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  1. Welcome to the forum Kevin, And no naturally we love our Kiwi cousins..hope any questions you have can be answered I am sure many will always try to help as there are some great minds on here. KAA
  2. Hi Chris, I would suggest getting a code scan as well mate as it could be something locking out the security starting process, and it may make tracking it down faster for you maybe worth the fee for a mobile mechanic who can do that for you as I doubt it will be a fuse or relay causing it sounds,like something in the security side of the process. I am sure if any others have ideas they will post it, these are just guesses on my part so I hope you get it sorted fast mate KAA
  3. Welcome to the forum Dan, I hope you can find your answers for your Yaris KAA
  4. Hi Ed, Hmm that's a tough one mate ..short of going to Toyota to get genuine and no I doubt they would laugh at you as it's a sale and money is tight right now. I am not sure if you are on Facebook or not but I have seen an advert on there for what looks like superb floor mat sets that do seem excellent quality and a wide range but like most things now they are not cheapish. My best advice is source some good quality ones and search online for someone who offers embroidery as some do tradie shirts and logos on clothing it may be worth a phone call to those sort of places as I know a local one to me does all sorts of work on many things related to embroidery or an alternative choice is the online sites like Temu... EBay etc Let us know how you get on mate good luck. KAA
  5. Welcome to the forum Kiril, this is the place to linger and learn for sure. There are many great minds and people here who will always help with advise or expertise. Enjoy KAA
  6. Hi Robert, Mate I would suggest you shop around. I replaced our head unit through Monster Audio who did the install with the proper harness for all steering wheel functions and no issue whatsoever with the amp. So even a few phone calls to other reputable audio places explain what your after and see what deal they can offer. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes as far as head units, for me it was more music quality and ease of updates for the sat/nav system. The other option is to do as Herb suggested and see if a wrecker has a unit available, I would use that as a last option as finding a unit that has everything you need and installing it yourself will be required. If you do wish to stay with a stock system let me know as I still have our head-unit from our 2009 Presara which when removed worked fine with the sat/nav DVD still in it. KAA
  7. Welcome to the forum Rick, As Ashley said will be happy to hear how the RAV 4 goes. KAA
  8. Hi Lee-Anne, From what i have read The P0093 code is triggered once the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM) detects the possibility of a large fuel leak on the high-pressure side. The code is logged once the PCM perceives a significant drop in fuel pressure within the fuel system’s high pressure rail as reported by the fuel rail pressure sensor. There are quite a few videos on You-Tube about the issue but it is not always for the RAV 4 so worth a look to see if one is for your model. I would be very careful if you intend to drive it as it can go into limp mode at any time. I am sure if any have more information on it they will let you know KAA
  9. Hi Avalon owners, latest video from our Toyota and Lexus GURU The Car Care Nut.. 2014 Avalon 11,000 miles, defiantly worth a view KAA
  10. Hi Roma, I am not familiar with Mazda's at all so can't really say of rsure what the issue could me. But if there are several lights being shown I can not understand why your mechanic has not checked the codes stored for faults, at least it could give some direction to what could be causing the issues. KAA
  11. Welcome to the forum Jay, enjoy KAA
  12. Thanks , I am very happy to plug my mechanic and his awesome team. I am located on the Central Coast of NSW and he is now based in Morrisett. JOHN DALE MOTORS. Anyone who is down this way I would recommend them for any service or mechanical work. I am a very fussy man when it comes to who touches our 2009 Toyota Aurion Presara called "Faye" as she is a classy beautiful car. Thanks for the opportunity to give them a plug. KAA
  13. Welcome to the forum Robin KAA
  14. Hi Allan, I would suggest looking at all the videos you can on engine removal. I have never tackled it myself so can't comment first hand however we do have a YouTube guy we all seem to enjoy who is a Toyota and Lexus Master Tech and has some great videos on the 2 GR-FE V6 engines on his site. This is one he does on the 2 GR -FE V6 engine he is called The Car Care Nut so check it out see if he can guide you and i hope something he shows will assist you mate KAA
  15. Welcome to the forum Ewan, sounds like you found one of the rare ones mate so well done. Enjoy the forum as there are a lot of great people and minds on here' KAA
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