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  1. KAA

    19 inch wheels on Presara

    Thanks again for Pic's they certainly look great KAA
  2. Hi KAA,

    I added some photos of the 19 inch wheels on the Presara to my initial post. Check them out and see what you think.


    1. KAA


      Thanks mate 

  3. KAA

    Ambitious celica owner

    Welcome to the forum Alex..Good Luck with the Celica KAA
  4. KAA

    19 inch wheels on Presara

    Thanks for the post Alan, see if you can get some pic's of them for us, as I am also thinking of doing the same to ours KAA
  5. KAA

    First time Toyota owner

    Welcome to the forum Scott KAA
  6. KAA

    G'Day from Melbourne!

    Welcome to the forum Mitchell KAA
  7. KAA

    G'day from far north SA

    Welcome to the forum FJ..enjoy KAA
  8. KAA

    new Aurion member

    Welcome to the forum Alan.. She still looks sweet ...well done!! We too still love our girl too KAA
  9. KAA

    Hello Hello

    Welcome to the forum Bru KAA
  10. KAA

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum Sterling..Always welcome is knowledge..enjoy KAA
  11. Hmmm .....good luck hope that it is plug and play as you say.. Keep us apraised KAA
  12. KAA

    Just say hi

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy KAA
  13. KAA

    Returning member !

    Welcome back to the forum Craig KAA
  14. KAA


    Welcome to the forum Mike..Greetings from the Central Coast ..Glad you joined us enjoy the community KAA
  15. KAA

    Hello Everyone :)

    Welcome to the forum Andrew KAA