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  1. It fills the gap nicely mate, must be annoying fiddling with wires to find the right one though. I am sure eventually you will sort the camera and the gps out so all will function correctly, I know from experience how annoying wiring can be but patience and time will sort it out Keep us up too date on things but it does look good, and a nice clear display KAA
  2. Welcome to the forum Kevin, yes a good buy there great little car. Also helpful to work for a Toyota dealership and look forward to any advise or knowledge you can pass on to us on here Keep Well KAA
  3. After doing so many oil fills and drops maybe the pan expanded over time and accommodated the extra oil😉😉 Glad you caught it fast mate or all that hard work would have been lost Keep Well mate KAA
  4. For sure Julie, we are with you in any way we can be, as Tony and Ashley stated, stick to the points and facts, try not to get overheated with the boss just make sure he knows everything, also say you tried other means first before going to him directly but got nothing in return but BS Let us know how things progress But as my dad always said never be afraid to go to the top, they started out low like us mere mortals, but sometimes they forget it KAA
  5. Same comment really as you Tony, the thought that I have to pay exorbitant prices for a new maps disc or even more for Toyota to update me send's my blood boiling, which is why when I bought our Clarion unit it came with 2 free updates I did one when we had it fitted and did another last year as I was bored at home and thought may as well. Considering they want you to fork out huge money now days for a tech filled vehicle, they continue to want you to empty your pocket yearly to have the latest maps that will probably lead you to a dead end road or miles out of your way as the system freaked o
  6. Hi John, Congratulations on the buy for the lady in your life, I would suggest looking online at specialist audio stores, example MONSTER Audio( who I used locally and would recommend as never had an issue since they fitted ours) it really is a personal choice as no idea what your tastes are, fitting will depend on your ability but I went with the business fitting it as they had all the harness connections for steering controls back up camera and head unit surround for the neat fit, plus with all the modern wiring I let the experts deal with that. There are a lot out there once you begin
  7. Pretty much the same advise as Ashley gave you Liz, work from the side of the boot and slowly move the lid down until you can push it closed. My late Mother had the same issue with closing boots so we installed a hand strap (I got from a wreckers) inside the boot lid so she could grab it and yank down Hope you get a solution as they are a great little car KAA
  8. Sounds like it is getting better and better Ash, I am sure all this hard work is worth. KAA
  9. First of all welcome to the forum Julie, there is nothing worse than horrible service with a dealership, is there another one close by you could go too, even if it requires a bit more of a drive? if that isn't possible then I feel it is time to write down everything you have had to go through since owning the vehicle, make sure to leave out personal feeling just list all the issues. Then I would INSIST on a meeting with the owner of the dealership, and let the owner know exactly what has been happening too you. The recourse for you if they throw their hands up and say basically too bad is the
  10. Have read somewhere in threads on here of some fitting a frontal camera, which would at least allow you to see anything that would impact the centre area of the bumper, so maybe that is worth exploring. I found like any car you do get used to distance and allowing for the bumper, but yes 4 sensors would have been a great help, but like anything what if's come into any design and living with a car always throws up things that could be improved. KAA
  11. Welcome to the forum Alex, a great choice with the Camry, they are taxi's for a reason, reliability and long life with a build quality that is second to none for the price, most refinements have come from Lexus and you can certainly tell. You will find some excellent reliable minds on here for any future Mod's you wish to do. For me it was leave it as stick as possible as I still to this day love the way our Presara was built here in Australia. All I have done is some light badge removal and a grill change and as Ash noted great quality tyre's and regular servicing. Wheel change as Tony stated
  12. Hi mate mine was built in but have seen on You tube most placed it behind the unit for ease of connection to the head unit and I assume the space is better Good Luck KAA
  13. I doubt any will complain about fitting it for your hard earned money Rick, they may try to tell you oh it wont do this or wont do that and try to get you too spend more money, I personally didn't want an issue with the wiring and wanted all steering controls to function so went with an expert fitting service. I also watched a lot of You tube videos on fitting and decided nope not for me, I used to be able to fit a lot of stuff in the days when cars had fewer wires that could burn out if fitted wrong but with all the computer set ups and being a Presara I spent the money and not had an issue s
  14. Saw the other night that Jaguar is going all electric in the very near future, so Ash it is something that will come. What form it will take with all the new tech into photovoltaic cells and solar charging abilities now I am hoping that the electric side of vehicle development will incorporate that to enable us to travel long distances without the need to plug in all the time to keep going. It is a future that is both exciting and also amazing, but like a lot I will miss that exhaust note we have right now and the ability to look at the gauge slowly going down as the miles fly by KAA
  15. Welcome to the forum Helen, the best of both worlds having a wagon and it being a Toyota..any help needed with it let us know always happy to help KAA

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