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  1. It's pretty typical for headlights to actually be earthed through the combination switch, which is why the wires would be going back in to the cabin
  2. Carsales has 6 Aristos up currently, all S160 series and all 2JZGTEs, ranging from $18k to $29k. Considering a non-turbo Lexus GS300 of the same year was $100k new with similar amounts of features, they're still reasonable value... Also, why do you have two accounts?
  3. Are you you're talking about an S140 Aristo (the first generation) or the second generation S160 (which was sold here in non-turbo spec as the Lexus GS300)? Either way, being an import it'll most likely be the twin-turbo 2JZGTE model (especially the S160, as the N/A one wouldn't be eligible) which would obviously justify some of the premium (also the used car market is stupid at the moment, almost everything is massively overpriced due to COVID and the semiconductor shortage so what was ~$10k two years ago is now $15-20k).
  4. 5/7 topic, much information, very detail, will read again. Seriously, you need to work on your posting skills.
  5. No strut brace from factory, front- and rear-sway bars however but there don't seem to be many (if any) aftermarket upgrades for them. Remember too that these do not have IRS so there is little benefit from a rear sway bar upgrade. Also, be careful looking at coilovers as you need ones that are designed specifically for the torsion-beam rear end as some overseas models (in particular Japan and the US, where the vast majority of coilover designs will be for) and the ZWE186 hybrid have IRS which is completely different.
  6. The 'R' just means right-hand drive. See the Members Ride link in my signature for photos, I don't have a video . From memory he bought it from Garage 88 in Sydney but no idea if they can still get them. To be honest, it's not worth what the probable retail value is brand new compared to just going to an exhaust shop and getting a Lukey or Magnaflow installed (and its main value apart from the badge is that it bolts on to a stock standard system). I got it second-hand (obviously) so much more cost-effective. What you're seeing is the changeover from the 11th generation Corolla (ZRE182 hassis code, 2ZR-FE engine) to the 12th generation (MZEA12 chassis code, M20A-FKS engine), which happened mid-late 2018. Completely different engine, completely different chassis, nothing will swap over.
  7. It doesn't fit _in_ the stock airbox, it replaces it completely. And it looks like this (not my car, just found it on Google)
  8. The TRD axle-back exhaust formerly owned by Rattle Rattleson now lives on my wife's 2018 ZRE182 Ascent Sport hatch. It bolts on 100% no problems, however the tip does sit a little lower than the stock tip so it looks a little out of place. The sound improvement is more a quality vs quantity thing, it is barely louder than stock at idle and around town especially when cold but is more noticeable up top or if the exhaust has gotten nice and hot after a long spirited drive. I would assume that any exhaust for the American 11th-gen Corolla would not fit, for two reasons 1) The sedan (as are Australia-market sedans) are technically a different chassis to the hatch - E170 vs E180. The pipe routing and muffler design is also different between E170 and E180, with the Aus-spec E180 having a cigar-shaped tubular rear muffler and the E170 (US and Aus) sedan having a conventional oval muffler. 2) Exhausts for the US-spec hatch (Scion/Corolla iM) are completely different as they ran an IRS setup compared to the Aus-spec torsion beam, so the pipe routing is completely different US-spec sedan exhausts may fit Aus-spec sedans, but not the hatch.
  9. Are you sure there isn't one too many zeros there? A million k in 5 years (because no-one drove anywhere last year) is 200,000k a year, 10 times what the average person probably does. And if it is true, no offence but no-one in their right mind would buy a million-k car with no service history (especially not a late-model one).
  10. Every one of the videos Tony posted were from Just Rolled In...
  11. Not only is the 3.0L a diesel, it's also a 4-cylinder 😛
  12. Really depends on whether it is DC (battery voltage) or inverted AC. If it is truly meant to be an emergency mains supply in Japan then it would have to be 100V inverted AC, which would then correspond to 15A (which is still a sizeable amount of current). I think Toyota's hybrid batteries tend to be around 250V which would mean only 6A, but 250V DC will fry just about anything you would normally plug in to a DC source (normal cars are only 12V).
  13. Japan uses the same NEMA 1 socket/plug as the USA does, 150V seems a bit high for Japan though (their domestic supply is 100-120V).
  14. 120km/h is probably killing your consumption. Dropping down to 110 or 100 will make a big difference. Any additions like bullbars, roof boxes, off-road tyres etc will also have an impact
  15. Stock TRD Aurion is 240kW. There's no such thing as a stock JZA80 Supra, and even if there was there's almost no chance it's putting out the same power it did back in 2002 (and who knows what that stock figure even was, due to the figures being fudged as part of the Gentleman's Agreement). But if we do go off the official numbers, then the VVTi 2JZ has ~50Nm more torque despite having less capacity and less max power (which means that the 206kW is likely to be _heavily_ underrated, more like 240-250kW), and 0-100 tests tend to show it pulling in the low-mid 5s range (some places even list high 4s), whereas the TRD Aurion was in the 6s. Aurion is also ~100kg heavier than the Supra, FWD with no LSD.

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