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  1. In short, this is what I obtained from the Toyota Aurion Service Manual in the "Transmission" section Vehicle does not move in any forward and reverse positions. 1. Valve body assembly AX-181 2. Torque converter clutch AX-239 If you have the inclination and time, Perhaps do a fluid flush and inspect your transmission fluid. There's plenty of info on that here. Remove the strainer and see if there is any metal material in there and also in the drain pan. There are two magnets in the pan ready to catch any metallic bits. The transmission was probably already on the way out and you may have just helped it into another dimension. TRD's weren't purchased by old ladies if you know what I mean. If you don't have time to do any of the above, I'd seriously have it flat bedded over to a Highly Qualified Toyota Dealer for a thorough analysis. These modern cars are very sophisticated and really needs a qualified Technician who knows what he's looking at. I hope you didn't pay that guy who gave you the C1201 code.. I wish you best of luck mate. let us know how you go.
  2. Forum diagnosis' can be tricky deyrick, especially when or if you have an electronic or mechanical issue or both. If you have another car you can use, get yourself a service manual and familiarise yourself with it and check the basics first. It is strange how you have no check engine light or any other warning lights, which leads me to think that it could be a mechanical issue the computer can't see. Who scanned it for you ? What scanner did they use ? Did they try to clear the code/s ? Too many variables here I'm afraid. If you've read the links provived by Ashley and this hasn't worked, then maybe it's time for a qualifed mechanic to inspect it. Quick one. When you say it feels like It's in Neutral when engaging Drive, does it make any kind of whining sound from the drive train ? Any unusual noise ? You need to be more specific.
  3. Does your car have "Check VSC System" on your instrument cluster ? What about check engine light ? Are there any warning lights indicating at all ? C1201 code can be many things and not just one specific item. This is the problem with decoding. You will end up shot gunning the parts process an be nowhere close to fixing the issue. For eg. This link talks about several things not even remotely related to your car and yet it discusses C1201. My experience with electronic glitches is always check the wiring integrity. Check ALL the wiring plugs are mated correctly around the engine and I mean everything. get under the car too and take a look under there also. Check the wiring to the transmission. ( don't ask me where it all is, just take a look). Sometimes wiring can come apart or even moisture ingress and corrosion sets in. Maybe your reverse donuts ( I'm just picturing this in my mind too,... so funny) has managed to shake part of the wiring loose from your hooliganism. If it's something controlling the transmission then it will make sense it feeling like it's in neutral. It may not be communicating. Worse case. Take it to Toyota and have them scan it with their equipment.
  4. I was wondering what temprature the Factory actually used when determining the fluid level. The range being between 40 & 45 degrees C. I wonder if the 5 degree difference actually does anything for accuracy. I'm thinking not, but I'm just curious if the factory had a magic number. Has anyone actually performed a fluid level check BEFORE draining, say, the day before ? My understanding is that the draining of the fluid must be done at around 20 degrees ambient so one must not do this if they car has been driven. I'm at work right now and today was supposed to be the day I do this... Hopefully next weekend.
  5. Watching Brian May of Queen on you tube, delivering his Covid - 19 message. What a great man ! Listening to while writing this..
  6. Very nice Big Mike ! 👍 Glad you enjoyed the trip and made it back safely. If it were a four cylinder, I seriously doubt it would even come close to those figures. I was always confident it would be light on fuel. Toyota built a magnificent engine in the 2GRFE. I love my Aurion !! Let it be our little secret lol...
  7. No problem. I suspect though that just clearing codes wont fix a pre existing condition. If there is a hardware issue then the code will keep getting thrown up. You may be lucky enough to have someone near you who can hook up to your OBD II and see what's going on. It will be a good starting point. Regards Tony
  8. Sometimes a crazy, hairy, large human should be enough to scare anyone off !!😂
  9. If you go to the bottom of you post on the left of screen, you'll see [+ quote edit] When you click edit, scroll right down to the end of your post and your attachments will be split across the bottom. Each file will have the bin icon in the bottom right corner when you hover over each one it will highlight the word "delete". Simply delete and then "save" your changes.
  10. I'm in Sydney, otherwise i could've helped you myself. I invested in one recently so I can do all my cars. Modern cars, it's become a necessity unfortunately. If I were you I'd look into buying one for yourself, that way you can avoid having to pay someone. You can get decent ones for a couple hundred dollars. Shop around.
  11. Repco have a sale on for Penrite ATF LV guys !! $36.39 for 4LT. I ordered 2. I also found a vendor on ebay for the service kit inc. filter, but I don't think I'll use the filter if the original is ok. I can clean it as it's a metal strainer apparently. I have to postpone my transmission service until next week end due to the Covid -19 situation. We have some projects to get through with setting up the HVAC serving the wards at the hospital, so looks like Saturday and maybe Sunday too. If not Sunday, then I'll tackle it, but it may not be.. Interesting times.
  12. Give her some TLC mate. She may forgive you someday lol.. Hope to hear back from you soon. Take care and stay safe Deyrick.
  13. You nailed it Ashley. My Aurion always gives me a sense of satifaction when I drive it, which is not that often as it's my wife's daily. On the freeway runs it's a Boss car when you need to overtake. The power delivery is effortless and smooth. I like to fly under the radar too. For me, It's the perfect family car. Unpretentious, reliable, comfortable, smooth and best of all, It's fast when you need it to be.
  14. Hi guys. Would I be correct that this procedure would also be the same for the 50 series ? Sounds like a real PITA job.. Just to replace headlight globes !! Sheesh, I never knew.