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  1. Welcome to the forum Sara, Hope you enjoy KAA
  2. Welcome to the forum Dylan KAA
  3. Welcome to the forum Scott KAA
  4. Welcome to the forum Ashley KAA
  5. Welcome to the forum Grant, Always glad to have a firm Toyota lover here KAA
  6. Welcome to the forum Duncan, Enjoy your new addition to the family KAA
  7. Keep Well E..and keep it on the black stuff KAA
  8. Hi, i have heard of it mentioned on here about similar issue's with pulling too the left, I also have had a full alignment and seems to fix the issue for a short time. i am used too it now so hardly notice it, I am not sure if there are threads about the issue but may be worth you time looking too see if there is..If not I am sure others will comment if they know of a solution KAA
  9. Welcome to the forum Tran..Enjoy your first car 😁 KAA
  10. Welcome to the forum Peter, always happy to have any who can assist us on here KAA
  11. i would use a woman's make up brush the kind they use to lay that foundation powder stuff on their faces in combination with vacuum cleaner, seems too work on my Aurion for those hard to clean areas around switches etc as it has softer bristles on them KAA
  12. Interesting idea, But I doubt the work involved would even make it a viable option as so many modifications would be involved and the $$$$$ involved WOW KAA
  13. Hi I agree with Ashley, if your main concern is a fire because of the unit you have then Yes go with the refurbished unit, as all safety checks should have been performed on it to ensure its safety and with your warranty covering the cost involved. I hope it will fix your issue as it sounds like it is in the existing unit as you said nothing was located after their checks on the rest of the system. Keep us updated as too the outcome KAA
  14. Welcome to the forum Paul, did a good job keeping the old beast alive mate hope it provides many many days of pleasure if you happen too get any sunshine too enjoy it LOL KAA
  15. Welcome to the forum Peter KAA