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Camry SV22 Maintenance manuals on-line?


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Having real difficulty finding maintenance manual for 1989 SV22 Camry for 3S-F carb engine. Does anyone know if there is one available on-line, maybe even as the re-badged Holden Apollo? Looking for an emission pipe diagram for vacuum problem that has been plaguing us for months.

Cheers, James.

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Hi there,

Here's a link to the downloadable version of the Gen2 (87-91) Camry. It's the American version which only has the 3S EFI engine but it's quite handy for other stuff.

The other way is to have a look at ebay as there's usually a few Aussie Gregory's manuals etc listed quite cheap or your local car parts shop?

I know the big Haynes ones are quite expensive though, but they do have just about everything in them.

Sorry I couldn't be more help but thought I'd let you know what I was able to find out.

All Wheel Driver

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I've always wondered if there was a carby 3SFE manual out... I coulda sworn that Haynes did one.

Best thing about Haynes... they do ALL the engines for that Gen in the one book :) somtimes more :P

I have the Gen 3 Haynes manual... covers the 5SFE, the 3VZFE and the 1MZFE. Not bad for 35 bucks :)

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