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Audio Problems

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Hey Everyone,

Ok to start I have a 1996 Toyota Vienta Grande with a dual din Fujitsu Ten radio with six speakers (2x Front, 2x Front Tweeters & 2x 6x9 Rears). Today as i was driving to work i noticed that the front right hand speakers (Both the 4" front & tweeter) weren't working. Firstly I just thought that i'd accidentally changed the balance on the radio....unfortunately this wasn't the case, the right rear 6x9 works and the entire left side still works. So once i got home i removed the door card on the drivers side to check the wiring in the door, messed around with the wires between the door and frame, messed around behind the kick panel and removed the HU to try and see if a wire had come lose or broken....

Well after all of that there was still no change so my last guess is that a single channel in the HU has stuffed up somehow causing both front right speakers to suddenly stop working...

Just wondering if this is possible or if there is something else i should check.....Otherwise i'll probably just buy another Toyota HU off ebay and hope it works as im sick of not having a CD player up front and having to change the stacker all the time....

Thanks in advance...

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have you tried re-wiring the whole thing? maybe it could be the speaker too? test them out, get a AA batter and wire it to the front set of speakers and see if it distorts, if it doesnt could be your speakers. if it does could be your unit.

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Well I have a pair of car speakers laying around so I'll try this arvo to test to see if it actually is the speaker. If it is the speaker it looks like I'll have 2 purchase a new set of speakers for the front. What brands do people recommend? I'm pretty happy with the pair of jbl rears I have in our other vienta. Otherwise if it is the hu I'll buy another toyota hu off eBay. I've been reading that the newer hu won't connect up. Is this the case cuz the connections look the same

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well after taking the door card off again i found the culprit....one of the speaker wires have totally snapped...so after work tomorrow i'm going to try an either replace the existing wire or try and cut and re-solder the existing wire....

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