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  1. Items to look for!

    XV20s are big enough that you can climb in to the boot with a torch and have someone hose over the outside of the car too if you want to check for leaks. I'd be looking at the boot seal, around the taillights, and also checking the cabin overpressure vent, along with making sure the drain plugs for the spare wheel well and the side wells are fitted properly
  2. Help - AE72

    There were 3 AE8x shapes sold here (sedan, hatch, liftback) and all used the same headlights as each other. Series 1 lights are ever so slightly shorter than Series 2/3 (you can tell the difference by the side markers, S2/S3 are much longer) but they are essentially all the same. I think AE82 FXGT lights might be shorter, but they are all imports and very rare (you'd have better luck looking in Japan or NZ). Whereabouts did you get the information about AE82 lights fitting from?
  3. 1971 Toyota Stout HELP

    Wheels will almost certainly need to be light truck-style, a quick Google search seems to indicate that the 4x4 version of the Iveco Daily models have a 6x170 PCD w/ a 130mm centrebore, not sure if that'd be any easier to find or not. http://www.offroadkonection.com.au/17x8.5IvecoDailyWheel-Black6/170WalkerEvans7278567060GB
  4. 30psi is fine then, note that is cold pressure though so if you've driven to the servo it'll be a few psi higher.
  5. If they are the stock wheels then put in whatever the pressure says on the tyre placard. 30psi is definitely not low for a high-profile factory tyre (Avalons run what, 205/65-R15?)
  6. 2016 Camry Fuel Tank Capacity

    You'll never fully empty a tank in real-world driving, the pump will starve and cut the engine out whilst there is still a few litres sloshing around in the bottom of the tank. When you fill up at a servo, the bowser pump cuts out when it senses pressure returning up the vent line, which is caused by the tank reaching it's presribed fill volume and compressing the air left in the top of the tank. There should always be a small volume of air left in the top of the tank (this is called ullage). If you try and top-off the tank at the bowser by continually pulling the handle after the first few clicks (depending on how fast you are filling the sloshing fuel can sometimes cut-off the bowser too soon), or in your case going home and gravity-filling with a jerry can, you are forcing extra fluid in to this ullage space which can then cause dramas such as liquid petrol being forced up the vapour recovery system and saturating the charcoal canister (bad)
  7. 2002 toyota avalon fog light installation help!!

    In my experience Toyota Australia didn't tend to pre-wire for options that weren't fitted to that particular car, unlike a lot of overseas markets.
  8. What made you buy a Camry?

    The irony of that being that Tesla's Fremont factory is actually an old Toyota facility (well, joint Toyota/GM)...
  9. You'd know if it was stuck in 3rd and not shifting in to 4th (overdrive), as it'd easily be doing 3000+rpm at highway speeds. Not hard to count gear-changes by ear/feel either (just make sure you account for the torque converter locking up which can sometimes sound/feel like an extra shift)
  10. Simple maths will tell you that if it's 2250rpm @ 100km/h, then going 10% faster (110km/h) will increase the revs to just under 2500rpm.
  11. Different series (unless you mean KE25 instead of 35) therefore significantly different body. TE27 KE35
  12. Desperate for towing advice - Help wanted

    Camper trailers usually are designed for much higher-riding off-roaders anyway, regardless of the rear suspension design.
  13. Help - AE72

    There is no such thing as an AE72 in Australia, nor is there a TE71. It'll either be a KE70, AE71 or TE72, however what I think you're most likely to be after is just a normal 7" sealed-beam headlight, which is common across a whole heap of cars. Taking a photo of what you currently should help a lot, mind you there aren't many classic Toyota owners on here (the user-base tends to be focused more towards the 00s onwards).
  14. Identify pin sensor behind steering wheel

    That's your horn pin, it grounds against a ring on the back side of the steering wheel. A tiny bit of conductive grease or something on there should stop the squeaking.
  15. Car Seat Covers

    You're replying to a thread which is almost 14 years old, started by a person who hasn't visited these forums in 9 years. Please check dates before you post in the future...