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  1. Well said Ash, I too attempt to anticipate the nut bags out there in a high horse-powered lethal weapon, noticed thought they usually have a letter P on them.. our dash cam is always on in case.. KAA
  2. Front End Suspension rattle

    Thanks, always handy to know in case! Fortunately our Presara is ticking along perfectly for now..Good Mechanics & Good servicing KAA
  3. Hmmmm too many zero's on this I believe KAA
  4. Hello From Perth

    Glad you found us..Welcome to the forum KAA
  5. Yes confusing..Let us know "IF" they say anything..as I said my understanding is that it is died a silent and unexplained death Keep Well and Safe KAA
  6. Melinda

    Hi Melinda..What model and year is it?....may help the flashbulbs go off in someones mind Hope some can help out..Good Luck KAA
  7. Hi Peter, my understanding is that Toyota Link is dead and buried..I am sure i recall a few threads on here about it..so search around, maybe something on there. I am sure others with more info will comment on this subject Good Luck KAA
  8. New aurion owner. Sorta

    Hope you enjoy that new car feeling Tuan, it is always good too know of any issues you may have as many on here have answers KAA
  9. G'day from Brissie!

    Welcome to the forum Andre, Load's of brain power on here Enjoy! KAA
  10. I agree ZZT86..Tech is wonderful if it enhances the drive..The future is exciting if we are in control, to feel the road, feel the power, hear the roar and arrive enjoying the experience. Lets hope that the day doesn't come for a while when we MUST not take the wheel KAA
  11. Noise when starting ignition

    Hope this time it is sorted for you Sarah, Keep us updated KAA
  12. G'Day new ZZE122 Owner

    Welcome to the forum Roger KAA
  13. Percy222 Hello

    Welcome to the forum Jason..and welcome Percy KAA
  14. Noise when blipping throttle

    Yes Let us know mate..As I have a Presara sound proof inside and a kitten outside I have never heard much at all on idle or acceleration For my 20 cents worth phone Toyota too and complain..may not do a thing but you will feel better to start with KAA
  15. I replaced the H/L Zenon globes on our Presara by removing the least possible parts..a total pain in the **** on the drivers side to get clear area to use hands so used light and mirror ..but on passengers side easy after removing battery..as Ash said be careful with globes..it can be done but it is a patience job to do without pulling a lot of bits off the car or out of the engine bay.. good luck KAA