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  1. Hi guys, I got these two pairs of HID kits, still in a box never used, color temp 8000K, they are H4, if you guys interested lemme know, I am located in Brisbane, $150 each
  2. thanks Tayles, but not all of this is done by me, the credit goes to the earlier owner, i just paid for the car :P but now i want to contribute to it. hopefully in coming weeks you will see a difference. not really sure that i will hang on to this car for long, will keep u guys updated. yup JJCRU23R, the car was featured in the hot 4’s toyota edition, the screen above the amps has been removed as its my daily runner at the moment. My priority is to add a kit on the car along with upgrading to new sound system mainly subs and head unit.
  3. more pics added, i wish i can make it run faster too, thinking of selling this and getting a sportivo, :)
  4. Hi guys, i am new to this forum, and i am after obtaining a body kit for my corolla, i have noticed most of the members got sportivos and levins that comes with the factory kits, and I am thinking that I should put something similar on my conquest too. i have checked with several people around Brisbane but no such luck. www.jracing.com.au got a kit but i rather keep it simple and less aggressive than what they have. so if you guys know anyone who wants to get rid of their stuff please do let me know, cheers

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