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CUSTOM Corolla Seca Conquest AE102R HEADLIGHTS

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In parallel with my last topic about tail-lights (Link: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/inde...howtopic=22590) I'd like to know if anyone knows of where I might be able to get some custom crystal headlights for my Toyota Corolla Seca Conquest AE102R. Here's a pic>


eBay is your best bet, they come up every now and then, both in the traditional reflector style and projector/halo style too (like mine)

If you do buy ones off eBay though make sure you have the matching grille and parkers, since most of them come from the US and they have a slightly different shape to ours, meaning JDM/ADM grille/parkers won't fit with USDM lights and vice versa. Generally the seller has them all bundled together though.

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Hmmm, yeah, think I'd just be after a crystal headlight with black housing, that'd be sweet as. I've got narva platinum globes in there at the moment... the blueness is cut out because of my stupid stock glass =( and i've got white narva LEDS for my parkers.

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