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  1. Active Suspension System developed by Bose and recently sold to ClearMotion now headed for production.
  2. For myself, it is traction control and electronic stability control. Currently, I have got autonomous emergency braking [AEB] under serious consideration. Reckon that by the time I join the geriatric driver ranks, insurance companies will have AEB as a “preferred” requirement.
  3. '95 Camry external mirrors vibrating

    Without breaking the glass, press firmly in the centre of the mirrors and perhaps also on the four corners of the mirror to try and reseat the mirror into the plastic retaining clips of the housing behind the mirror. If that does not work, plan upon a visit to your local wreckers.
  4. Front End Suspension rattle

    Main item I would be looking at is the rubber seat between the spring and the strut housing. Next item I would be investigating is any foreign objects e.g. stone/gravel caught up in the spring seat. Just for something extra to do, consider giving the rubber seat a spray with silicone spray.
  5. I had a clunking noise in the rear of my Honda Prelude [now sold]. Spent a lot of time trying to track down this issue. Particularly checked the rear struts which I had swapped over from a parts car looking for loose retaining nuts. Gave up then months later it became very obvious; broken rear sway bar. I am guessing that the bar partially cracked and flexed enough to make a clunking noise before finally cracking all the way through.
  6. Fuel consumption

    Just read the following article on Quora about high octane fuel. Makes a lot of sense to use the high octane fuel when recommended by the car manufacturer.

    Just got email from SuperCheap Auto for Club Members 35% discount off Penrite Oils 18-20 May. Penrite LV ATF 4 litre $29.24 discount price too attractive to let go. If you are not a member, you can join in store and get the discount prices applied immediately. I did another online order for 4 with local store pick-up to ensure I did not miss out. Also applied a $9 credit from my previous purchase.
  8. What made you buy a Camry?

    Not enough detail in the article except that it was "at speed" and it happened in peak hour on the [interstate highway] I-10 in Phoenix. In this accident situation, the sedan shape with a boot section is a significant safety factor. In comparison, a hatchback would have probably crumpled up to the driver's seat.
  9. 2zzge problems

    Attached YouTube video recommends removing the ecu fuse rather than disconnecting the car battery terminals.
  10. What made you buy a Camry?

    Did I previously mention safety? Following URL reminded me of this importance.
  11. Tow bar wiring harness

    Attached my internet based search documents from when I was looking at getting a towbar for my 2006 Aurion ATX. Ended up getting another Aurion with a towbar already fitted so no direct personal experience of doing these fitting instructions. Towbar Wiring Instructions PZQ61-33132-42-52_-_PZQ61-33131-41-51FI_-_Camry-Aurion_TWH_-_Issue_4_-_A5_booklet_111597_993.pdf Aurion_Towbar_Fitting_Instructions.pdf.PdfCompressor-894150.pdf Aurion TOWBAR.doc
  12. 2000 Avalon oil light problem

    Based upon the information provided, my best guess is that the engine is sludged up due to inadequate servicing. The new oil with its detergent additives may have loosened and dissolved a fair bit of this sludge. I would be looking at whether the oil is badly contaminated i.e. dark black colour. Something else I have done is to use a thick diameter plastic straw and probe around inside the valve cover to estimate how badly sludged up the engine is. After doing the above, I would then drop the oil pan and checking/cleaning the oil pickup screen. If the engine is badly sludged up, definitely recommend removing the valve covers and cleaning the valve train and valve covers. Next step would be reassemble then run [idle only] the engine with about 5 litres of diesel for about 5-10 minutes. Repeat if necessary. Last step is a new oil filter and new oil then monitor. Engine sludge.doc

    Last weekend, the local Repco store did not have any stock of the Penrite LV ATF. Just received an email from SuperCheap offering 25% discount for over $100 online orders ending Wednesday 16th May @ 7PM. Discount code is MAYHEM. Immediately placed an order which included qty 2 of Penrite LV ATF 4 litre with a discount price of $67.48 and local store pick up.
  14. Save 10-20% fuel

    Saving fuel is essentially all about efficiency. It starts with having a well maintained regularly serviced vehicle. Consider the quality of engine oil and transmission/differential oils. Ensure brakes and drive shafts/CV joints are well maintained so the wheels can rotate freely. Next look at the driving style. Smooth acceleration rather than hard acceleration. Drive safe and smart, avoiding the teenage idiots racing and braking hard destroying the life of their vehicles.I also use what I refer to as roadcraft. Watch the traffic flow and anticipate what is going to happen. Ease off on the accelerator to reduce need for braking. Brake early so you do not need to come to a complete stop. On the open highway, I try to use overtaking lanes to get past slower vehicles or sometimes it is just a matter of being patient and not overtaking. I achieved my best fuel economy figures driving with cruise control set at 100kph on highway across absolutely flat terrain with no traffic in front of me. I also followed a slower vehicle for a few kms which also stopped at the next town where I refuelled. From memory, it worked out to be 7.1 litres per 100 kms so quite pleased for a 2006 3.5litre V6.
  15. What is the error code? I understand that the 2 pre-cat sensors are air/fuel ratio sensors and the 2 post cat sensors are O2 sensors. I have removed and cleaned only the front air/fuel ratio sensor and both of the post-cat O2 sensors. The other air/fuel pre-cat sensor [located at the back near the firewall] is tucked away out of sight so I have not yet touched it or located the electrcal connector. Personally, I would be inclined to clean the sensors first then replace them if the check engine still stays on. I bought the following 3 piece socket set on eBay which was useful plus I also ended up using a 24mm ring spanner as well. A tip I picked up from internet searches was to use brake fluid to loosen the sensor if WD40 does not work. Remember to use sparingly some anti-seize on the sensor threads when retightening.