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Red LED Console Mod DONE!!!!


Got Sick of the covers and hobby paint fading

I got sick of covers and hobby paint pading on my console globes so I converted them to LED.

Its a bit fidly but this is how I did it.

1.Went to ***** Smith n bought the following:

-Soldering Iron ($13)

-Solder ($2)

-10 X 5mm Super bright 2V 16000mcd LEDs Z4024 ($2 each)

-10 x 560Ohm Resistors R0568 (6c each) (with different LED voltages you need different resistors, I think if the they are 3V you need 470 ohm resistors)

2.Took out the console and gear stick surround.

3.Took out the globes, n undid the little wire legs using tweezers

4.Pulled out the globes, kept the little plastic screw globe holders and replaced them with LEDs

5.Wraped the negative end of the led leg around the plastic holder end and trimmed it to fit.

6.Trimmed the postive leg of the led and trimmed the resistor. Solder the resistor to the postive end of the LED. Wrap the end of the resistor around platic holder.

7.Press down the legs ends on the plastic holders with plyers, otherwise they will be too thick to screw in.

8.Make sure that neither end of the LED or resistor is touching the other (positive or negative, or positive b4 resistor) otherwise you will cause a short circuit or blow the LED.

9.Do the same thing for the rest, cig lighter surround and ash try if you want too

10. Now the LEDs are polar so they wont work the wrong way around, so ive done a diagram showing the + and -ve terminals. With cig ligher just swap it around till it works.

11.I placaed some electrical tape to cover the lights along the center so the wouldnt S/C with the top circuit board.

12. You will need to bend the leds straight down for the LCD displays otherwise you will see little rings. The others you leave straight or angle a little.

13.Reinstall and test. If some dont work swap them around till you have the right polarity. If that doesnt work, re-check your LEDs + and - are soldered to the correct end of the resistor. If that doesnt work, get a new LED and start again.


If you attempt to do this mod be careful cuz you can probably blow up your climate control unit if you do it wrong (very expensive). Again I take no resonsibility and I reccomend you consult a profesional cuz I aint one.


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