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  1. Sounds good to me J. Try not to let it go beyond the 10K mark as you may know these engines are prone to sludging up and it will have you chasing your tail trying to de-sludge it. Oil is pretty cheap, especially when it goes on sale at the various outlets we announce here, so even doing it twice a year wouldn't be a bad idea. For someone who only clocks 10K per year, can I ask if your doing short trips ?? If you are I would definitely do it twice a year to be honest. It's not uncommon to do the oil every 5K.
  2. The seller is reputable and I trust him so I really had no doubt these would be Genuine Parts. I suspect yours are still in transit. You should have a tracking number Bertil. Any idea when yours will arrive ? I'm thinking of getting another lot and stock right up.
  3. Hey, Nice work Matt. I love how the switch fits perfectly in the blank spot. It looks factory. I did notice it uses a simple molex plug connector. If you have time, get yourself some heat shrink tubing and do both halves to keep moisture and dirt out. The corrosion will create a high resistance and will make the alternator work harder as the current demand goes up. They should've added the heat shrink with the kit to be honest as modern car electrics need to be sealed due to the complexity with on board computer monitoring systems etc. Don't know what they were thinking. I'd even send them a message and inform them and they may do an upgrade. This would've been ok on 70's or 80's cars but definitely not for a modern car. By the way, heat shrink is usually 2:1 ratio.
  4. I have yet to use my existing stock of Penrite ATF lol.. I should make a plan to do my tranny service real soon. At 120K it is still driving perfectly to be honest and I am actually looking forward to seeing the condition of the fluid when I drop it.
  5. I have in the past purchased Ryco and discovered that Genuine Parts can be had for the same money or cheaper if you were willing to look. I spend a lot of time on Ebay and during the course of my research it brings me to find bargains just like the above mentioned. I paid $107 for a ten pack, with shipping and tax and for $10 a pop that more than half what the stealership asks. They ask around $25 - $28 each ! So would you pay $10 for a Genuine Part or a lesser non Genuine Part ? I feel that Genuine parts just work better and using the same oil is as cheap mixing them, which I don't like doing either. I stock up with Nulon and just keep using this.
  6. As with anything, if there's a market that can be exploited, it most likely will be and counterfeit service items such as air filters, oil filters and the like are top of the tree items. I always like to think I'm buying a Genuine Toyota product when searching the internet sellers and if you don't know what to look for then you will most likely end up with a fake. There are several videos on youtube that can illustrate the finite detail to help us all become aware of the crooked practices of many crook companies. Things to look out for are poor print quality, mis spelled words, colour, packaging to name a few. The holographic sticker can also be faked but the fakes are sometimes just a silver foil. I received my recent order of 10 x oil filters from a seller in the U.S ( it was still cheaper buying from him than any dealer here) and I can honestly say I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. I have one Genuine Oil Filter left in my stock to compare to and it looks practically identical. Mind you, this particular batch was intended for the U.S. market and hence will have some print differences which include Lexus and French descriptions. Also, to my knowledge, only Genuine filters have "Toyota" and the part number printed inside one leaf of the filter media. I seriously doubt the fake manufacture would be bothered to include this. Imagine the logistics just to have this done ? Mine also came as a set of ten in the original Toyota shipping box, so this also gives me confidence they are genuine. Here are a few pics of mine received. The 2nd last picture has a very good warning on it too
  7. No problem Big Mike. It's not really that big a job. It just looks that way.
  8. A decent mechanic could do the whole job in around an hour. Then you'll have to get the front end re aligned.
  9. Hi all. This is a Four part training seminar put together by Matt Moreman of Obsessed Garage. He attended this some time back and was granted permission to film it which was pretty nice of them too. Yvan Lacroix is a Legend of the detailing industry and has been in the game since the 70's where he worked for Dupont. The science and chemistry behind these products is amazing and I dare say game changing too. I hope you all find these videos as interesting as I did. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  10. I've been down with the flu over the last few days so I haven't been able to do much detailing. I did, however, come across another Fantastic video on the subject of rinseless / waterless wash products which I thought everyone would appreciate. Here's the latest video from The Forensic Detailing Channel where Jon puts several products to the test including ONR. He explains everything very well in my opinion.
  11. Haha yeah, he does have that look. A Guru of a different kind lol.
  12. Great news Robert. It can't be said often enough that the 2GR-FE needs regular oil changes to keep it from sludging, especially if the car does plenty of short trips. Using a high quality full synthetic oil is good medicine. These engines have tight tolerances, especially the VVTI mechanism, which needs clean, sludge free oil, to enable the advance/retard action of the cams. That mechanics advice about the timing chain being stretched was very poor. When oil specials come about they are usually posted here on the forum, so you can grab a bargain like we tend to do. All the best mate
  13. I doubt anyone here has done such a thing Matt. My way of thinking on such a thing would be to look for a spot where the bit you mount it too, can be easily replaced. If such an install requires holes to be drilled and you ever need to remove it, you don't want unsightly holes in your dash. Just looking at the 40 series dash layout, I can see a spot just above the ashtray lid. I suspect that part is removable and if it's not too large, it could well be a good spot. Not sure if your car has the rear blind feature too. I have seen various types available, not sure which one you have though.
  14. Haha, I was just looking at this just this afternoon before leaving work. There are nice tool specials on too which I've saved to cart..
  15. It's great value at $59. The SCA ToolPRO one I purchased a little while ago was the same money but it's rated at 1600kg. I don't think there's much difference to be honest. Still excellent value nonetheless Ash. Did you also get a ToolPRO one too ?