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  1. To which, I would reply "Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill". Something to consider as we are busy enjoying driving our Aurions, obeying the road rules and going safely about our journey. Unfortunately, not too much driving this weekend being in lockdown.
  2. Another Repco weekend sale ending Sunday 1st August includes 30% off transmission fluid and other specialty fluids. Price is $36.40 for 4 litres of Penrite ATF LV.
  3. Another YouTube video by Auto Expert, John Cadogan. This time he is giving "Stumpo" a bit of a roasting with facts about RON vs dubious advice/opinion/thoughts. Sulphur content is well explained.
  4. Thank you for the laugh. Exactly why I do not let anyone drive my Aurion, especially the girlfriend. Reckon she would have the engine redlining if she drive it like her Yaris. Plenty of experiences and learnings in your post. Certainly agree with your comment that extended service schedules set the car up for failure. Admittedly biased but I keep finding more evidence/support for the old school approach of an oil/filter change every 5000 kms if you want to have engine reliability and longevity.
  5. This YouTube video is doing a tear down of a common Hyundai/Kia engine. Early commentary is enlightening about the expected longevity. Will have to watch the rest of this video later.
  6. Just came across this YouTube video. I did like how he explained the oil analysis and the significance of each item. After looking at the colour of the used oil, it looks too used for my liking from a DIY perspective.
  7. I find this latest YouTube video interesting and somewhat unexpected. I was thinking that the US Govt would be trying to shut out Chinese EVs from the American market for a number of political and economic reasons. What is surprising is this relatively unknown Chinese brand being the supplier for this US EV import company. It will be interesting to see how well this vehicle does in the demanding US market, in particular the overall build quality. This is because I am thinking of a recent review in Australia of a Haval SUV and overall rating of 5/10 because of build quality and driveability.
  8. As we all know, the Australian built Aurion has been replaced by the Camry V6 made in Japan from 2018 on. Unfortunately, the Camry V6 has recently been discontinued for Australia. The 2GR-FE engine in the Aurions was replaced in the Camry V6 by the 2GR-FKS engine which has both port and direct injection. Following video by The Car Nut outlines the differences between the 2 engines. Certainly have to agree with his concerns about using plastic components in the cooling system on the 2GR-FKS engine. At some stage these plastic components are going to have to be replaced, presumably after the warranty has expired.
  9. Good to know that you were on the right track. I had the exact opposite issue with the IAC valve on my 1998 Camry. It would not idle without accelerator and this was after running very nicely for that Sunday drive. In 10+ years of ownership and about 150,000 kms, I had never known to clean the throttle body and IAC valve. A few Google searches got me on the right track and now I clean the throttle body and IAC valve regularly on my current vehicles.
  10. Totally agree. Similar results when I changed the 3rd catalytic convertor. Definitely no droning noise etc. which is exactly what I want.
  11. I cannot recall having this experience. Immediate thoughts are to check the engine and transmission mounts and to change the transmission fluid if this has not yet been done. I have just viewed this YouTube video by The Car Nut where he is recommending a drain pan change of the ATF every 60,000 miles or 6 years for Toyota Trucks; presumably larger SUVs etc.
  12. I recall another post from a Hilux owner where he cleaned the earth connection which may have been a grounding point for the wiring harness inside the cabin.
  13. That is 2 experienced guys with teamwork moving along to try and get close to the 15 minute mark. They must have done lots of dashboard replacements to know exactly what needed to be done without any reference to instructions. I am guessing that the fellow sitting down is the dealership's master technician. All is well until something goes wrong.
  14. What I particularly noted from the pictures of the sump was the position of the drain plug. Just thinking that there would still be a fair bit of oil left in the pan after draining. Possibly less residual oil if you were using ramps so away from the horizontal angle. Have a read of this thread. It should give you a few thoughts for when doing your next oil change. https://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/57994-oil-change-overkill/page/4/#comments
  15. Welcome to the Forum. As you have done your research then you already know that Toyota is the acknowledged leader in hybrid technology. Liked the cosmetic changes with the extra chrome and the blacked out badges which will contrast nicely against the white paintwork. Excellent choice in my opinion as a transitional vehicle until full electric vehicles have further developed and prices are more finely tuned to take over the mass market from ICE vehicles. Hope you got some money left over to spoil yourself with a nice pair of shiny new black leather boots. Can't let the new car get all of the attention. 😁 Please keep us updated with your experiences of owning your 1st Toyota.

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