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  1. Thanks hori I've been reading around and what I've understood is that there's bolts holding down the air bag on each end and that will give me access after the air bag is removed. Of course with the battery disconnected. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello. My car might be a little old for these forums but I'd thought I'd ask. I've inherited a holden nova/corolla and am having a very weird problem with the horn. If the wheels are straight, horn no work. If turn a couple of inches it works. I have a feeling this is a very common problem with these models and most likely an earth problem. I'm trying to avoid taking the steering g wheel apart. Any help in what could be the issue would be great. Ezat
  3. Hello all, Can anyone recommend a good performance battery for a 2008 Aurion zr6. I can easily go buy one but wanted some thoughts/experiences/recommendations. Thanks. Ezat
  4. There is another thing that the 75k service has and that is an intank filter change. The guy on the phone made is sound so extreme. Im curious if anyone has changed htis themselves and whats involved.
  5. The Castrol 10/30 Mag oil price says it all. Thats ludicrous. thats double the amount so I am guessing everything else is double as well.
  6. Hello all, Have a 2008 Aurion zr6. Over the last 3 years that i have had it, ive been sending it to Toyota for a service. Now that I am up for the 75k service, it is interesting to now know that the price has gone up from 120 to 400+. I have never been happy with the service either way. I think they just done the minimal being honest..(oil, oil filter etc).. nothing of the special kind. My wife drives the aurion and I have a Charade 96 carbi 1.0ltr 3 cylinder runaround that I do services on myself and repairs as well. I kinda feel I either get someone to service it and fill in the log books or do it myself and no log book entry. Just wondering who has been in my situation and what options they took. Ezat
  7. thanks for the replies. I have seen a few posts about different sizes. for example, 225 insted of 215.. does it make a difference? I am presuming 225 is the width?
  8. Hey All, This might be a generic question.. Its time to replace my tyres on the aurion and am looking to get some info on which tyres to buy. I was pretty happy with the michellens 215/55/R17 but would like to know what my options are. For example different sizes based on performances etc. I have a family and regularly drive up and down wollongong nsw. My concern would be more safety than taking corners quicker than one would :) Many Thanks Ezat
  9. Hello All, Im a bit confused when reading the manual that came with the Aurion. It specifies a few grades of oil. Anyone can share what grade of oil i.e 20w etc and what brand? Ezat
  10. Hey all, I've never owned a new car before so this is the first for me.. Nice black zr6 sportivo/moonroof/satnav.. So far so good.. only 260kms on odo.. A few questions that someone might help a newbie owner with: 1. Driving behavior -- how long does it take to run in the motor? 5000kms? 2. The automatic locking when walking away from the car.. is this timed or based on distance? 3. Petrol -- Curious what people are filling in their tanks.. regular unleaded or premium and difference? I won't bother sticking a pic on here.. im sure everyone has already seen a black stock Aurion :) Thanks for the club on the good work with the site too. Ezat