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  1. Need help

    Or you can try this quality product.
  2. Front Rotors/pads

    Why did you deaden the car ? Does it have too much road noise coming through ? Did it make any difference? Where did you buy the deadening material ?
  3. Thanks for the info there Gents. Much appreciated
  4. Nice. Thanks Ash. How long are they supposed to last and where is the best place to find them price wise ? If my original plugs are still in top shape should I not worry about replacing even though the service Gods tell you that you must ?
  5. Hey Gents. When are you guys replacing your plugs and what brand would you recommend? According to the service book it calls for replacement at 80 or 90,000 kays If I recall. I just did an oil service over the weekend and forgot to check at least one plug. Not that it runs badly. Still starts and runs beautifully. I'm sure the original Factory plugs are good for much more that 90,000 kays yes ?
  6. Aurion Engine Mounts differences?

    This is very interesting. I cannot offer any advice as I've never had to deal with this as such. If you don't get a response here, try calling a local Toyota dealer and let them earn their keep. Hopefully someone will chime in, but if not, can you let us know how you get on ?
  7. Replacing Side Parking Light Bulbs

    Hey Ash, Looks like you're going to be the Pioneer in this department mate. I've never heard of or seen this update except for blue LEDs being fitted to the bottom of the interiror B pillar for effect.
  8. My Woodgrain Trim

    Ebay is a wash with just the kind of thing your looking for. Ebay search.. carbon fibre vinyl wrap.. You'll be bombarded with choice.
  9. Door actuator fault

    Issues like this are difficult to assist with unless a fellow member has had to deal with a similar issue like yours. It seems like a pretty rare occurrence to have the door actuator play up. Are you sure it's a mechanical issue ? Could be something electrical ?? Does it have smart lock ?
  10. Parking Assistance - Front Sensor

    You'd think all these gadgets would come standard across the board. Sheesh ! Toyota always skimping on the minor detail. Another example is the lack of USB ports. You have to buy the more expensive model to get an extra "1" USB. ! What a load of B.S. Still love my Aurion, but the small things can bother me.
  11. need more power please

    The Aurion isn't the right car for such modifications. Front wheel drive is the 1st let down when you have excessive H.P. Waste of money too. I'd sell it and do up something rear wheel drive like an XR6. The Aurion is nice as it is in stock form I reckon.
  12. Trd aurion boost gauge

    Hi Adam, I'm not performance oriented these days but have you considered asking a few performance/custom shops ? I doubt you'll get much info from here as there aren't too many TRD owners let alone the knowledge base to answer such a question. Let us know how you get along. Cheers mate
  13. 'Screech' When Turning

    Put some fresh Michelin Primacy tyres on it and see how beautiful it drives. Good to see to came to your senses ditching the Commodore. You made a wise choice buying the Toyota. The 40 series does have its share of minor issues but nothing compared to the Holdens.You probably know about these already.
  14. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    I'd never buy "Brand New". it is prudent to wait a couple of years to take advantage of depreciation and snare a low Klm vehicle at practically half the original price. That's what I did. I got my Aurion Prodigy with 40K on the odo at half what the original buyer paid for it.
  15. 2017 Toyota Aurion - Rough ride?

    Over inflated tyres may contribute to the so called harsh ride scenario. Just my 2 cents