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  1. item: 18" Trd Kappas Location: Melbourne, Western Suburbs Website: here & LLOP Item Condition: used Reason for Selling: no longer own a toyota Price and Payment conditions: $700ono Any additional information: Set of (4) + Specs: 5x114.3 18"x7.5" +45 offset all around. CB (Centre bore) 60.1mm Comes with 225/45/18 Continental Sportcontact5 Runflats and spare tyre. has 4-6mm of tread. Has some rash. No Buckles, Cracks or bends. Shipping: Postage available Pictures: Contact Details: PM me
  2. check if the centre bore will fit.
  3. rukus shares the same chassis as corolla zre152 and same engine as camrys/rav4 2az-fe happy modding
  4. damn, where were you a few months ago ! i had a buttload of parts for the gen5 camry ! i had Fortune Auto series coilovers made for the car, custom made the first run in the early 2010s pretty cheap too ! iirc it was around $1400 almost the same as the entry level BC coils during that time, but much much comfier . PM me i think i still have some of the strut top measurements (which is needed if you were to get coils from other years) you will definitely have trouble with coils as the aussie gen 5 camrys (xv36 vs the normal xv30 chassis code - keep this in mind) use the gen 4 chassis, (98-02) (xv20), so if you want coils, best look for those years, in fact even up to gen 3 (xv10) fit. stock toyota ECUs are tuners worst nightmare, they wont be able to do much to it. As mentioned yes, a full standalone ecu will open up the tuners options, but as you can see, it comes with a price tag. So if you were to do some ECU upgrades, you may as well go supercharger. any further questions, dont hesitate to PM me, -jeffy
  5. put soapy water on said area where there is suspected leaks, if it bubbles, get it welded
  6. you can use your OEM shocks, unless they are worn, id go ahead and replace them too. with springs IIRC, for camrys you may need different heights for front and rear to make it look level when lowered, as the rears sit a tad higher than the fronts to compensate passengers and stuff that you carry in your boot.
  7. kluger fronts calipers are enough if you dont intend to take it further and go track, if your rotors arent upgraded, i suggest going for some v-max slotteds, qfmA1rm are the go-tos for front pads, and hpx for rear. anything more, youd probably have deep pockets, then go for hawks, dixcels. you dont need "bigger" rear brakes .. even normal pads will do. heck i even tracked on normal pads on the rear the next upgrade for fronts would probably be 4pots, iirc, there are brackets that you can get customized so you can bolt it on the fronts. try looking at lexus ls400 front calipers, i think they go on a 330mm rotor. do some measuring, maybe they fit onto your brake hub, otheriwse fabricate or look for custom caliper mounts same thing im gonna say 5 years ago. grab some braided lines, and if you are tracking, match the fluid with rbf600.
  8. https://ultraracingaustralia.com.au/product/t-camry-aurion-acv40rgsv40r-07-11-rear-sway-bar-19mm/ https://ultraracingaustralia.com.au/product-category/toyota/camry-aurion-xv40-acv40r-gsv40r-06-11/
  9. Thanks for this ! Ill attach this information in the aurion FAQ thread, so hopefully in future when someone searches for it, it will be there. EDIT: ive actually found this post from 2010 😁
  10. tips should be generic if youre getting it from ebay, itll have bolts to go on, the stock pipes are 2" the easiest path would be if you know a welder to custom some rails, grab some rails from wreckers and chop them to fit.
  11. no check this v6 is a pita to work on, it usually the rear bank that gets leaks its common, but thats pretty worth imo..does take some time to open things and put them back together, mechanics usually charge $100 an hour to get jobs done
  12. gen 3/4/5 camrys can fit the same seats, and will bolt in cos technically a gen 5 camry ( 2002-2006) is just a reshelled gen 4 (1997-2001) also i sold my old camry sportivo seats to a guy who had a gen 3 (1992-1996) and they fit
  13. phillips is just an overpriced narva .. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. i can see a black plastic hubring on your second photo, take that off, as per hiro mentioned.
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