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  1. sale fell through due to time waster, so wheels are available again
  2. haha so did i, but they didn't like the look of them on a honda jazz
  3. i'm still eagerly checking in to see what goodies you've put on your car,'re a bit of a tease :P
  4. that steel hose you're referring to it the egr pipe, and is ok to unbolt (just don't damage the gasket). you won't need to remove the intake manifold. you can pull it back a bit (it's flexible to an extent) just enough to get the filter out. but it is very fiddly unless you have small hands (Duy, how long did it take you?? :P)
  5. while it may seem like a silly question, have you checked the oil level? obviously an extremely low oil level can cause low pressure, but so can overfilling the engine (the crankshaft can 'whip' the oil to create lots of air bubbles which in turn lowers the pressure). otherwise, i'd look into checking the VVT and VVTL oil control valve filters (see KenshinX's signature) and go from there. if all those are fine, in addition to the things you've already done, it could be the oil pressure sensor itself as already mentioned.
  6. is the brace and sway is going???

    when wood you like me to pick them up??

  7. as per the original post..fits 2002-2006 camry. it's the standard strut brace that came on the sportivo. not much more to it than that.
  8. spotted a white pre-facelift sportivo with wingtips on mahoneys road in campbellfield at about 5.50pm last night. saw it in my rear view mirror so couldn't get a good look to see if it was a member