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  1. Update: used a Fuse-tap (ebay) to power the dashcam from fusebox. OBD-II also was an option. ll good now.
  2. Got a dashcam and trying to power it thru OBD2 port. Need Help please.... 1. Does Kluger Grande 2004 got OBD2 port ? 2. How to wire so the dashcam is powered continuously even after the ignition is off... (for parking mode recording?) Thanks.
  3. Forgot to mention......Tried different versions of the maps......same result.
  4. Guys, Really annoying stuff. My Maps is really playing up......Randomly my gps location changes to another location nowhere near me.... Only fix - manually adjust the map location. Doesn't last that long and changes again. Recent Melbourne road trip turn out to be a Cruise Ship experience - according to Toyota map.... Suddenly map location changed to somewhere near Tasmania ( while I was on Hume HWY- near Gosford....... Now, anyone experienced this weird thing? Please help me to get back on the road.....thanks.
  5. vsc + engine warning lights come on randomly....... During a service in Toyota dealer, they checked and couldn't find any faults. Anyone else experiencing this? How to fix? Thanks. Kulgera 2004 Grande.
  6. ATE

    Kluger GPS Upgrade

    All here..... go to:
  7. ATE

    Rav4 ZX6 7 seater

    Exactly. Simply there wouldn't be enough space between 3rd row and the back...this means passengers will be in very much risk of being hurt of a even slightest impact from behind.... So not recommended...
  8. ATE

    Speedo measured by RAA

    I just now double checked my speedo ( 2005 Kluger Grande) against gps speedo app in my phone....... Guess what....... both the readings were pretty much same..... in 70 Km/h zone, put it on the Cruise control, in 60 & 50 zones kept the car on the limit and in all cases, both readings were similar........
  9. ATE


    Impossible for that scenario to happen. The camera will always receive +12v (or there abouts... ie. +13.8v) regardless of whether this is coming from the reverse lights alone, the bypass switch, or both at the same time. Only issue that can happen with the above circuit with respect to running +12v to the camera when you aren't in reverse is the potential to illuminate the reverse lights as well. If you don't have a diode between the camera power and the reverse lights, then power can then be applied to the reverse lights when you activate the camera (when not in reverse) making the person behind you think you are in reverse. Edit: LOL. My bad. I made that reply without reading all the other posts in the thread. I see that the problem I have stated here is the reason for the tread. In that case, give me a minute to draw something up for you. Edit 2: From what you describe, and from knowing how people wire things up, I would be guessing that you have wired yours up something like the following: If that is the case (or you have wired it up differently), you should try to wire it up like the following. This will work just like planned where putting the car into reverse will activate the reverse camera and the reverse lights, and flicking the override switch will activate the reverse camera but not the reverse lights. They type of diode you use does not have to be rated for much. Just you typical 1N4004 1A diodes ($0.50 for 4) will do the trick. One thing to note is that if you want your head unit to also switch to reverse camera mode automatically when the override switch is activated (instead of selecting reverse camera manually through the head unit), then the trigger wire for the reverse camera has to be connected to the right side (as per the diagram) of that diode. Background information for those that are wondering what the diode does when put there. The diode allows current to flow in one direction only. This is best indicated by conventional current flow (+ve to -ve) in which the arrow of the diode symbol points. Without the diode, when you flick the switch to activate your reverse camera, power also flows through to the reverse light which in turn causes it to illuminate, and also flow back to the reverse light indicator on the dash, causing that to illuminate as well. By putting the diode in where I have indicated, you are preventing this power from your override switch from flowing back to the reverse light (because in that case the diode is pointing in the opposite direction to conventional current flow) and therefore the reverse light will not illuminate. Thanx a lot. This is what exactly I am after. Will try this ASAP.
  10. ATE


    This is what exactly I've done and currently using. Did you check the reverse tail light while on the switch near steering wheel? Its perfectly ok as long as We don't on the switch while reversing ( might overload the camera with moe Voltage??)
  11. Sorry if this topic already discussed, simply I cannot find it here the reason starting new topic. ok...] I installed a reverse camera yesterday, and obviousely the power source being the tail light terminal. I wanted to have an additional switch to the camera so it can be on while not reversing. Problem is, when I switch on while not reversing, supplies power to the rev- tail lights and dash reverse indicator. Is there any other circuit/ device to overcome this problem? thanx.