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  1. Daphne the ZRE182

    It was one of the main things stopping us looking at the SX, which sucks because up until last year or so you could still get the SX in manual
  2. Daphne the ZRE182

    So whilst technically this is the wife's car, I'm the one burdened with modifications, taking photos, and posting of pictures/stories in the appropriate forums. Introducing Daphne. Yes, we like to name all our cars. However, the first name my wife chose (Artoo, since she loves R2D2 and the blue is perfect) didn't quite gel when we decided after the first few days of ownership that HE was actually a SHE. So far, Daphne has come out as the likeliest alternative, but we're still not 100% sold on the name so it may change again the future. Anyhoo, Daffers is a 2018 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport in Blue Gem metallic. She is kitted out as standard with 16" alloy wheels, fog lights, 7" full touchscreen infotainment system with 6-speaker audio, Bluetooth and the optional Sat Nav pack. Interestingly, all the petrol models (which all have the exact same 2ZRFE engine) are chassis code ZRE182, which means they have a torsion-bar rear end, whilst the Hybrid is a ZWE186 which gives it the same IRS that the Auris and the US-spec iM have. Sucks to be us sometimes. I'm yet to give her a really good wash (first road-trip to Sydney last weekend and a week's worth of daily commute for my wife has left her a little dusty), but figured I should at least get some nice photos to kick off the memories before we start doing anything serious to her. These were taken at the Walka Water Works, which is an old 19th-century Victorian/Italianate pumping station that used to supply water to the Maitland and Newcastle regions, but is now part of a public recreation reserve. Great spot for photos, although I wasn't taking too much effort and probably should have waited another hour or so for the golden hour light. by Ian Rigby, on Flickr
  3. Porte Welcab

    The person you are replying to made a grand total of one post on this forum (this thread) and has not been online since in the last 7 years. You could try sending them a personal message but I highly doubt you'd get a reply.
  4. TurboGauge IV not working on 04 Camry

    To expand on Trent's comment, OBD2 was only mandated in Australia in 2006 (but was a lot earlier overseas, especially in the US which was 1996 so a lot of things you see online aren't applicable for Australian models) but prior to that Toyota used a proprietary diagnostics system that used very similar plugs (or identical ones) to OBD2 but with their own software/protocols.
  5. need more power please

    No current or former Lexus model had a turbocharged V6. The next LS may, however we're talking about a $200k limo here.
  6. Extreme Stuff Up.

    Pay particular attention to oil leaking either from under the crank pulley or in to the gearbox bellhousing - this would indicate that a crank seal has blown (which is a typical issue arising from overfilling oil). Also, if the oil got really aerated from being overfilled (when the crankshaft gets submersed in oil it basically acts like a blender) then there's a chance you'll have damaged the crank and/or rod main bearings, so listen for any noise that may indicate Rodney is knocking on your front door.
  7. Corona st141 ls conversion

    I've seen some Buick/Ecotec conversions done before, but can't think of any LSs off the top of my head.
  8. Brake warning light staying on.

    If the brake fluid looked like pond water then that would definitely go a long way to explaining the issues.....although it also usually means that the master cylinder isn't far behind, as the seals probably aren't in the best of shape
  9. 99 csi exhaust

    Rear muffler looks stock-ish but the mid-pipe definitely doesn't
  10. Brake warning light staying on.

    The brake fluid level warning switch is integral to the master cylinder reservoir and thus not replaceable on its own - you'd either need a new reservoir, or failing that a whole new master cylinder. Might be worthwhile trying to drain as much fluid out of the reservoir as you can and see if the sender is gunked up or something, bear in mind that you'll most likely need to bleed the brakes after doing this. It is a known thing for level sensors to get flaky over time.
  11. 10 of the Greatest Toyota Engines

    Just about every Toyota engine with a "G"-type head was co-developed with Yamaha - 3M (effectively a 3M-G but this was before Toyota used the G designation, and there were also no other 3M variants), 2TG, 18RG, 4AGE, 3SGE, 2ZZGE, 1LRGUE, 2URGSE etc etc
  12. Proud new owner of an Old.. AE92R?

    CSi Limited probably, which would make it a 4AFE. Post up some photos of the exhaust, it's not hard to change over if you're decent at throwing a spanner.
  13. Sticky Dashboard?

    Sell car with sticky dash, buy newer than '07, get sticky dash replaced for free. Chances are you'd come out on top, and with a lot less work.
  14. Hiro's AE102

    Yep, it was a wheel bearing...
  15. Hiro's AE102

    New axles = new CV boots, and the noise returned within a minute or so (basically the end of the street). I find it highly unlikely that the exact same noise would re-appear after changing the CVs if the issue is with the boots rubbing on themselves (and there is nothing else close enough that the boots could rub on). There is also no noise at all whilst it is on stands (at least nothing loud enough to be heard over my exhaust at idle) - it definitely needs load before it appears (even jacking up the control arm to get the angles right doesn't do it). I tried the vibrating spring trick a few weeks ago when I was first trying to diagnose it and couldn't feel any difference. Don't have a stethoscope to listen to the diff though.