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  1. Buy

    Your question is too open ended; not specific enough. Presumably you are considering buying another vehicle but what are your specific needs e.g. family/commuter vehicle etc.
  2. Bought a 98 camry csi v6

    Drive with very much the same goals. Learnt the hard way over the years to be patient and more considerate of other drivers. You can hope that Karma will sort out the incompetent morons, preferably with only themselves involved.
  3. Bought a 98 camry csi v6

    Drive safe, drive smart. Following YouTube which I happened across yesterday demonstrates the difference.
  4. Really just guessing but I would be inclined to have a much closer look at the engine mounts. Copied the following from an internet search: The way your mechanic will test your engine mounts is by putting the car in drive or reverse, planting his foot on the brake and giving the car some gas. If a mount is broken, an observer looking in the engine compartment will actually see the engine lift up and twist. With a broken mount, we've seen an engine move as much as a foot.
  5. Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    Probably a good idea to consider upgrading the torque convertor to handle the extra KWs.
  6. Tips needed for paper filter oil change.

    I buy in bulk my oil filter cartridges on eBay using part number 04152-YZZA1 in the search term. Because I do mainly short distance driving, I change my oil and filter more often e.g. every 3 months.
  7. Tips needed for paper filter oil change.

    You could buy the special tool but I just use a 3/8" drive extension bar onto the base of the oil filter housing.!4118!AU!-1
  8. Agree. Get it done ASAP. Make sure that you mention the vibration because they may notice/suggest the possible cause.
  9. I would be inclined to check the cv joints in the drive shafts for excessive wear/movement.
  10. 2006 Presara work list

    I have also got the dash mat which helps to keep the heat off the dash. What helped for my sticky dash was repeated applications of olive oil using paper towel. Paper towel does stick to the dash in places and absorbs the olive oil before coming loose; eventually. Naturally, this creates a bit of a mess.
  11. Zr6 trd aurion DYNO

    210 KW at the wheels indicates that the engine must be producing 281 KW. This is based upon an expected 25% difference between engine and wheels. Following thread shows results of 155.18 KW for a modified Aurion [non supercharged].
  12. Engine / Power Upgrades.

    Looks like you have missed noticing this very recent thread. In my opinion, this is the most "bang for buck"modification for the Aurion that you can get done. Another recommendation on the Forum is Upgrading the rear anti-sway bar to 19mm diameter which improves the handling.
  13. Aurion performance mod.

    Have a read of the following closed thread which started in 2009. Reveals a fair bit of what has worked or not worked for other owners. Modification of the Y pipe has been a centre of attention and where the most gains are likely to be achieved. Pictures in this thread demonstrate how this has been effectively achieved at a modest cost. It also appeals to me because it is a discrete modification.
  14. Meet Lucy :)

    Nice looking mags. I am not a fan of the standard sportivo style mags so to me the change of mag wheels is a big appearance improvement. Reckon you will have to be extra careful all the time [more so than myself who has touched an occasional traffic island or kerb] so the wheels do do get any "gutter rash".
  15. I would be inclined to jack up the car and rotate each of the front wheels. Unlikely to be wheel bearings but will not hurt to check anyway. Next step would be to remove the wheels and visually inspect the brake pads and rotors. Also rotate the wheel hubs to replicate any clicking sounds. Next check would be the sway bar bushes. If you find nothing obvious at the front, then check the rear. Following thread may be of some interest.