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LittleDavey's Camrys - '93 Gen2 CSi [RIP] and '96 Gen3 Vienta CSi


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Well, in 2003, I bought my first Camry - 1993 SV21 I4 auto...what a beast.....or not lol, but it was reliable, cheap to run, and the perfect first car. I can't believe I didn't get any pics of the exterior!! But here's some interior/engine bay pics :) I added a K&N pod filter - easy mod, $120 for the filter and attachment from Autobarn, and it made the car sound HEAPS beefier, it was great :D Small power increase too, so for any Gen2 owners looking for a relatively cheap and EASY mod, grab one.. Also whacked a couple of 10" subs in the boot, 6" in the parcel shelf and 4" in the front...powered by two amps. I first had the subs hooked straight up to the stock head unit LOL, needless to say the HU didn't last long haha... I also had some funky (?? lol) pedals with red strips that lit up with the lights turning on; a red neon shooting into the front passenger footwell, and a green neon under each front seat shooting into the back footwells. Also had some (illegal) windscreen washers with blue lights, $25 from Autobarn - changed to white ones as soon as I found out blue was illegal lol...


After about 6 months I had an 'incident' involving driving down a steep, nasty hill (Dulong range behind Nambour for Sunny Coasters) at 11pm at night, tired, not realising I was speeding, and in the rain. For those who have never driven the road, there's a cliff down on one side (that people kill themselves on every year) and a cliff up on the other, with a deep ditch in front of the cliff up. Anyway...back end skipped out towards the DOWNWARDS cliff...realising if I tried to correct I was going to overcorrect and slide straight off the cliff, I jammed on the accelerator and grabbed the handbrake and turned into the slide....I was a bit slow with the handbrake and I ended up going into the ditch in front of the upwards cliff lol... My mate went past JUST after I went off the road, and he didn't even see the car, so I guess that gives some indication how deep the ditch was :P Anyway, luckily no damage to myself, although I was a tad shaken up... Had to get a towie to pull the car out (obviously lol) and was surprised at how little front end damage there was...a bit of a ding in the grille assembly, and the bar at the bottom at the front was pretty screwed, but other than that....my lights all worked fine, car still ran like ever, so I was lucky...

Another 6 months on, I saw a 1996 Gen3 V6 manual for $10k....just like my parents had :D 80,000kms on the clock, service/logbook history, I couldn't resist lol....sold the Gen2 to a friend, and took out a loan for the Gen3, which I have today :D


Migrated the neons, LED wiper-squirters (no longer working but I like the chrome LOL), subs, got a decent amp and 6x9"s for the parcel shelf, and dropped a K&N panel filter into the stock airbox....unfortunately not as much of a difference as the Gen2, but still a small power/sound improvement. Had some small incidents that still need repairing - a run-in with lattice before I had my morning coffee...a run-in with the carport post before my morning coffee (is there a trend here...) - and a truck reversing into the front end while I was at work (NOT my fault lol)...


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