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  1. KAA

    New member with new question

    Hi Haibin and welcome to the forum. I would certainly approach the car yard you purchased the car from..they can only say no....sorry not our problem..which they probably will say being a 2nd hand car dealer but it is worth a try..let us know the outcome.....others on here may have the answer to the bracket/fitting required to fix the light in place.. Good Luck KAA
  2. KAA

    How do you handle tailgaters?

    I totally agree with you Ashley, I also try and ignore the idiots behind me and allow for the fact that they will try and rush past me and possibly have to dive in front of myself and the car in front of me..Brake testing them could end in tears for you. So remain cool calm and ready for anything.. KAA
  3. KAA

    Hi from a Qld newbie

    Hi Sandra, Welcome to the forum KAA
  4. Welcome to the forum Harry, as Ashley said like anything if it is maintained well yes reliable and a nice drive..from your Pic's the outside seems to have been looked after..hope you don't have too many issues..however a lot of good brains on here can help out KAA
  5. Wishing all in forum a Wonderful 2019, May it be a great year for all.....especially if 2018 has been a struggle for you From Myself (Robert) and my Wife (Jan) on the Central Coast NSW Stay Safe,Stay Smart and Aware,and ENJOY! KAA
  6. New Supra's shape revealed and it looks awesome https://www.caradvice.com.au/714581/2020-toyota-supra-exterior-accidentally-revealed/ KAA
  7. KAA

    GSV50 hidden menu?

    Welcome to the forum Byron, I hope some here with more insight can answer for you KAA
  8. Taking this opportunity to wish all here a very Safe and Happy Christmas, if your travelling be smart and take breaks along the way. Make allowances for IDIOTS..far too many times they are out there this time of the year..so play smart and safe From myself and my wife Merry Christmas 2018 KAA
  9. KAA

    foot park brake

    Hi Paul, I cant answer the switch answer for you but I am sure others can that are more tech minded.. However I have never found a problem with the Park Brake Pedal in our Aurion Presara..it is easy to use and I have plenty of room to move my foot about once it is released..sure it takes getting used too but that came fast Keep Well KAA
  10. KAA

    Headunit/Stereo Recommendation

    Hi Maz and welcome to the forum, What your asking for can be answered as... A: What you prefer the unit to have and do for you..B: What you can afford too pay.. There are a Lot of threads regarding head units many on here have gone for so I would suggest a read on what has been reported on here..myself we have an Aurion Presara and I wanted a good reliable fully functional unit so paid a good price for a good quality unit and professional installation..also I would suggest a drop into a Good Audio store and see what they have available as at least then if you go with them and have issues you can go back..E-Bay is awesome for deal's but there can be downsides.. Hope you get some info and get a good unit your happy with KAA
  11. Great news Damian, I am sure it is a dealership thing..some will go above and beyond for good customers and some tend to use the old "out of warranty not our problem line".. I am glad you stood your ground and got the outcome that they should have sorted out in the first place.. I too have always waved Toyota's flag and will continue too do so Keep Well KAA
  12. KAA

    MY KE20

    Welcome to the forum Stavro, She still looks good...well done KAA
  13. KAA

    Aurion performance mod.

    I am very much like Ashley, I have mainly kept our Presara stock, except lower profile tyres and upgraded head unit..I have read a lot of the exhaust mods on here, and there should be some answers or clues for the Mod already filed in the treads. Good Luck KAA
  14. KAA

    19 inch wheels on Presara

    Thanks again for Pic's they certainly look great KAA
  15. Hi KAA,

    I added some photos of the 19 inch wheels on the Presara to my initial post. Check them out and see what you think.