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  1. That's pretty much my oil service schedule Big Mike. It usually takes around 6 months for my car to do roughly 8 -10 kays so it is in fact two oil services per year. Nulon 5w-30 has always been my oil of choice. Fully synthetic too of course, and will transition over to the Penrite because of the higher Zinc content. Like you said, Oil isn't that expensive, especially when you have several opportunities during the year to take advantage of the specials that pop up. Ashley and myself chime in when possible to alert you all when said specials are upon us and to take advantage. I've got enough oil for 4 services so I'll refrain from purchasing until another year or so and top up my stock then.
  2. Wow ! Expensive owning a Patrol. For the Aurion you would have to buy another 10 litre to make it work, but it gets expensive if it's not on special. Holden and Ford owners would have to buy bulk too.
  3. I've been on Primacy LCs and found them to be excellent all round. They are especially quiet too. I am also considering going to the 4's next like you Big Mike.
  4. I've never really used any fuel additives and would be interested to see if the claims stand up Ash. My thinking is that the fuel delivered to the injectors is already filtered and the need for injector cleaner would be counterintuitive. Not sure really.
  5. I'd say there wouldn't be all that much demand for stickers on that model vehicle. If it were a Landcruiser there are many options. Perhaps you could go to a Toyota dealership and see if they have anything in their archives. This is all I can think of unless you can approach someone with the same model vehicle and ask to grab a photo of theirs. I know it's frustrating but I wish you well in this search.
  6. It would be better if the manufacturers made them in sizes that help us. The price for the 10L is great but you'll still be short that litre or two so you'll end up having to spend more to save. Kind of defeats the purpose and is very frustrating. 10lt drums are a waste for most. Why don't they market a 12lt for example I wonder ??
  7. Super Cheap are having a 40% off sale on their Gulf Western and Shell brand oils among other things till the 15th July. Fluids %26 Filters&prefn2=srgBrand&prefv2=Shell|Gulf Western&j=4495011&sfmc_sub=822401467&sub=206595815_SCA01_CRP&l=333_HTML&u=92940769&mid=6010680&jb=1358&utm_source=email-subscriber&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=au-sca-2021-wk02-7dd#main
  8. Yep, and it's not necessary either. You have to apply the power in a linear fashion, especially front wheel drive cars.
  9. Yes Ashley, very important and something that can be done relatively quickly while you have it apart. I applied the bendix grease if you recall a while back when I did my fronts. That reminds me, I have to inspect my front pads again soon as they are getting close to the end. FYI
  10. I totally agree. If you have a sympathetic right foot and drive gently, especially taking off, great economy can be had. The V6 has a beautiful, silky smooth nature to it and you don't need to bury your foot to get it going. Just a gentle tap and it's off. Let the torque do the rest.
  11. The Super Cheap Auto article was very interesting. I wasn't aware of the Galvanic reaction measured on volts. I'll have to try this too. Thanks Bertil. ( Lord Bug. Haha love that Moniker )
  12. Nice one Big Mike. There's nothing better than a refreshed brake system. Regarding the dust, I have the same problem at present with the bendix pads, which is why I have the Remsa pads ready to go when my Bendix are ready for replacement. The beauty of the Remsa pads is that they don't produce much dust at all and perform as good if not better than the Bendix.
  13. Hey BigMike, could the cruise control be contributing to your diminished fuel economy ? I never use it to be honest.
  14. Hey Adrian, sorry to hear you had to go through all that, but at least it's fixed now and should be good for a very long time. I did suspect the alternator and am a little bit surprised it had failed on a 2013 car. It's not really that old either. Perhaps some contamination had entered the alternator ? When I wash my engine bay I always cover mine with a plastic bag to keep it dry, not to say that this is what occurred in your case. Just saying. Is it possible that the alternator can ingest moisture when driving through rain ?. Not sure how much of it would be subject to the incoming air stream nor have I inspected mine after having driven in rainy conditions. Maybe the lacquer on the windings was a little thin in some spots or the reg just gave up. How much did you pay for a replacement alternator ? Did you get a new one or 2nd hand ?