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  1. Bank 1 is for No.1 cylinder. In the Aurion, it is the rear bank closest to the firewall. Toyota Camry How do you replace a bank 1 sensor 1 A.docx
  2. 10 litre drums are ideal for 4WDs Engine Refill capacity for a Nissan Patrol is 10.5 litres. Only know this because my son mentioned that he uses 10 litres for an oil change. Engine Refill capacity for a Holden Commodore V6 is 7 litres and 6.8 litres for a similar Ford. 2x10 litres = 3 oil changes for the Aurion [plus occasional top ups, if required].
  3. I will have to keep your results in mind as a benchmark. My 13.5 year old Aurion with 218K on the odometer needs a lot more servicing to get better fuel economy. Getting all ready for an interstate trip later this year assuming QLD-NSW border will be open at that time. Oh what interesting times we are now in.
  4. Yes that SuperCheapAuto article was interesting. The voltage reading of the brake fluid explains how the brake fluid testers work. Recent learning for me was to lubricate the brake caliper sliding pins using anti-seize copper grease. Something that I had not done in the past when changing brake pads. Now that I know, it is on the maintenance list.
  5. I was looking at the tyres this morning after driving on wet roads to a car park. I noticed that the Front tyres [newer Dunlop] looked shinier than the rear tyres [older Pirelli] even though they were both tyre shined at the same time. Just thinking that the different tyre compounds can make a difference.
  6. There is theoretical and then there is real life. For Urban driving I am aiming for 10 litres/100 kms. Not saying that I always achieve it but that is the aiming point. It all comes down to how much fun I am having driving safely within the speed limits as compared to driving for fuel economy. Recently, I had the car jacked up and thought that the rear passenger brake was dragging a bit. Rear driver wheel appeared to be spinning a bit more freely. Ended up lubricating all of the brake caliper slider pins with anti-seize grease. I think that it has made a difference so it all helps with the fuel economy.
  7. Aurion has a fuel tank capacity of 70 litres. Theoretical Fuel economy of 7 litres/100 kms = 1000kms cruising range. In the real world, I have achieved 7.838 litres/100kms on a trip Brisbane to Wagga Wagga via Newell Highway. Different year, I had 11.921 litres/100kms for a return highway journey being 5065kms. Must have been more lead footed that trip or I got some incorrect fuel figures that included a mate's motorbike. Anyway check/clean the air filter, mass airflow sensor and the throttle body for good fuel economy.
  8. Maybe it is not the oil impacting acceleration. In my case, I finally discovered how to properly check and clean the mass airflow sensor MAFS. Acceleration has improved and the fuel economy has improved significantly. I currently have 5W-40 in the engine mainly because I did not have 5W-30 immediately to hand at the time.
  9. Immediate thought is to remove the bulb then use a hair dryer to blow hot/warm air into the headlight housing to dispel any water vapour. Expect that you will have to use some flexible piping. Best to do this on a dry, low humidity day.
  10. First thought was to replace the ATF but this was presumably been done recently. Another thought is to also check the ATF level. Next thought is to check connections for an overdrive/lock button. Not sure if this is applicable to your transmission but at least it is a few starting points.
  11. Guesses can be expensive. Best to do a proper diagnosis before starting to replace parts. However, I would be inclined to start by cleaning the mass airflow sensor MAF It is a regular maintenance item so worthwhile doing. Something else you can do, is to remove the O2 sensors and clean them. Tip/trick that worked for me was to use brake fluid as a penetrating fluid when removing the O2 sensors. Got that one from the internet which was presumably posted by a Toyota mechanic based upon his experience.
  12. Handy information to know/remember about the security code.
  13. Recent post is certainly pointing at the EGR cooler needing to be replaced/cleaned. These URLs may be relevant as a starting point.
  14. Alternator on my Oct. 2006 Aurion went after 207500km. Sounds like I bought from the same eBay seller back in March 2019. Supplied alternator ended up being the OEX brand Still going strong and currently getting a workout recharging a recent flat battery from my standby Aurion.