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  1. This YouTube video makes the replacement of the rear struts look very straight forward when complete replacement struts are available. Unfortunately, we will have to disassemble the strut assembly and then reassemble.
  2. There should not be any flaring. Best to make the effort and have the Toyota dealer check the fluid level, at least. It is usually the front passenger strut that gets the most wear and damage. Your choice as to just replace the front struts. I sourced my front Sachs struts from this eBay seller in June 2020 and had quick delivery and no issues. I also contacted the seller and got combined postage.
  3. This LED pen worklight is on special as a 7 day deal for $3.99 [save$3] Batteries are included. Use these all the time when working on the car and have 1 in the car all of the time for map reading etc.
  4. Bit of a difference with a slightly lower maximum height. I noticed the metal side carry handle. Certainly did get a TOOLPRO one when they were last on special. MechPro Blue comes with a 1 year warranty. I think that TOOLPRO comes with a lifetime warranty. Bunnings has a 1600kg low profile jack for $65. There is price and there is quality.
  5. Previously noticed this 1700kg low profile trolley jack in the latest Repco catalogue for introductory price of $59. Regular price is $99 or $99.99 Ended up getting one but have yet to unpack and try it out.
  6. The glass may be loose in the holding channel because the holding rubber needs to be reseated. Nothing like a bit of silicone spray to help the reassembly process. If you end up needing some thin rubber, I would consider using a bicycle tube as a quick fix.
  7. Also check the throttle body and air filter and give them a clean. More about self control with gentle acceleration and planning ahead to reduce the amount of braking for better fuel economy.
  8. Do you have a full service history for the vehicle? If not, I would assume the worst in that servicing is overdue. I do not know on what basis you are saying that the oil is fine. Bit hard to tell just by looking at the dipstick. As well as the checks recommended by Squalled, can I suggest that you make sure that the correct oil viscosity is used when the car is serviced.
  9. Great discipline and result for the 1st quarter of tank. Overtaking and possible lead foot affect shows for the half tank. Better to overtake quickly and safely than spend too much time facing oncoming traffic. Appreciate the picture of your instrument panel. My temperature gauge sits in the same position and 2000rpm for 110kph confirms transmission is in 6th gear. You may have noticed 1800rpm for 100kph. If you want to improve your fuel economy, consider a change of the automatic transmission fluid if that has not been recently done. Let us know how you go for your next big trip.
  10. Easy way to check for loose glass would be to have the window half open then try to jiggle it a bit. Certainly have to agree that Hyundai/Kia have come a long way since their earlier years when there were a lot of quality issues and warranty claims. However, Toyota has the edge in my opinion because they continue to embrace TQM [Total Quality Management]. I learnt the hard lessons many years ago to appreciate a quality reliable vehicle. In the meantime, I have got 2 Aurions to wear out before me and my driver's license gets to the non-renewal stage.
  11. I recently noticed this used cat back system on eBay with the description: "2-1/2 into 2-1/4 cat back system; 304 ss pipe and 409 ss mufflers; All custom made; Car has been sold without " I particularly noted that the last catalytic converter has been retained. More posted for information purposes for those possibly considering changing their exhaust system. Personally, I rather like the stock standard exhaust system and have just upgraded the last catalytic converter to a 2.5" high flow 200 cpsi one. If I was prepared to have the exhaust system modified and potentially louder, I would have considered a 3" higher flow cat with 100 cpsi. Most likely option would be move the joint between the resonator and front Y pipe forward then weld the cat to the existing OEM resonator. This should then increase the exhaust flow.
  12. For cross reference purposes, there is a photo on this thread showing how the front Y pipe has been changed differently. Looks like the flex joint has also been changed to a longer length one.
  13. Your best option is to go to auto wreckers.
  14. Similar to ZZT86 I also wondered why you wanted to modify a 2018 Camry which presumably is the latest generation and still under warranty. Maybe it is more future intentions. Next question is what modifications are you considering? In these uncertain times, it makes more financial sense to focus upon owning your vehicle outright. I would recommend buying the best quality tyres for your vehicle that suit your driving style. My personal preference is for touring style tyres with excellent wet braking performance.
  15. More the recommendation of the exhaust shop owner after measuring up the exhaust pipe on either side of the existing catalytic converter. 2.5" ended up being a neater fit. Both the 2.5" and 3" catalytic converter had the same size main body diameter i.e. 4". If there had been a notable difference then I would have been more insistent upon having the 3" version fitted. For insurance purposes, my rationale is that I have not modified the exhaust, I have upgraded an existing component. It is very much the same as replacing the existing mufflers with high flow versions. The main bottlenecks are the header catalytic converters and then the merge pipe of the front Y pipe. My thinking is that by increasing the exhaust flow of the last catalytic converter, this should be a viable alternative to modifying the front Y pipe and not impact the driveability of the vehicle. Certainly enjoying the differences and I have particularly noticed that the Aurion now coasts downhill faster.