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  1. Documentation, documentation, documentation. Stick to your guns and let the facts do their work. A great motivator for taking action is being disrespected or treated as a fool. Perhaps mention to the Boss how does he like to be treated personally and the actions of his dealership reflects upon himself. Perhaps challenge him to prove that he is the Boss and in charge to get things fixed i.e. radio and/or antenna.
  2. Forgot to mention that it is the Ironwalls brand and H7 bulbs are applicable for your Camry. Following eBay listing will give you more product details. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4-Sides-H7-LED-Headlight-Light-Bulbs-pk-HID-Halogen-200W-24000LM-6K-White-Globes/373353006313?fits=Model%3ACamry|Make%3AToyota&hash=item56ed92c4e9:g:en0AAOSwBSpftzob https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/H7-LED-Headlight-Light-Bulbs-Replace-HID-Halogen-180W-21600LM-6000K-White-Power/324092318062?fits=Model%3ACamry|Make%3AToyota&hash=item4b7568516e:g:H90AAOSwXGVe8dOL
  3. After 2 years and some refining of my oil change overkill method, I have finally stumbled upon the solution/fix for this blowing white smoke issue. As mentioned in other posts, the underlying cause is the accumulation of oil sludge in the baffles of the valve cover. The oil is not able to drain quick enough and gets sucked up via the PCV system into the intake. One option is to remove the front valve cover and thoroughly clean these oil baffles. Instead of doing this, I have been refilling the engine via the PCV opening re-using the warm engine oil then repeating the process with die
  4. Sometimes there is not much difference between comprehensive and 3rd party property insurance on older vehicles. You could also try using an insurance broker and see if they can be of some assistance.
  5. Reassuring to see Toyota in the No. 1 position for new car sales but I also look at the gap with its rivals and also best selling models. I was somewhat surprised to read this article. https://www.caradvice.com.au/930453/vfacts-mg-leads-another-surge-in-chinese-new-car-sales/ Guess a lot of buyers are voting with their wallets based upon the purchase price with little consideration for future resale value. This means potential lost current sales for Toyota but maybe future customers if they get burnt badly enough with quality, service and warranty issues. Recently I wa
  6. Very handy if you can post some pictures of the end wiring connections. It will be greatly appreciated.
  7. There are a few recent posts about STEDI products for upgrading the T10 parking and reversing lights plus LED light bars. Not sure if the member also upgraded their headlight bulbs. My Aurion has projector type low beam headlights and I have fitted these LED bulbs from a China supplier. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/H11-4-Sides-LED-Headlight-Low-Beam-Globe-Bulb-for-Toyota-RAV4-06-18-Aurion-06-12/324163761700 They perform the same as high performance halogen bulbs, put out a nice white light and are long lasting [50,000 hours]. I have had these fitted for many months and so impress
  8. Latest Repco catalogue has Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 5Litre for $22 [1/2 Price]. Because their website is currently unavailable, there was this notice " Here's a 10% off* coupon, use 10OFF at checkout, expires in 24 hours. " Expect that that will only apply for online orders today, Thursday 4th March 2021.
  9. Just noticed the email from Repco for their latest catalogue featuring the Mechpro Blue 1700kg Low Profile Trolley Jack for $59. Clicked on the link to go to the Repso website which is down for maintenance. Good news is " Here's a 10% off* coupon, use 10OFF at checkout, expires in 24 hours. " so I expect that this will only apply for today Thursday, 4th March 2021.
  10. What exactly are you say "Yes" to. A more detailed specific reply will be helpful. Personally I am terrible at misinterpreting statements unless they are very specific.
  11. Thank you for the feedback. One of the reasons for being active on the Forum is that you learn and re-learn a lot of useful things. Hopefully, the tow fee was not too much. Last time that I needed a tow was because I did not follow through with my back up plan of having a spare battery. Another one of life's lessons of not to assume that all was well. Toyota Dealer should certainly be able clear the error codes. A mechanic with a professional OBDII scanner is more likely to be able to clear those error codes than my basic low cost scanner.
  12. I am going to disagree that that is normal. When reversing did you notice any wheel spin? This would explain why the VSC warning light. Certainly sounds like the shift has locked and will need to be released. https://carfromjapan.com/article/driving-tips/shift-lock-release-use/ Also support what Tony has posted about checking the trailer wiring and plug. Please post back any developments. Helps the Forum and provides feedback upon what ended up being the cause and the solution.
  13. Lets say 25 oil changes with additional flushes and oil filter cartridges. Approximate total cost being $1100 over 5.5 years. Normal oil changes [with diesel flush] every 6 months = 11 = $450. Extra costs for de-sludging = $650. Costs are reduced because I have been using non-genuine filters [$3-$4] and oil was bought on special usually at 40-50% discount. Also oil being used changed from mineral to semi-synthetic to full synthetic. In hindsight, would have been quicker and cheaper to remove and clean the front valve cover plus also remove the engine pan and clean the oil pump.
  14. Hopefully you have already seen this YouTube video by Tha Car Nut. He says that he is a Toyota Master Technician and located in Chicago USA.. He gives some very good afvice and well worth your time to view most of his videos.
  15. All that drive train maintenance with regular fluid changes is paying off. "Sludgy" gave me a nice thrill on Saturday before the oil change with lots of torque going from 60kph to 80kph on the highway. Now waiting for the next road trip to see if she has got all of her zip back just like 2017.

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