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  1. Welcome to the forum Jack, plenty of brilliant minds on here I am sure can help with what you wish to do mate, there are already lots of threads in the Aurion section where others have posted their mods or upgrades so enjoy a read KAA
  2. LOL as Paul Hogan would say NOW THATS A SPANNER, great additions mate ty for the Pic's KAA
  3. Welcome to the forum Michael, let us know how you find the new toy and throw some Pic's up we love to see others Toyota's KAA
  4. Hi mate, yes a nice addition to Sebastian looks great and fitted well KAA
  5. Aww Tony, these teases you provide are awesome LOL, if only we can get back to the days of being able to just spend hours in there to browse and select the goodies. And yes your right teenagers are doing the naming of all new products these days it seems. KAA
  6. Hi Salinda, yes if possible try for a better close up Pic of the button, I also could not find any reference to it in the owners manual. So advise is same as Tony, try pressing it and then check outside the car to see if you can hear or see anything that has changed. Keep Safe KAA
  7. Ash you had Tony pondering there, I bet he did the internet search and was drooling, however his garage is full enough right now I feel. But I am sure he will go out there and look just in case there is room after a rearrange 😃😃😃 KAA
  8. WOW, now that was a good clean job of that repair mate, well done take a lap in the yard and pat on the back for that. Thanks for the Pic's makes it so much easier to see how that alien device worked and the overall results. Hate those damn stone chips and I always see them but never hear anything hitting the windscreen, I am sure there is a Faerie that comes at night with a pickaxe and hits the damn screen. Thanks again mate KAA
  9. Welcome to the forum Reginald, I am sure the brains trust on here will assist all they can, but they may need more information to help out so keep an eye on the forum mate KAA
  10. Wow Tony, they know how to make you dig deeply into the hip pocket to just download the service history and manuals etc KAA
  11. Yep not an unusual thing to see, I have always regularly changed the cabin filter, for the small cost I like to know any air coming in is clean and such a simple job too do. KAA
  12. Welcome to the forum Brett, enjoy all the brilliant minds and people on here for any questions. Someone will always help if they can KAA
  13. Thanks mate epic photos show your hard work, yes would like the link seeing you have fitted the switches now and they seem to an easy conversion. have you any ideas for the boot light? i have currently an LED strip lighting in mine but in the last day or so it has now died, so thinking on replacing the strip or an alternative led fitting for the lighting. Keep the ideas coming as Sebastian is looking bloody nice KAA
  14. Welcome to the forum Robert, I agree with Tony it is great shape and a great little motor, my sister had one the same model in white and I enjoyed driving it very zippy yet felt in total control, enjoy the forum KAA
  15. Hi Kevin welcome to the forum, yes 6x9 sized speakers, and as Aaron said you will have to adapt the mounts depending on what you choose speaker wise. just take your time as with anything and try for the best fitting possible as nothing worse than spending top money to have a sloppy install. If you can send us some Pic's of the beast as we love seeing others Aurions Keep Safe KAA

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