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  1. Handling mods for 2012 aurion

    whiteline/ultra racing superpro happy modding ;)
  2. Handling mods for 2012 aurion

    coils, rear sway bar, poly urethane bushes
  3. I want to go LOW

  4. Estima turbo diesel performance??

    put a 2j in it first ;)
  5. 2004 camry acv36r 2azfe mods

    yes, the sportivos actually came with an oem strut bar. whiteline/ultra racing also has some aftermaket parts available.
  6. 2004 camry acv36r 2azfe mods

    need to change backing plate too as rotors will be larger. imo; if you are using the car for daily duties, the front of aurion brakes work very well too, cheaper than kluger brakes
  7. Fast Idle Speed when Cold?

    mine went upto 3k during winter parked outside
  8. did you check the first page ?
  9. Rear Sway Bars
  10. easy and cheap mods for 5s-fe 1997 Camry ???

    what a weird looking 5sfe ^
  11. awww thats a shame :( i would like to pick his brains. his mod list is quite long! that bodykit is the bomb start with a rear sway bar :]
  12. Hi there

    Welcome !