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  1. Thanks for the suggestions Tony. Certainly did all of those already to give the product the best chance after reading Squalled's disappointment but still left with subpar results.
  2. I also have used Bowden's Own Tyre Sheen and am a bit disappointed. I used Bowden's Own Orange Agent to clean the tires (great stuff btw) along with a drill brush attachment. Sprayed it directly onto the tire, spread it around with a foam applicator and let it dry overnight. After 5 days and about 600km, it had worn off. I hope they come up with a new formula because their other products are great.
  3. Certainly did, that's how I changed the filter. There was minimal sludge (if any) but the magnets had some fuzz on them but no large chunks of metal.
  4. Hi Tony, looks like I haven't expressed myself clearly. My car, bought used, had no sign of any transmission service ever being performed. When I drained the fluid, it was quite literally black. I didn't want to do a full flush immediately to avoid "shocking" the old clutch material or mixing up large chunks of sludge. The transmission seemed happy with the increasing amounts of Penrite ATF LV so I did follow yours (and others posted) procedure and did a proper full flush. Thats when the transmission acted funny. I'd assume I followed the procedure properly because the transmission is working
  5. Hi guys, I performed a filter change and fluid flush after doing a series of drain and fills starting at 186k (now at 187k) using Penrite ATF LV. During the first test drive after the flush and filter change, the car wouldn't shift out of first and was jerking back and forth. Honestly, a terrifying experience when pulling out into traffic. I thought I'd let everyone know that an ecu reset by disconnecting the battery overnight has fixed the issue and the car is now shifting like a dream. Torque converter shudder seems to have disappeared as well.
  6. Could they just be loud engines overall? Here's mine with 186k on the clock, fresh fluids all round but spotty service history. VID_20200922_085717.mp4
  7. welcome to the forum. that would be the button for the electric rear sunshade. i believe the part number for it is 84940-33040 but it's probably easier/quicker to get one from the wreckers.
  8. mind if i ask what oil you're using? i have heard castrol oil causes loud valvetrain noise in some vehicles
  9. I ended up just drilling the centre of the clip out and wrestling it out with a pair of needle nose pliers.Not much left of the clip after that was done. I do agree the prices are absurd but do yourself a favour and use genuine clips. I tried some ebay clips for the trim panels (the white clips) and they snapped when I tried to put them in. Amayama is a good website for cheap genuine parts. I got the black clip for about $2 and the white ones for $1 each.
  10. hi guys, i'm in the process of adding a few things to my new (to me) aurion and a dash cam was one of them. this required removal of the a pillar trim to run wires. so i've read the book method is to cut the clip and replace it but i am struggling to remove the clip base. i've tried pulling with pliers and prying it off with trim removal tools but to no avail. any ideas?
  11. did you notice any oil deposits on your spark plugs when you changed them? my car is also sucking up oil through the pcv and i was wondering if a catch can would be of any benefit while i flush the engine.
  12. hey guys, i gave this job a go since my bulbs were also flickering and going out. decided to remove the bumper following JIN's write up. bumper resting on some stools so i didn't have to disconnect anything. heres the old bulb, hid capsule inside melted itself into a slow death got a high end set of bulbs since this job was a real pita. Osram Cool Blue Intense D4S 6000k. $160 a pair from powerbulbs. notice that the capsule is isn't bulging like the old one. got myself matching led fog lights and led parking lights. easy to change since bumper and headlights were
  13. domej

    Map DVD

    the battery in my aurion went flat when i was running a copied map dvd (v26) and i lost all functions. i loaded in a genuine map dvd from 2008 (v15) and regained all functions. i then removed the genuine dvd and put in the copied one for the latest maps.
  14. in case anyone is wondering, Stewart Toyota Sutherland replaced my oil cooler pipe recently for free. it wasn't leaking and they did it in under 2 hours.
  15. can confirm the procedure worked, afs is now swivelling and does the little dance on startup as before

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