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  1. Also read in Aurion/TRD thread there are a few article's from Campbeam about the P0420 issue as well KAA
  2. Hi Samiii, try the link below to see if that is of any help, it does suggest further checks to ensure it really is the 02 sensor https://www.700r4transmissionhq.com/p0420-toyota-aurion/#:~:text=The P0420 code in a,sensor (before the converter).&text=Service Engine Light– Often%2C this,the Toyota Aurion P0420 code. Good Luck KAA
  3. I heard the Queensland NSW border is open from the 10th July but expect long lines for the first few days.. Safe Travels KAA
  4. Hi Jayson, sounds good mate..have looked around at other grill sets but for now will leave mine Chrome till it gets that faded look..send us some Pic's on what you end up doing KAA
  5. Hi Jayson, I went with the partial debadging route, took off the Presara badge but left the Aurion badge also left the Aurion lettering on the side of the car as well ..for now anyway..also went with a full chrome grill without the Toyota Emblem on the front..so really it is up too you as too how far your debadging goes..a lot have gone the full removal of names and series and it does look good I just left the aurion badge to stop people thinking it was a Camry and having to correct them Keep Well KAA
  6. Yes Jayson many have promotions on right now..wheels look good so I agree with Ash..get some decent tyres on there, as they are all that is in contact with the black stuff..a lot of threads on tyres in the aurion link so read up as to what others have said about their tyre choices..personally i went with Michelin Primacy 4's..225/50/17 98V Found them excellent in wet and dry conditions and freeway noise is minimal..But as i said this was a personal choice.. In the end what you can afford is usually the main thing.. Keep Well KAA
  7. Welcome to the forum Steve..Yes your a busy man..have fun doing them up and stay safe KAA
  8. Welcome to the forum Greg and Virginia, As a retired nomad myself and married to a travel agent we also saw the world in our younger days.. Enjoy the forum as so many like minded folks on here Keep Well KAA
  9. Great news Dominic, will make a note of the procedure in case anything happens in the future..I always find the advantage of the AFS on a very dark night in a low ilight area useful..makes taking a corner so much easier and on a highway even better Keep Well and Thanks for the information I am sure others will also benefit and that is why we are here..for each other. KAA
  10. Same reply from me, did it work?..I have never had that issue with my Presara..I have replaced the battery and still had AFS working..so let us know if that procedure worked as it is a handy fix if it worked for you KAA
  11. Welcome to the forum Shane, I am sure others have had that issue and will help if they can KAA
  12. Hi Jayson yes the Presara has it all as far as extras..I went with a nice Clarion VX506AU head unit..cost a little but was well worth it, also had Monster fit the unit as they had the trim surround that fitted perfectly to make it look like it was always there..plus the harness so all steering wheel controls functioned. I took some pic's that are on my profile..enjoy your upgrading and let us see what you decide on KAA
  13. Welcome to the forum Jayson, I am sure many will be able to throw ideas at you..like anything it tends to be a personal choice as to what you do and how far you're prepared to go with any custom work, and mostly costs involved..My personal choice is to leave my Presara as stock as I can..all I went with was a awesome head unit, some de badging and a grill change and basically that is it..I am sure you will get ideas from our awesome people on here Keep Well KAA
  14. Well like most cars i think if you floor it from stand still yes get the slight bunny hopping as the traction control kicks in..I never floor it from stand still..I have no need to do that as my days of being a boy racer are long gone now..if I still had my mach 1 mustang however well that's a different and old story..i do find if i apply decent amount of lead foot I get great traction and braking ability on these tyres even in wet conditions..so depending on your driving style from the stand still position I would suggest good quality touring tyres..its the old story you get what you pay for and how you take care of them KAA