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  1. Hiro

    Different wheels and a bullbar on a 2011 Hilux

    Remember it isn't wheel-size that determines the change to the speedo, it is the total diameter of the wheel/tyre combo (normally when you upsize your wheels you go smaller on tyre sidewall so that the overall diameter is the same).
  2. Hiro

    Different wheels and a bullbar on a 2011 Hilux

    If your speedo is currently reading over (which it is, and is also completely legal by the way), then going to a bigger rolling diameter will fix this (just make sure to not go too big and make the speedo read under.
  3. Hiro

    Daphne the ZRE182

    So we've managed now to roll over a good 6 months before resisting the temptation to do any modifications (wife at least wanted it to get to the first service completely stock, and OEM floor mats/boot liner/weathershields don't count as mods in my book). First thing on the cards was to give it a little more oomph in the noise department, however one problem about the Aus-spec ZRE182 is that the exhaust system is different from the ZRE186 that most of the world got (due to torsion-beam vs IRS) which means tracking down aftermarket parts can be quite exhausting (pun intended). However, it does actually share a lot of things in common with the previous model ZRE152 (including suspension and exhaust), and by sheer coincidence someone was selling a 152 TRD axleback (that they had on a 182 so I knew it would fit) - couldn't say no to that. After a few weeks of sitting in my mate's shed (too far for me to pick up and too expensive to post) I finally got my hands on it, only to then have to jet off to China for work for two weeks, only getting back less than 24 hours before I had to leave again for Toyotafest. Took another 2 weeks before I managed to jag a break in both my schedule and the weather, but fortunately as far as mods go this was probably the easiest I have ever done (2 bolts and one rubber exhaust hanger). by Ian Rigby, on Flickr Comparison between the stock axleback and the TRD unit - interestingly the TRD muffler is actually smaller, and the exhaust tip sticks out quite a bit further (which is good since the stock one is hidden way up behind the bumper). The TRD tip sits quite low too, no doubt to take in to account the TRD bodykit for the ZRE152 (which obviously the 182 doesn't have) - only really stands out if you're looking dead level at it, from head height or one the road it looks fine. Sounds is nicely improved without being intrusive or obnoxious, and would easily pass even current stupidly stringent noise tests. Most noticeable off the line as well as during engine-braking and coming to a stop, very little booming or resonance at highway speeds which is also nice (always worse in a hatchback) and at some speeds/engine-loads you can barely tell it is there. Next step is probably some kind of lowering, but that'll probably have to wait until bonus-time next year.
  4. Hiro

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    For forced-induction cars (especially ones without intercoolers), the intake piping etc will absorb heat ("soak") as the car gets warm which then impacts the effectiveness of the turbo/supercharger (warm air is less dense), reducing power.
  5. Have the lift bolts been replaced?
  6. Sounds perfectly reasonable then
  7. So your profile says you're in Victoria, yet you're asking for a service in Newcastle (which is in NSW) and you have an XLE which is an American model, and this is Australia......
  8. FYI you're replying to a topic started 8.5 years ago by a poster who hasn't been on here in more than 5 years.....
  9. Hiro

    Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    25% is a pretty conservative number for a FWD car, although being auto would also play in to it. Then again, dynos being dynos means you can really only compare same day, same dyno results, or at least same dyno same car (for before/after).
  10. That's 6.4L/100km, was it mostly city driving or a bit of highway thrown in too?
  11. Hiro

    Camry Hybrid Commemorative Edition

    It's impossible to predict the future (especially so far away) but I highly doubt any "sticker-pack" car from the last 20-30 years will ever be a collectible as in the end there is just nothing special about them.
  12. The i30 is Corolla-sized, but with small cars these days you can often still get plenty of room in smaller models due to the upright seating position. I'm just under 1.9m and have driven both i30s and a Yaris (technically was a Vios overseas) and fitted reasonably comfortably in both, but space is about so much more than just driver's leg/kneeroom. TLDR; really need to go car-shopping and compare one after the other..
  13. Hiro

    ZRE172R Corolla Sedan

    Corolla sedans sold here changed to 5x100 for the ZRE172 when they shifted production to Thailand - the Auris-based hatch built in Japan stayed at 5x114.3. The Prius also had 5x100 wheels and it was on the same chassis platform as the ZRE172.
  14. Comparing it to the Camry sold in SE Asia you won't find much difference, because that WAS the Aurion - the "prestige" Camry as it was known and the Aurion were developed at the same time by the same people here in Australia, just the SE-Asian market also got a 4-cylinder version. Remember too that outward appearances only tell half the story. The previous model Camry (the XV3x series) looked very similar to the US model but underneath almost everything had been changed/re-designed for local production.
  15. The Aurion wasn't so much overdue as the Avalon was horribly outdated. Remember that what we got here as a 2000-2005 model was actually a 1994-1999 US model (based on the XV10 Camry chassis too), so it was out-of-date the minute it went on sale here alongside the XV20 and XV36.