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Double speeding fines?

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Hey guys,

I noticed recently around the Beverly Hills area in Sydney that police are starting to have highway patrol cars on either side of the King Georges Rd intersection at Beverly Hills. They usually have a HWP car just over the hill and also one just below it so you wont see them until after your speed has been checked.

In this area there is also a speed camera further down which im not sure where it will catch your speed, but it appears to point at the intersection also (if anyone can clarify this would be helpful). So if you were speeding down that stretch will you be given an infringement by police and then also receive one in the mail from the camera?

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I think you may find that the Police could be there, because of the cameras. These cameras cost the State Govt a lot of money in refunding back those motorist who were booked by the camera's, mainly for speeding within school zone times. It was found that correct signage was not in place as per the regulations advising drivers.

Also, the police could be there as there maybe one of those new camera vans that can catch multiple vehicles. If a motorist was booked twice (police & camera), and the times were close, you might have a chance of getting off one of them if it went to court.

But it will be double Demerit Points this coming long weekend - so be careful.

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Sorry, I should have specified clearer that they were doing the usual HWP speed checks, one officer would carry the sign to pull you in while the other had a radar pointing up the hill. There were also more than one squad car there on the occasions I've seen them.

Also, does anyone know if the speed cameras operate at a specific point, or over a certain distance. For instance can they catch you over say a 50m distance or is it just on a certain spot?

It's interesting that police are now doing this, I think this is part of the new operation "HECTIC" around that area during peak hour

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Might be doing it as school holidays started today, which means the school zones are not in operation, so the driver may decide to keep his speed up. And the Police are thinking the same and thought we will catch some drivers today.

No idea of the distance it can operate at.

Appreciate the warning of their position.

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The stationary cameras operate from sensors in the road, called "piezo electronic detectors." You trip the first sensor by driving over it, then as you cross the second sensor the computer brain thingo calculates your real time speed. Too fast, and "FLASH!" And no, travelling really closely behind someone won't save you...Have a walk past a speed camera location and you will see the sensors embedded in the roadway.

HWP won't target a location already monitored by cameras. They wouldn't run the risk of having a driver cop two fines for the same offence on exactly the same location. They often run traps with a "chase car," so one unit can shoot the speed and the other goes after the offending motorist. The 2nd HWP car is often hidden from immediate view. Think Mona Vale Road as an example of this. Another reason for running multiple cars is if they were using the ANPR system, catching unregistered or stolen cars, as well as unlicenced/suspended/disqualified drivers.

As an aside, radar/lidar operates differently to the static cameras, allowing Police to "shoot" your speed from hundreds of metres away.

djc, there is a speed camera on King Georges Road, between Stoney Creek Road and Edgbaston Road. Is this the one you mean, near the primary school? If so, it will be focussing on the location outside the school, as it is a variable speed limit camera. There is also a red light camera at the intersection of King Georges Road and Stoney Creek Road. There is a safety camera at King Georges Rd and Moorefields Rd, but that's up the road at Roselands. All the camera sites are listed on the RTA website, even though I believe they shouldn't list them at all...

Everyone should be travelling at the limit or just under it anyway, so camera locations shouldn't need to be spoon fed to those drivers who can't keep to the limit. The good Lord gave us trackdays for a reason... I have no dramas with HWP running speed traps for the drivers who slow down for cameras (usually to 10km/h under the limit, very annoying) and then speed up again (back over the limit, also annoying). Stupid enough to get caught = stupid enough to have to deal with the consequences. And yes, I've been caught once before by a camera. And this business of warning everyone where HWP are working at...that's just strange. Personally, I don't have much time for people who are keen on helping others avoid punishment for breaking the law. But that's just me... :blink:

*Prepares to be flamed like a fire at a gas bottle factory...*

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Yes I was talking about the ones at Beverly Hills located outside the cinema. That is a real long stretch to target, all the way up the school? I was under the impression that it would target before the intersection. I am certain that the policemen were targeting that area in front of the school just after the crest of the hill. I saw them on two occasions each time they pulled in cars and trucks that just came over the hill. They definitely were holding handheld devices and there was another officer with the sign to stop drivers.

Im not helping anyone by telling people where the highway patrol are, I am just concerned that people are getting double fines if the camera is aimed past the intersection. In fact I am training to become a police officer at this moment.

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Maybe the camera is broken at the moment...? As I say, HWP won't target and ping people that the camera would be getting anyway. I don't know the location real well, so I'm not sure about which way the camera faces. Might go for a drive tomorrow me thinks... :clap:

If they were holding handheld devices, they were using Lidar. That means shooting cars at a distance.

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