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  1. jeffy

    Wheels and tyres combos for various terrain

    17's cheaper than 19's imo no experience with 4x4s sorry, however you try hilux/navara dedicated forums best of luck !
  2. jeffy

    Replacing alternator and engine belt

    +1 for gates im using it for the camry right now
  3. jeffy

    07 Camry - random aircon

    ive experienced the same thing a week ago on a warm humid day. when i ran a/con max fan speed, it started to do the same and then blink.. then stopped blowing cold air... a few minutes after i decided to use the 3/4 fan speed... it was consistent.. but then the temperatures started to rise. so i stopped using a/c ive been advised to rebleed the radiator with heater on as there may be air bubbles
  4. jeffy

    Recommended Engine Oil, 2004 Camry 2.4L

    wow ! you guys have good oil usage ! ive used the 20w50 for about a year or so (and change every 5000kms) , as my engine has high mileage. ive noticed that i burn the same amount as zains camry at 1500 =\ .. so now i change every 3000kms .. high mileage life 😧 (engine has done 310,xxx kms)
  5. jeffy

    Recommended Engine Oil, 2004 Camry 2.4L
  6. jeffy

    Recommended Engine Oil, 2004 Camry 2.4L

    5w30 10w30 15w40 20w50 the one you are using now is fine.
  7. Leon Hardirrit Waffes sold !
  8. car has been converted into manuels ben, so that silver card will indicate u151 or whatever auto box it had 😛 its deffs an e354 series as the v6 models uses the e153 series its not so bad, you get what you pay for, seems like its DIY-able, and the "stuff " inside the gearbox, could be your syncros and bearings - which is pretty much a rebuild afaik.. at this stage... not really, i dont quite like the newer models and how everything is electronic-y - the only other car is till have my eyes on is a supra.. :) .. toyotafanboyforlife 😛
  9. jeffy

    2005 Camry keyless entry, fault found

    indeed they are, and they're also easy to break... im on my 3rd one atm,.. and have given up on replacing it, just have it plugged in for the central locking to work 😛 good idea !
  10. you cant, but, however i can do that for you /end thread
  11. jeffy

    2005 Camry keyless entry, fault found

    hello and welcome ! what badge is your camry (sportivo/azura or altise) reason i ask is i think the ECU is different, and some of the sportivo display functionalities (kms left, distance to.. etc) wont work on the altise. did you get the remote from eBay ? some ebay wireless keys may not work for audm models.? also these cars never came in keyless afaik ..
  12. did further reading and saw that 09-13 corolla matrix (zre152 chasis) uses the 2az and e series combo 😄 and they even have an AWD version 😮 shooting blanks from the UK ... i think i might just go USA, i think these should fit 😣 would you know anyone local (au) that do LSDs ?
  13. you're absolutely right ! had to double double check it seems like i was reading a catalouge from an "avensis" , thanks ian ! now i know that those corolla boxes still wont fit, may have to further check the ones from the scion
  14. Hi Ben damn ! a1rm for your car is expensive ! ... i got mine for $120 at brakesdirect... so roughly 60% of the price difference is worth it for me so i can hard brake and not boil the fluid after the 3rd lap as for fluid, im using rbf600 at the moment (some motorbike [$32] shops may sell them cheaper than autoparts [$42 -autobarn] shops), back on the previous setups i was using standard dot 3 fluid, it is expensive, but it is what is, you get what you pay for, ive heard some users buy those really high boiling point racing ones for $130-150 a bottle ? wow 6 year break ! good luck and have fun when you get back on ! as for the rotors no need for dba t3 4000 they are quite expensive (although ive checked the prices now and they've dropped 50% compared to 4 years ago), just look for high carbon content ones (vmax rotors? i think theyre called?) they've been recommended by two track users, ive also considered using these next as the t3's i have right now are lipping, and if i machine them, im scared theyll be too thin for use ofaggressive pads (from previous experience having a1rms on rda rotors will just make the dimpled/slotted discs into a solid looking one lol, obviously not instantly but it helped me decide to skip the dba t2 and go straight onto the t3 series) yeah the kms around there .. blowing smoke, i suspect its the piston rings, its burning oil as i need to top up oil around 1500kms nowadays ... it needs a rebuild haha ! yeah everyone does the 2az there because of the scion xB/tC variants, so if i need to look for engine parts thats what i have to type, so thanks to them , some of the research required or info is there as for the LSD, ive found a few helical ones, theyre from the USA, and was quite tedious to track down, as ive just figured out that the 03-08 corolla 2L matrix, shares the same e354 5-peed box, i could also use the scion xB/tC ones as theyre also 5speed same engine, but i need to double check and confirm if the LSD will fit the plan is to buy a spare block and build it from bottom end, so some cams maybe some pistons, also a turbo to slapped on as there are now kits from the USA, specifically Dezod motorsports, that include ECU and map tunes.