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brake conversion


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My bad, i've got a standard 2L carby ST141 corona with the standard drum rear end, which i want to change to disc. i'm not 100% sure if a diff from the AE86 sprinter will bolt straight in or not, or if there is another diff that will or disc that can be bolted on with little changes bein made.

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a tape measure will soon tell you....you DO know how to use one right??

i would also try asking someone like a local wrecking yard (take that tape measure with you) or try a local diff repairer if you have one in your town.

more to the point....why do you want to change your brake setup??....be aware that there IS the posibility that the disk brake conversion you want to do may not be compatable with the rest of the braking system. things like brake bias proportioning valves, brake hoses/lines.


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Tape measure??? that takes the fun outta it, can't i just use a hammer?? Thanks

I'm pretty sure a sprinter diff bolts straight in without any problems, and i'm kinda going to upgrade the engine slightly which is why i wanted to change it to disc rear end

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Does the RT142 Avante (with IRS) have a disc rear end? Might be able to swap the whole lot over if it does. Try A6x Celicas too, pretty much the same driveline. MA61 Supras got rear discs, and that whole rear end should drop in, but it'll be expensive.

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Heya someone wit a decent response LOL, Yeah the 142 is IRS w/disc rear but was hopin to keep a solid diff in the back. Money isn't a real issue, as if i'm gonna do it i'll rather do it properly. but thanks for the ideas man

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if money isn't an issue then why don't you go the whole hog and bolt up a shortened 9 inch?? you can get them made to whatever you want plus you can change the ratio whenever you wanna. ratios from 2.75 all the way to around 6:1

and don't forget all the nice extra add-ons like full billet alloy carriers/full and mini spools/air activated diff lock/28 to 44 spline axles/full floating axle kits/disk brakes with 6 spot calipers........the list goes on.


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