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  1. Thanks for the replys. I have been to the local New Zealand Toyota Dealers but get the standard reply " no, it can not be done". ( its out of the ordinary and they would rather sell you a new GPS system) I don't like that attitude and always believe that there always is away arround such problems... you just have to persevere and keep asking. It hacks me off that I can not make contact with Toyota Japan, or should I say get a reply from them. Does anyone know a parts store in Japan that will deal with overseas customers. If I can find someone in the motor trade who understands English I may
  2. I have imported a Toyota Runx Z from Japan that has a factory (Panasonic NHDN-W56) Nav system installed. It has Japanese onscreen display and Japanese navgation map installed. Can I load another CD/DVD or convert it to display English and New Zealand nav maps?. I have tried to comunicate with Panasonic Japan and Toyota Japan but have had no replies. Maybe no one there speaks English. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Cheers Phil.

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