the number of the premises in.

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