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  1. Haha Ash, we must be telepathic. I watched this same video yesterday morning. Stumpo got a royal roasting Cadogan style.
  2. You would be correct. They don't form part of the actual exhaust. They are purely cosmetic and if you do happen to look underneath, you will see the tailpipe centrally mounted just inside this vent. The tailpipe doesn't make contact with it.
  3. My honest opinion is that I've never ever considered anything other than a Toyota for everyday use vehicles. Even if I was given a non Toyota car for free, I'd sell it then buy a Toyota
  4. Nah, it's actually Habibi's famous line from Fat Pizza.
  5. Hahaha, that is hillarious. A simple switch would've been so much simpler. Imagine someone watching you do this. They'd think you could have some kind of mental condition 😄
  6. Haha, I watched that very video just this morning then I see it posted here. Interesting changes to the FKS but I'm not a fan of plastic, especially where there is heat generated. Is it a case of monkey see, monkey do ? Who knows, and why someone thinks plastic is better for cooling systems is beyond me. More maintenance parts needed in a time when they really shouldn't be. Will using aluminium cripple a company ? I tend to think not. I'm happy to stick with my 2GR-FE thanks very much.
  7. It's going to be really interesting to see how the American public and the world in general will react to the importation of Chinese EV cars after what the CCP have done crippling world economies with their Covid virus. There may be political and economic backlash as you mentioned Ash. I'm starting to think that the electric viking also has a vested interest in EVs as he is dead set on the annihilation of ICE vehicles.
  8. Great result Paul. Nice DIY work and thanks for updating us.
  9. You need to have the codes scanned as the warning lights don't really tell you much. There could be a multitude of issues going on or just one. Scanners are pretty cheap these days if you don't already have one, I'd highly recommend it.
  10. All Toyota parts are pretty stupid expensive. I have made a few enquires through Toyota recently for parts seldom seen on ebay and they will leave you with a face like this
  11. Haha yeah. I just checked again and I think you're right. Good catch !!
  12. Chances are you most likely won't find a decent set mainly due to the age of the car now and limited units sold I guess. If you are planning to keep the car long term, I'd invest in brand new genuine lights. I was able to purchase a brand new Genuine set for my Aurion ( I never mentioned it here yet) but I did try looking for a long while for a decent pair, but all the ones I came across were crap. At the moment I am getting away with periodic polishing, but there will come a time when they will become too funky and I will swap them out.
  13. Hahaha, here's another one from the Genius gene pool

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