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  1. Percy222 Hello

    Welcome to the forum Jason..and welcome Percy KAA
  2. Noise when blipping throttle

    Yes Let us know mate..As I have a Presara sound proof inside and a kitten outside I have never heard much at all on idle or acceleration For my 20 cents worth phone Toyota too and complain..may not do a thing but you will feel better to start with KAA
  3. I replaced the H/L Zenon globes on our Presara by removing the least possible parts..a total pain in the **** on the drivers side to get clear area to use hands so used light and mirror ..but on passengers side easy after removing battery..as Ash said be careful with globes..it can be done but it is a patience job to do without pulling a lot of bits off the car or out of the engine bay.. good luck KAA
  4. Welcome Back KAA
  5. Bluetooth Music ?

    Had that issue and decided to update head unit..I would suggest it if your after a excellent sound quality and reliability..I used BT and as LordBug says..quality and reliability was not great KAA
  6. Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to the forum Erik KAA
  7. 2005 Corolla Sportivo

    Welcome to the forum KAA
  8. newb

    Welcome to the forum Peter KAA
  9. Like anything too do with tech advance is rushed these days..No sooner you have a Phone and Camera a new so called better one is introduced..I know it will come one day, as the world advances ..but safety must be the deciding factor..For me I love being the one who decides where I go and how. For as long as I can, I will decide who is in control of the wheel Thanks for the update Ash KAA
  10. s/t is not unlocked error

    Best of Luck Shelly..I do hope all goes well and your beauty is back doing it's job for you and thanks for the Photo's..sad too see but shows your effort's Chin Up Fight On and keep us updated KAA
  11. 1981 Celica A60

    Welcome to the forum David KAA
  12. 2000 Celica

    Welcome to the forum Andrew KAA
  13. New TRD owner

    Welcome to the forum Simon KAA
  14. SEQ Sportivo

    An Awesome moment by the sounds of it..Welcome to the forum Matthew KAA
  15. Asking all to check their Toyota's are not subject to the compulsory recall for Takarta Airbags, announced today for Australia as Compulsory Don't put it off...Check your not affected right away KAA