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  1. Damn you will be a busy guy soon all these reports to write to us LOL..yes i have heard the same about Black Diamond..a friend has a new Mustang and uses them gave me one to see what I thought and yes wonderful finish on the side windows and inside always brings up the glass so well. Keep Safe KAA
  2. Ok I agree to disagree..fuel like a lot of things relating to driving comes down to the driving style of the person pushing the pedal and holding the wheel..yes better fuels do help the performance of the car to some degree, i never use ethanol based fuel and use either 91 or 95 but then it comes down to prices and what you can afford..the main thing is how you use your car..if your a lead foot and throw the thing around naturally your economy will be rubbish..if you just cruise (as many on here are of the same mind as me) you are a careful driver and barely use the horses under the bonnet your economy will be excellent..the main thing to always do is maintain the beast well..use top quality oils and filters. KAA
  3. Funny thing Tony I was watching a few Youtube Videos last night..Pan The Organizer is one of my favourites as he always provides excellent tutorials..I had watched one a while back on OPTIMUM Car Care Products..and yes looks amazing stuff..I am not sure price wise how it stacks up but as you now have that one maybe a video or some pic's of how you found it would be worthwhile..your the man when it comes to products so will take your word for it when it comes to a finish it provides, but anything that saves a full wash I would think would be awesome Keep Safe Mate and Thanks for the video links KAA
  4. HI ZZ, When they did the recall for faulty switches on our Presara I was told it was a fire issue with the switch causing spontaneous fires, and all they did was either replace the switch or inspect and regrease the switch itself..I have never heard of a window switch issue on the 50 series..so as Tony said I fear you will have to do an inspection as it sounds a weird fault for the window to do that short of an obstruction issue.. Let us know what you discover mate KAA
  5. Welcome to the forum Ryan, I am sure you will get loads of ideas on here from many who love to modify, but I agree with others..what are you looking at modifying?? KAA
  6. Hmm advertising a Chemist on here what the heck is that about?????
  7. Well done on saving him Tony, he knows that your always there for him..we need more love in the world these days more than ever..being thoughtful being respectful and being kind to others ..as my Dad and Father in Law are both passed now I miss the days of hanging out with my dad, tinkering on cars chatting and having a laugh..I so badly want things to ease so my son can travel down to see us..so once again I can have those memories again Keep Well Mate KAA
  8. Hmm as Tony said strange that the blind button is missing, what is in its place just a hole?..it is for the rear blind feature..and as others have said to buy from Toyota would be expensive..and as long as you still have the wiring in place try a wreckers for one from either a Sportivo or a Presara..it is a very useful feature to keep the sun off the back seats and speakers when lucky enough to be out and about ...Let us know how you get on KAA
  9. LOL ..well I am sure you will use them eventually Tony..that or open an Oil store yourself LOL..we are like minor birds ..anything bright and shiny must come home..I am avoiding SCA and AUTOBARN on a self imposed exile..as I have cleaned out about half the garage now and actually have space to do stuff and i know if i visit either i will fill that space again LOL Hugs Keep Safe KAA
  10. Yes that is called hoarding mate..LOL.."She Who Must Be Obeyed" and I have done very little travel as well..but I have found the fact we are not doing much driving has allowed me time to potter about on the car..detail work mostly..passes the time gets me out from the 4 walls and as the wife is into crafts allows her the spare room to play in..she was making masks mostly for ones who didn't sew or had little money to buy them..but that has died off now so we are saving the dollars and dreaming of a road trip..so as I have a decent oil supply now i think next will be an oil change..just in case a miracle happens and we can actually escape Stay Safe KAA
  11. Thanks Tony, Yes I was amazed how fast it removed the spots and dull swirls from all my windows, i always kept my wiper blades clean and always have a new set in storage in case..but these dams dull spots had me beat..i also did the stainless steel exhaust tips with it and boom perfect..was very therapeutic as well taking my time and just watching them shine up like new..so "She Who Must Be Obeyed" went with her friend to Bunnings to get some plants and bought another can while there for the shower doors as you showed in the attached video..so I am sure that will keep her occupied this afternoon cleaning them. Keep Well and Keep Safe KAA
  12. Ok so I am sure many will have their own opinion and that is what this forum is about..sharing experience or thoughts, anyway there is nothing that annoys me more than having totally washed the car got the paint brilliant and then next day seeing dull water spots on the windscreen or rear window, I have tried several expensive glass cleaners I have tried clay bars..I have tried glass polish and still you get that dull water ring look on the windscreen or rear window..so today after a very long search I stumbled upon using "Bar Keepers Friend" bought from Bunnings today. I added about a teaspoon of the powder to a small amount of water in a bottle gave it a damn good shake, cleaned the glass with glass cleaner so it was clean of any dirt..put some of my magic mix on a microfibre cloth and began cleaning..and holy cow..crystal clean..so a tip I found that seems to work and hope some will give it a go if like me have a low threshold for a dirty windscreen Keep Safe KAA
  13. Well done Tony..I got 2 yesterday from SCA..wanted more but as I had 2 of the 5 litres already 2 will do for a while, need to put up the Nulon sign just deciding where in the garage or may just safely store it for a man shed one day..well done on looking after your Dad so well, shows love and respect for our seniors which these days is badly needed, we all are trying to do the right thing for others when so many younger are just blowing it off as something that wont affect them Huggs Mate Keep safe KAA
  14. Totally agree with you Tony, fuel questions have been on here lately and as i said at the time I have used E10 only once on here when I was running out and all that was available was E10 in a small remote Victorian town..I normally use 91 as we are not moving around much in last 7 months..when normal life was with us.. I every few months put 95 in when it was lower in price..I have never used 98..it is always way overpriced for our driving style which these days is cruising in comfort. My suspicion with shift change issues is that the flush didn't get all the build up out of the transmission and in fact may have shifted some build up which is now causing surges in changes as I have always read on here to drop the pan and change the filters when doing any trans service KAA
  15. Ash as always a wealth of knowledge ..Thanks mate..certainly as always it is budget based but makes sense to start at the back and work forward as dollars these days are hard to earn Keep safe Mate KAA