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  1. Excellent that you have achieved the sound that you have wanted. Nothing unusual for me to be skeptical so always nice to be proven wrong again. I was certainly expecting more drone with the removal of the resonator. Looks like the recently replaced rear resonators/mufflers are able to deal with/eliminate the expected extra drone. Interested to read a follow up on whether you have noticed any change with more torque at lower rpm or in the higher rpm range.
  2. Another Repco weekend sale ending Sunday 9th May which includes 30% off transmission fluid and also coolant.
  3. I have been thinking about the synergy benefits for Tesla and Toyota. Tesla excells with software and adopting new manufacturing processes while Toyota excells in producing a quality reliable product. Following video gives some insights that Tesla is having upon Ford EV.
  4. Following video [not exactly the most detailed] indicates that the job should be straight forward. Your swear counter should be less than her's.
  5. I have now viewed this video a few times. Puts a lot of current developments into perspective.
  6. After looking at this video, I have a better appreciation of the sustainability of recycling and why it will be so essential in future years for the supply chain.
  7. When I am cleaning and being a bit OCD [i.e. putting in the extra effort for better results], I am thinking of Tony. She is a beast, engaged self-propel and she took off very smartly. It will be a brisk walk around the yard. Yes, they are cup holders between the handles. Doubt if they will get much use while mowing. Probably need the 2 cans while cleaning the car. 😄😄
  8. So much easier to maintain the coating so that is what I will be doing.
  9. My new mechanical girlfriend got delivered Friday afternoon. Gross weight of 45kgs is a bit more than expected. Assembly was done on the weekend. Before adding the oil and petrol, I gave it a detail. Something that I would not have even thought about doing before joining this Forum and reading Tony's posts. Have to admire his OCD. Started with a 9H ceramic coating for the underneath of the chassis, the grass catcher and then the rest of the mower. Following day, I applied P&S Beadmaker all over as a top coat. All of this simple to do detailing should make any future cleaning very
  10. I viewed a YouTube video about BYD in which Toyota was mentioned about being a "licensed" user of their electric vehicle platform. Now just viewed this following YouTube video. Looks like Toyota is making a lot of strategic survival partnerships foe EV manufacture. For Tesla, it looks like a potential foothold into the Japanese auto market to increase production volume and achieve further economies of scale to reduce production costs.
  11. It has been superceded by the RE004. https://tiresvote.com/articles/bridgestone-potenza-adrenalin-re004/
  12. Hopefully you have at least 17" rims. https://www.michelin.com.au/auto/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4
  13. Only noise that I have noticed when accelerating hard is the engine intake. How complete is the service history of your AT-X and how many kms on the odometer? Has the Automatic Transmission Fluid been changed? Regular oil and filter changes using a quality engine oil, preferably a full synthetic is essential.
  14. Welcome to the Forum. There a lots of recent posts for Aurion maintenance. You should be able to locate these threads using the Forum search functionality as well as a Google search.
  15. I would recommend that you email Toyota Australia Customer Service. Definitely keep a record/copy of the email reply. Always handy to have documentation.

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