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  1. Not only leaks, but it is directly above the steering wheel....so when it rains overnight etc the steering column surround fills up with water, and the first corner he takes dumps it all over his legs
  2. I've got a set stashed for when I build my 2ZZ, don't think there's anything wrong with the ones in there at the moment but I like a clean slate
  3. List of mods and fixes in the short-term future (depending on availability), in no particular order Headunit (already ordered, factory unit not wired up due to previous owner doing a cut-n-shut) Rear brakes (rotors and pads already ordered), brake shudder at higher speeds (>60k), fronts look OK though Slimline weather shields Front foglights Power windows (at least fronts) Towbar Lowering (not excessive, still needs to handle gravel roads on occasion for bike trails/camping etc) + wheels
  4. Got a mate who drives an LDV people-mover for work, hasn't hit first service yet and the windscreen already leaks.
  5. So I went and did a thing the other day. Barring a KE10, we have now completed ownership of every single odd-numbered Corolla generation (3, 5, 7, 11 and now finally 9), and in some ways the fact that my pending existence caused my mother to have to sell her KE10 is kinda poetic (and ironic). So, meet Marvin - both after Marvin the Paranoid Android from HHGTTG (the movie remake unfortunately, since the BBC miniseries version was silver rather than white), and Lee Marvin from the classic Western musical Paint Your Wagon (I was just stretching for any name connected to the word "wagon" really). Pertinent details 2006 Ascent wagon 218k Manual (I am pathologically unable to buy an auto if manual is a viable option) All 3 cupholder dividers present and correct (apparently a minor miracle) Boot room for days Yes it will be getting some (minor) modifications No I won't be putting the 2ZZ in to it instead of the 102 Yes I still have the 102 No it isn't finished yet. by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156852526@N07/]Ian Rigby[/url], on Flickr
  6. There were a couple of revisions, pretty sure the last of them was after the Sportivo went on sale but the last change or two were pretty minor.
  7. That is the air-injection/smog pump pipe, basically on the more stringent emissions packages fresh air was injected directly in to the exhaust stream to assist with complete combustion/oxidation of un-burnt hydrocarbons caused by running rich. The smog pump wasn't fitted on Australian-delivered 2ZZs (either Celica or Sportivo), so if you get a set of headers from overseas with the feed pipe you need to remove it and block the ports.
  8. Easiest way to be sure is to just pop the blown bulb out and take it with you in to the store - online catalogues are sometimes wrong or show different parts from different markets etc
  9. In saying that though, there was another post on here recently about another VX 150-series diesel struggling to meet the rated consumption, so could well be a common thing (or that the testing regime isn't 100% reflective on real-world driving, not the first time that has happened)
  10. What type of trips are you doing? Fully loaded? Roof racks/boxes etc? Have you changed tyres to something more offroad-y? Big 4WDs are often sensitive to even slight variations in cruising speed as the aerodynamic drag is much more significant than a passenger car, so you might be able to achieve 8L/100k @90-100km/h but as soon as you accelerate up to 110k it plummets to 12L/100k for instance. Driving style too will also make a big difference Also, how are you calculating your economy?
  11. Max 5 years old but only 8-10k is a tall order in the current used car market, except maybe for something like an MG or other bargain-basement runaround (possibly Hyundai or an un-loved Nissan or Holden). In Toyota-land you _might_ just be able to scrape in a 2015/2016 high-k Yaris base model, but depending on how strict you are with the other requirements it's a no-go anyway (still got handbrake lever). For the reversing camera just get one installed aftermarket, since you're going to be looking at base models they're often fairly bare-bones in the equipment stakes (and if you're doing lots of road trips you'd most likely want a new headunit with Bluetooth etc).
  12. Is the new diff a different ratio to the old one? Not sure if the Hilux runs a VSS off the transmission as well as the ABS wheel sensors (on a lot of cars with ABS they use the wheel sensors for VSS instead) but if the diff ratio has changed then the ECU might be seeing a constant discrepancy between expected and actual speeds, thus the error Also, did you just change the diff itself or the whole rear axle? Maybe something has happened with the tone rings (the toothed wheels that the ABS sensors use to measure speed)
  13. So in my continuing trend of spending money on the wife's car and procrastinating in actually getting my project finished (hell, it's barely out of the "started" phase really)... K&N Typhoon SRI, mostly for noise (and it is noticeable when you load it up but not much just at idle or crawling around the suburbs) but there will be a slight performance increase, and unlike most SRIs at least it actually has a heatshield to try and minimise the amount of hot air drawn in (it still uses the snorkel feed that ran to the standard airbox) Meant to be 100% bolt-in but due to the 11th-gen Corollas having a vacuum surge tank on the end of the head which the 10th-gen didn't (kit was designed for the 10th gen, but a lot of the drivetrain/chassis is the same between them) it meant I couldn't use the brace from the head to the underside of the intake pipe, so it's currently just resting against the seal on the heatshield - should be fine though.
  14. Correct, in most cases. Parts departments deal with this kind of stuff on a daily basis, dealer principals/managers/owners are often just business-people who only see numbers and bottom-lines (every so often you come across owners/principals who are also enthusiasts and their dealerships are often a haven for the aftermarket/JDM crowd - Castle Hill Toyota in Sydney is a prime example, they have always been one of the best places in NSW when dealing with imports)

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