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  1. What made you buy a Camry?

    Following URL demonstrates my thoughts about car design and safety.
  2. Do you put into practice the following quote from Quora relating to a driving course? " The biggest takeaway was what they called “defensive driving”. This is about rating the driving skill of everyone around you. If someone is not driving well, get away from them. If they are too close behind, pull over. Let them go crash into someone else, or something else, just make sure you are not involved. If you’re on the highway and someone in another lane is weaving, holding inconsistent speed, etc, just floor it and get away from them." A few years ago, I had a semi-trailer tailgating me on the highway leading into Wagga Wagga. I got out of his way by changing into the oncoming lane, braking so he could pass, then changed back. Definitely know that that manouvre puzzled him for a little bit but then I was giving him the opportunity to get what he deserved; a speeding ticket. Frustrated drivers can cause accidents, better to get out of their way.
  3. What sort of tyres (245/55/19) for Kluger these days?

    What I would recommend is to only buy known quality brand tyres. My personal preference is for tyres with characteristics of a shorter braking distance, good/excellent wet weather performance and longevity. I regularly look at tyre reviews on the internet and recently saw a USA video where used tyres [possibly Michelin, maybe Perelli] having a shorter braking distance than a new tyre from a competing brand [e.g. GoodYear]. This URL may be a starting point for your own internet searches.
  4. 04 Camry 4CYL, high idle on cold start

    High idle on cold start is normal. Older vehicles used to have a manual choke, Modern vehicles have an automatic choke or equivalent functionality. After the vehicle has warmed up, the idle should drop down to normal approx. 750-800 RPM for a 4cylinder. Just started my Aurion [initial start for today], 1500 rpm with outside temperature 18C and after a minute or so dropped down to 1200 rpm. Fully expect after a few minutes of driving idle will be around 700 rpm.
  5. Toyota Camry Touring 2011

    This YouTube video will give you an idea of what to be looking for. Admittedly it is a US model Camry but it could be relevant.
  6. Toyota Camry Touring 2011

    Look for the other fuse box usually located in the cabin on the driver's side under the dash. If the fuses are OK, then look at the cigarette lighter fitting itself. Possibly a wire needs to be replaced or tightened so there is a better electrical connection.
  7. Who is waiting on there new Camry SX 2018

    While you are waiting, have a look at this YouTube video. Many happy years of motoring if you do this right.
  8. Vic. 1995 Camry $40,000 first to see will buy

    Reads like a piece of scrap. Good candidate for the scrap metal recyclers.
  9. How to check the pressure of the spare wheel

    Good idea that you want to check the tyre pressure of the spare wheel. Unpleasantly surprised that the tyre pressure of the spare for my vehicle [not a Prado] was only 18 psi Fairly sure that I would have put 36 psi in that tyre within last 6 months. Lesson learnt is to check tyre pressure before loading the boot for my next interstate trip.
  10. Toyota Kluger white smoke on cold start/heavy load

    I can highly recommend that you do action this intention. I deliberately chose not to disturb the gaskets but it has taken me about 2 years of monthly oil and filter changes plus engine flushes to de-sludge the engine so it no longer smokes on start up. What I am doing now is to clean the oil filter cartridge monthly but I do mostly short distance driving which contributes to oil sludge build up.
  11. Toyota camry fog light problem

    Not an auto electrician but is sounds to me like a short in the electrical circuit. Perhaps broken/worn wiring insulation. I would also be inspecting the fog light housing. Let the Forum know what the end solution is.
  12. So a preventative measure and peace of mind has probably "cost" you a tankful of petrol. Accident with an idiot is going to cost more plus inconvenience.
  13. The harder you accelerate, the more fuel you will use. Anyway, when you drive for a bit of fun, don't care about the fuel economy, just enjoy. Most important thing is to drive safe. Had to accelerate out of the way of an idiot driver who was not smart/patient enough to merge behind me rather than into the side of my vehicle. So much for the fuel economy.
  14. How to remove an Aurion bonnet.

    As a general rule, usually easier to disassemble than to refit. Fun part will be getting the bolts back in and adjusting the bonnet. Never removed the bonnet but I am assuming that you would have had assistance. I have replaced the struts a few times and have found having a broom handle to hold the bonnet up makes the job a lot easier.
  15. Agree, his decision. If he is looking at new or a few years old then he should be ok. I have been having a good run with Toyota for the last 25 years. Satisfied enough that I have another Toyota Aurion as backup if something drastic happens to my current Aurion.