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  1. Depending on which part of Melb, North: Toyrolla, Epping All Toyo Parts, Thomastown West: BIP Toyota (although theyre a rip usually) Ravenhall Toylex , Derrimut/Sunshine Not sure about the east side as i dont got there much. Try checking gumtree as well, just type in "wrecking camry sportivo"
  2. Seeing as you're new to the forum, it takes some time to search for things; so welcome. unit&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&page=2 ive typed in "head unit" and came up with a few searches: Have a read through see if you can find what you need
  3. vouch for vmax, i have them on right now, but i have aggressive pads (qfm a1rm). ive also used rda rotors and dba t3s . rda and vmax come from the same person. but i wouldnt get anything other than slotted/blank discs from these guys, (even the dimpled ones will turn or look like a blank disc after) if you're in the northern suburbs of melbourne, you can pick them up from there. From experience the bendix general pads are okay for day to day normal driving, but the moment you take it on a spirited run, or even some downhills with some braking. Your fluid will cook, and your pedal will loose brake feel. i found remsa pads ($50) to be a bit better and cheaper compared to the bendix generals ($75) i may try the 2243 pad in the near future, thanks for the info !
  4. Qfm A1rm + Hankook Rs-4 235/45/17 Exe Double Sprint Day: [Sunday] Times as per natsoft: 2:15.1840 1:55.2640 1:53.3110 1:49.5610 1:49.3680 1:51.1620 2:01.7330 1:57.9140 1:54.8270 10 1:49.3160 1:48.7730 1:51.1190 1:48.7820 2:05.6930 1:56.1370 1:53.5520 1:51.7210 1:52.9960 20 1:51.1410 1:59.8480 1:51.4680 1:50.5040 1:51.3660 1:49.3500 1:53.3650 1:48.5780 30 1:48.7760 1:49.4580 1:51.6250 1:54.6520 Not a bad day, although i wanted abit more sun as it was cloudy. 25°C felt a lot colder. Got off track on the sweeper of first session right off the pits 😅, broke a little bit of my confidence which lead to being a bit more cautious the whole day. Didnt know what tyre pressure were initially set at but this time it only went up to 30psi (previous track day was 5-6psi more) for me i felt like it didnt warm up enough. I also took out the strut bar halfway through the day as i felt the car was too stiff and twitchy (21 clicks and front strut), and went back to 7 clicks on the fronts. Car felt better swinging into the sweeper and the boob. Either way, still had fun 😄 and extra seat time and experience is good too, now looking at getting an lsd to help through the "boob" sections (turns 6-9) as my forearms started to hurt after the day 😛 Thanks for looking !
  5. yes i agree, combine with thick tyres popular brand is quaife
  6. This is a separate wired unit. It allows you to independently run the foglights without having to use the parkers. If you wanna use OEM wiring, iirc you would need the wiring harness that comes from a Yaris that has footlights installed. I remember sending out a wiring plug to another member about 6 years ago, as he tried to use the oem stalk for his foglight switch. EDIT: pics added This is what yours would look like if you open up your stalk. Its Tedious to go OEM, which is why i opted for the independent wiring. But if you have enough patience its also doable, Members ride with OEM wired foggies:
  7. i had the same situation and used this as a guide, i know it says lancer, but car is a car, and this helps with pics goodluck :] !
  8. Last Post: March 2012 Last Login: June 2012 Chances are you wont get a reply, but feel free to browse the rest of the forum for some information. Corolla Page:
  9. chuck it on top of your car and see if it will fit... or whether there are mounting points that are able to go on your car... no stupid questions here, ive heard of silvia s14 spoilers fitting on my model camrys 🙊
  10. 70% tyre profile vs 55% tyre profile the more profile you have the more comfortable the car is through bumps
  11. Qfm A1rm + Hankook Rs-4 235/45/17 Nugget Nationals Exe Track Day 2019 Times as per Natsoft: 2:22.6630 2:13.3660 1:58.9960 1:56.2490 1:56.0510 2:02.3260 1:53.4550 1:52.0880 1:55.3410 10 1:54.8600 1:56.0970 1:50.4390 1:53.1360 1:51.2690 1:51.3250 2:07.6020 2:13.2910 2:10.2830 1:57.2960 1:54.2370 1:52.5870 1:51.5120 1:50.8620 1:52.9720 1:50.2260 30 1:49.9740 1:48.7380 1:52.5240 1:51.1060 1:55.7740 1:48.8690 1:56.7100 1:51.1570 1:53.5530 Beautiful cool cloudy day at winton, with no rain in sight, Finally broke into the 1:50 mark and beat it by two seconds a few sessions later. With a1rms back on the car, my confidence on braking at the 25/50m mark came back. Learnt more on gearing through corners, and putting foot down earlier, room for improvement to break pb next track day Thanks for looking !