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  1. jeffy

    Best Spark Plugs to use on 04 2.4L Camry

    use NGK, cheaper, also they are easy to replace.
  2. jeffy

    G'Day from Melbourne!

    Hello ! Welcome to the Forums ! shame about the old car, although hooray for new things ! Happy modding ! -jeffy
  3. jeffy

    Daphne the ZRE182

    ooooo, interesting ! good info there on that axle back exhaust ! late congrats on the new car !
  4. Interior looks great with those new dipped trims ! keep up the good job, cars lookin nice and neat ! Didnt know you were in the forums ! also, im not as active as i used to be 😛 soo im not even so sure whod on it now haha ! Yes it was i hehehe, thanks man :] ! #savethemanuals ! and yeah manual is more fun 😛 also, that was the night i got the car back after getting exhaust installed, that was a random drive and didnt know the sportivo guys were meeting up 😅 Running 18" TRD Kappas
  5. on paper yes, its 112kw, at that time it was stock - 90.1 kw theres quite a bit of things i need to update.. or a lot haha ..... last post 2014... ill give you one update now though.. from 90.1w -> 98.7kw updated pictures to come !! 😄 EDIT: Front page updated modlist
  6. jeffy

    Radio Security Code

    iirc, it could be the last 4 digits of your VIN ?
  7. ohh... hmm... that was your car !! Looks nice and clean in the flesh :]
  8. jeffy

    3.4ltr 24valve prado engine

    im just spit balling here, as i have the rough idle as well, and ive yet to clean mine, although im not to bothered by it.. haha check TPS ?
  9. jeffy

    Ben Yip 's ZRE Facelift

    damn ben.. good to see you still going ^_^
  10. jeffy

    2006 Estima gearbox query

    what you may be looking for is a transmission oil change, and a service for the whole car would be nice too, so, all oils/fluids/tyres are good for the long trip, of course the drivers need their breaks too ! So don't forget to keep your fluids up and rest up every 2 hours or however you feel comfortable with. not sure what any other gearbox servicing could involve ? replacing grinding gears ?
  11. jeffy

    Rear suspension leaking?

    i dont think springs can leak, as theres nothing in there it has to be the strut .. or the gas shock absorber. Usually you'd want matching new things for the new shock, ie. the stress,usage, wear and tear of the old spring will not match the new shock per se, so wouldnt it be more ideal to replace the whole thing since the units are out anyway ? but at the end of the day, its the owners choice. Also yes, search for other places to get parts, theyre all generic. What you're paying for is the time and labour in the named businesses. if you are handy with tools, you could actually even DIY, gives you a learning platform
  12. jeffy

    3.4ltr 24valve prado engine

    try cleaning the throttle body
  13. Item: Various Camry Parts 1. Leather Steering Wheel - $280 ono -used 8/10 condition, comes with air bag and cruise control 2. TRD Kappas - $1200 ono PCD: 5x114.3 Size: 18x7.5 Offset: +45 Comes with 225/45 Tyres with roughly 40% tread and OEM nuts Has some rash, but no buckles, cracks or bends. Spare is flat. 3. (new/unpainted) Vizage Side Skirts $240 /Rear Spats $160 - Take both for $320 made from polyurethane bends instead of cracking comparing to aftermarket fibreglass kits - comes with mounting hardware 4. Leon Hardirrit Waffe $3200ono Up for sale are Leon Hardiritt Waffes, suit VIP Style cars, or big body cars Faces are sprayed in Hyper Silver Specs are as follows: 5x114.3 19x9 +6 19x10 +6 Toyo Proxes tyres, around 5xxx kms 215/35 225/35 Step lip. Has some rash, but no cracks buckles or bends. Tyres have some rub marks, although does not affect pressures. Also comes with silver centre caps 5. Camry Sportivo OEM Wheels - take all for $400 7x Wheels 1x Steel Tyres are gone, Comes with Nuts 16x6.5 +45 6. [facelift] 09-12 Corolla Hatch LHS Headlight Protector - S40 used 8/10 condition pending pics... Location: Melbourne Western Suburbs Website: This and various other sites Reason for Selling: Upgrades/Went down different path Shipping: Shipping under buyers expense via e-go Contact Details: Pm me
  14. jeffy

    Given a defect notice

    Cannards, bonnet and tow hook... protruding objects .. , unsafe on the road, cuz u gna chop off ppls legs when you drive closer