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  1. hey guys, i gave this job a go since my bulbs were also flickering and going out. decided to remove the bumper following JIN's write up. bumper resting on some stools so i didn't have to disconnect anything. heres the old bulb, hid capsule inside melted itself into a slow death got a high end set of bulbs since this job was a real pita. Osram Cool Blue Intense D4S 6000k. $160 a pair from powerbulbs. notice that the capsule is isn't bulging like the old one. got myself matching led fog lights and led parking lights. easy to change since bumper and headlights were already off. final result, could not be happier
  2. domej

    Map DVD

    the battery in my aurion went flat when i was running a copied map dvd (v26) and i lost all functions. i loaded in a genuine map dvd from 2008 (v15) and regained all functions. i then removed the genuine dvd and put in the copied one for the latest maps.
  3. in case anyone is wondering, Stewart Toyota Sutherland replaced my oil cooler pipe recently for free. it wasn't leaking and they did it in under 2 hours.
  4. can confirm the procedure worked, afs is now swivelling and does the little dance on startup as before
  5. afs was working before i replaced the battery, didn't afterwards i came across a thread on a lexus forum to "initialise" the afs ecu using this procedure: 1. with engine running, headlights on and car in park, press "AFS OFF" button 8 times at 1 second intervals, (doesn't matter what position the switch was already in) 2. straighten steering wheel. if it was already straight, turn off centre and then re-centre. 3. press "AFS OFF" button twice at one second intervals without moving the steering wheel 4. after 3 to 10 seconds, repeat step 3 5. after 3 to 10 seconds, repeat step 3 again 6. after 3 to 10 seconds, repeat step 3 again and now you have working afs 🙂
  6. afaik, headlights are the original ones
  7. should also add that they are hid and both turn on, they just don't swivel or level
  8. hi guys, first post (woohoo) as title says, my adaptive front lighting system doesn't work anymore. the afs button is unresponsive and i have no warning lights on the dash. anyone lend a thought??