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  1. Normally leather doesn't come away like that without some form of human intervention, but you are fortunate in that there is a solution. Have a look online and you'll find a multitude of leather repair tutorials, videos and repair kits. Take your pick.
  2. Another thing comes to mind just thinking a bit more. Is it possible your transmission could be short of fluid perhaps and slipping. I'd look into when and if the trasnmission has ever been serviced too. Could be bad fluid or low on fluid. This aside, the 2GR does have quite substantial torque so breaking traction is pretty easy to do, especially it being a front wheel drive car.
  3. Plenty enough I reckon too. The CQuartz is like the icing on the cake. Keeping it clean is so much easier when it has a decent sealant on it. That's good to know for the generic range because it can be a crap shoot from the junk that comes from China. Some people are reporting various issues with software, functionality and even radio reception. How frustrating that would have to be and the people who make these junkers could care less. If I had the time, inclination and money, I'd invest in a name brand for total peace of mind. Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer are the pick of the bunch. I purchased the Techstream system from an ebay seller and got stiffed. He turned out to be a crook. Paid for it, sent me a fake tracking number and never heard from him after a few messages and never saw the item. That was around 6 months ago or more now. He's a guy who operates out of Israel, ships from China and went by the name of 'feldman'. Got the old lip service for a short time then poooft, then he took the vow of silence.The dirty dog has most likely started a new user account as I can't find him under that name anymore. Ah the joy of Ebay.
  4. A bit unusual having Toyota sticker the rocker cover for each tranny designation. Does this also mean that the rocker covers differ for both manual and auto transmission cars ?
  5. Car looks great. Will look even better with a professional paint correction/detail. Have you decided on the price yet ??
  6. It's possible you've shorted a fuse somewhere whilst you were in there. Did you have the power on when you were wiring it up ? Check all the fuses in your car. Not sure which fuse would be responsible for the issue at hand, but I'm sure you've popped something.
  7. Unfortunately there is no option to fix the screens. Once it's damaged, that's it and you'll just have to replace the whole head unit. As Robert mentioned, I'd chase a replacement unit from the used market.
  8. I had just got home that afternoon and sat down at my desk when I heard the first few bangs. Then I looked outside and see hail coming down and thought NOOOOO !!!!. Not only was I was worried about my Colorado but the two skylights I have on my roof. The rear of the Colorado was protruding from the side wall of our house and the stones were coming in a Westerly direction. I cringed for the longest five minutes as I helplessly watched and waited for it to pass. I watched the Colorado get hammered by the hail and then as the hail stopped, we had a period of torrential rain. My thoughts then turned to my Aurion. Turns out my wife was on her way home and was caught up in it too. It got hammered by the hail and she was a little worried about my reaction when she told me about it. I couldn't bear to look at either car that afternoon, so I waited till the morning for the bad news. I just had this sinking feeling that they both sustained some kind of damage. I was getting ready to call my insurance too.. Upon checking both cars thoroughly, you would not believe it, neither car had a single ding despite the stones being quite sizeable. Wow, what a massive relief. The Gods were watching over me somehow, because I just knew it was going to be bad from the way the stones were striking. Then I had a thought.. Perhaps the slick coating may have had something to do with it, not sure, but there were reports of cars that got damaged. How my cars survived is nothing short of a miracle. Trust it to happen while I have my carport under construction too. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. 🙄 So now the cars are both covered in dust spots and need a decent wash. Hopefully next weekend.
  9. Looks like you're breaking traction at a section of road which has a low tack surface. Asphalt can be slippery, both dry or wet, depending on its surface. The smoother it is the worse it will be, especially on an incline. There's nothing wrong with your car. It's just reacting to a bad road surface that's all. Another thing to remember is that when your tyres get older, they get harder and will lose grip too. I guarantee you that if you put new tyres on, that issue will disappear.
  10. It's a lot of hard work, but the results do speak for themselves. Dark colours do make you work for it though. Don't bother chasing those deeper scratches, as you know, it will only compromise the clear coat further than you need to. If you can't get it to a decent stage by the second cut, I'd be more inclined to leave it and just go to a finishing compound. It will still present better than most cars you will see anyway. Give it a decent sealant and future marring will be mitigated, if you wash it carefully. Car looks so much better. Thanks for the update.
  11. A good run is what it needed. Good to see the detergents going to work. Colour is fine.
  12. Pretty bold styling. Not sure why they placed a gutter right in the middel of the bonnet though. Looks very odd. A bonnet buldge would've looked much better. I imagine it drove really nice. No more V8 eh ? Are they V6 now ?
  13. It makes me laugh too mate ! 😄
  14. Turbo diesel ? If so, has the turbo been checked ? Could have an intermittent leaky oil seal perhaps ??
  15. Hello Jeff and welcome to the forum. Saw your post on the cooling fan failure. I wonder if Toyota have offered you a courtesy car while this warranty issue is being sorted. If not, then you should be.

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