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  1. campbeam

    3L black smoke under load (94 LN106 2.8D)

    Never had a diesel so the following is based upon a Google search. Following article suggest a few cuases e.g. dirty air filter, not using the right engine oil, over-fuelling due to worn fuel injectors.
  2. campbeam

    Rear suspension leaking?

    Immediately after replacing suspension struts and springs, it is normal for ride to feel harder. Usually after a few weeks, parts "settle"into position and you also get used to the different ride feeling so it does not feel so harsh. Also look at your tyre pressures. With 215/60/16 tyre on the Aurion, I would suggest 36-38psi. As I have worn suspension, I have found 40 psi to be good on the front for handling purposes. 40psi on the rear appears to be too much [more wear in the centre of the tyre] so planning upon gradually reducing tyre pressure back to 36psi then keep reviewing.
  3. campbeam

    Recommended Engine Oil, 2004 Camry 2.4L

    Definitely check your owner's manual for the recommended oil specification and viscosity. For your consideration and comparative purposes, I am thinking about the following 3 day deal from SuperCheap
  4. campbeam

    Blowing white smoke

    Now close to 205,000 km. I bought my 2006 Aurion at 166,000 km, blowing white smoke on start up so I got it a very good price. Service history was quite suspect especially as it was being done by a Ford dealership as per some servicing agreement. Supercheap have a 3 day deal on Shell Helix Ultra engine oil 5W-40 5 litre for $29.89 [limit of 2] so very tempted even though I could wait for the next tempting deal.
  5. campbeam

    Blowing white smoke

    Certainly expected that the combination of new oil and a few consecutive days of travelling 800kms on open highway would give the engine a good internal clean. It was surprising because I thought that I had already thoroughly de-sludged the engine and there has been no white smoke on start up for many months. Definitely agree that the preferred option is the removal of the front valve cover for a thorough clean and the sump removed if you want to check the oil pick up screen is not blocked. For my own hard-headed reasons of not wanting to disturb the engine, I deliberately chose the option of multiple oil and filter cartridge changes.
  6. campbeam

    Blowing white smoke

    Recently completed my annual interstate trip of approx. 4500 kms in 2 weeks. Unpleasantly surprised/embarassed when my 2006 Aurion output a significant white smoke screen when doing an overtaking on the open highway. Quick temporary solution was to unbolt the PCV valve from the valve cover and plug the bolt hole with a rolled up piece of Chux material. Part of the trip preparation was an oil change with full synthetic 5W-30 and a new oil filter cartridge. Last Sunday, I undid the oil filter cartridge housing to check the condition of the filter cartridge. Very surprised at how much oil sludge particles were in the housing and the filter cartridge. This was the most sludge particles ever over the last 2 years that I have been de-sludging the engine with regular oil and filter cartridge changes rather than removing and cleaning the oil channels in the valve cover. It appears to me that full synthetic oil is more effective at de-sludging an engine than semi-synthetic and mineral based engine oils.
  7. campbeam


    Interesting what you find when you do a Google search for engine recall and faulty valve springs. I was not expecting to find the following article about Toyota.
  8. I have my own "biased" opinions about both low mileage and high mileage vehicles. Consider the service life of the various components in the drive train, the suspension and steering etc. A potential worst case scenario is having to replace the engine, transmission, drive shafts and wheel bearings during the next 12-24 months. If that prospect has not deterred you, then consider further about the purchase.
  9. campbeam

    Weird idle phenomena??

    I reckon that it is sheer coincidence. My 1998 Camry 4 cylinder was idling fine at a set of trsffic lights after a 60km trip of mainly highway driving then would not idle after stopping at the next set of traffic lights after just 2kms. Solution ended up being to clean the throttle body and idle air control valve which had not been done since new after about 150,000 kms. Those items are now on my annual maintenance list for all of my cars.
  10. campbeam

    Different wheels and a bullbar on a 2011 Hilux

    I would be more inclined to consider fitting a nudge bar instead of a bull bar. It certainly should not make your vehicle too front heavy and give you somewhere to fit your 9" spotlights. After doing a fair bit of internet searching, my current thinking /emphasis is upon fitting the best quality known brand tyres suitable for your vehicle and driving needs. I also have an "enhanced" hip-pocket nerve so I am inclined to stay with the more readily available standard size tyre and wheel packages e.g 205/60/15, 215/60/16. If you are going to fit larger wheels and tyres, just be aware of any potential speedometer error.
  11. campbeam

    engine stalling

    I would be looking at cleaning the throttle body and the Idle Air Control [IAC] valve. Nest step would be cleaning the Mass Air Flow [MAF] sensor. Check/clean/replace the air filter. After that, I would be considering changing the automatic transmission fluid [and maybe the transmission filter] particularly if it has not been done in the last 50,000 kms. If the vehicle is also due for an oil and filter change, then also do this too.
  12. campbeam

    2007 Aurion tranmission oil change

    Also confirm that full synthetic ATF which meets the Toyota WS specification for ATF is going to be used. It will be more cost to also replace the transmission filter/strainer and have the transmission pan thoroughly cleaned. Interesting how much sludge accumulates on the pan after 11 years. Unfortunately there is one bolt on the transmission pan which is restricted by the sub-frame so it can be difficult and time-consuming to remove. Any transmossion shop that has experience with the Aurion transmission will know this.
  13. campbeam

    Rough Idle - Lack of Power

    You are the source of the problem. This is what happens when you do not perform routine maintenance. Suggest that you do the recommended routine maintenance. Have a good read of your owner's manual about what is recommended to be done at the 80,000km service interval and the next one. There is nothing rip-off/totally unnecessary in that list in my opinion. It is more a case of determining what is overdue for routine and should be done for preventative maintenance purposes.
  14. campbeam

    WTB 40 series Aurion air box

    There are a number of reported how to fixes when you do a Google search. Here is one:
  15. campbeam

    Bought a 98 camry csi v6

    Drive with very much the same goals. Learnt the hard way over the years to be patient and more considerate of other drivers. You can hope that Karma will sort out the incompetent morons, preferably with only themselves involved.