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  1. Only have 115,000 on my 2012 KXR 2WD so far and all is well. Put new tyres on it recently. I went with Michelin's again after getting 80,000 out of the old set. I could have got another 20k out of them but I found a good price on a new set and went with it. A friend in the USA has a series 1 Highlander (Kluger) with 300,000 miles on it (480,000 km?) and it has had only regular servicing and the usual consumables replaced.
  2. Hi Michael. I have been eyeing off the current Klugers, with the run out deals they are offering they are a steal and from reports a solid vehicle. My 2012 only has 110,000 on it so it is still like new to drive. See what the future holds? Have you looked at the US Toyota Nation site as well? That is also a great resource for Kluger owners.
  3. Cleaning the MAFS at least once a year is a cheap and easy thing to do. I doubt that a regular "service" at the dealer or local mechanic would include this unless they are unusually efficient. You must use the right spray and procedure to do this. I use electrical contact spray on our cars. The MAFS must not be touched with anything. Penty of how to's on the net. Another thing that should be done at the same time is a throttle body clean. Again, it is an easy thing to do and usually delivers a noticeable improvement. Same as the MAFS, use only throttle body cleaner and guides are on t
  4. I put different sized rims on my Kluger but not 22". To be sure all would be ok I went to a couple of tyre places that sold rims and they checked it all out for me. They have the specs on what is appropriate and what is not. Not only just to meet running requirements but registration / insurance requirements as well. Worth the time to go see them and get it right.
  5. I have a 2012 Kluger and only get the warning light when tank gets low, no beep sound. Warning sounds may be nice but if you miss hearing it then it could mean some walking and a lot of hassle. Easy enough to keep an eye on the fuel gauge anyway and fill when it hits 1/4 full.
  6. Thanks for the feedback Michael. Always good to get it when a problem has been solved as it helps others. I dont have a Toyota head unit in mine as I replaced it, but I was wondering if yours has a pin hole on the facia anywhere to release a stuck cd like they have on home audio or computer cd drives? Would make it a lot easier if they did?
  7. Dont say that MichaelG!! I have been considering a new Kluger, one of the current run out models as they are great value for the money. Trouble is, will I regret it like you? There is nothing wrong with mine and I have owned it since new back in 2012. The thought of a new Kluger is nice but the thought of parting with the one I own now is something I might find hard to do. For anyone wanting to have a read about the 2020? or for us, the 2021 model jump over to Toyota Nation site. They have a lot of feedback from owners there.
  8. Same here Michael. I do the oil & filter changes on both our cars and they both have the same setup. Why? I have never seen anyone give a reason. The filters would be cheaper to produce for one thing. It sure is messy and awkward and a shame in such a great vehicle. Enjoy your Kluger!!! I have been driving mine for over 8 yrs and still love it.
  9. Check the wire that connects to the vacuum solenoid located on the air filter box intake tube. It has a black plug and 3 vacuum hoses coming off it. If that wire is not connected correctly it will show VSC and other warning lights. That solenoid also has a habit of sticking. Remove and cycle it with a 12V battery a few times to hear it click (either pin is ok as it is not neg or pos specific). If it still sticks replace it. It also gives a sensation of spongy brakes.
  10. The auto transmisions of today are far superior to those of decades ago. It was common to have odd behaviour from them back then where now it is rare. I have had Toyotas for about the past 20 yrs and have never had a problem with their transmissions. OP should read up on the posts on Toyota Nation and maybe even print some out to take into the dealership. Usually they plead ignorance to common faults and it is best to have the info ready to show them. Toyota in the USA react more positively to problems than Toyota Australia.
  11. Start simple and work your way up... 1. Loosen and tighten the 2 clamp bolts or replace with new bolts. (Worked for me and other lucky owners. Been fine for 35,000km now.) See my post above. ..or, 2. Inject grease as explained above, or.. 3. Remove, clean and grease, or.. 4. Replace entire unit.
  12. I prefer to start small (usually cheapest) and work up to what may be the most expensive repair ... I had the steering knock with my 2012 Kluger. I did a lot of research and saw where many were replacing the intermediate shaft or regreasing it. I then saw where some had replaced or removed and cleaned and replaced the two bolts on the shaft. I replaced the 2 bolts on mine with new ones ($6 at Toyota) and so far after 20,000k it has worked. May be the same bolt for the Aurion as the Kluger?? I hope yours is as simple and cheap to fix...
  13. Most cars will warn of low fuel long before there is no fuel. There is a reason for this plus it also saves people from having to walk long distances... 🙂 The fuel gauge is only an indicator not a precise instrument.
  14. Hi Allan. My 2012 KXR is about to roll up 100,000 soon. With the 200,000+ k's on yours I would be making sure the cooling system is A1. How old is the coolant? is it the right type? has the water pump been replaced? all hoses in good condition? If a cooling system fails or is neglected it can mean serious damage to the motor and a lot of $$$s. Next would be using good oil & filter... change every 10,000km using full synthetic and either Ryco or Toyota oilfilter. Good luck with the new car. I still love driving mine after 7.5 years.
  15. Good to hear. It's a shame you did not get a Joying unit. They are made to fit perfectly in the Kluger slot and come with all the fittings. Brilliant units.

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