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W.A. people X8 series chassis meet!! thats you with the cres the chaser the mark II or cresta


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Hey Guys its been way too long since a decent meet of people with with MX83's GX81's JZX81's LX80's well you get the picture.

I figure in the last year or so there has been more and more interest in these car, particularly with 1jz conversions being quite common now. So im setting a time and date so we can all get together to discuss our rides

I'l keep this one as a meet and great type thing only, however once we have had the day and we can gauge how many people there are then i will organise a cruise another time

DATE: Sunday 13th december

TIME: 5pm

LOCATION: Carpark on the corner of Morrison Road and Gray Drive Midvale. Right next too chicken treat. (Its basically on the corner of Roe Hwy and Morrison road) for those who remember there used to be a cinema complex there, but that has been bulldosed and now only the carpark and chicken treat remains.

Tell ya mates, tell everyone who has one of these cars to come down!!

Post ya interest too!!



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