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  1. I would hazard a guess that the design was pretty much to differentiate it from the Camry. Front and rear end styling not to mention the interior. I would say the Aurion was a High end Camry with a V6.
  2. The Aurion was definitely long overdue given the drab and predictable Avalon it replaced. Not to diminish the Avalon, my father had a 2000 model and It was a nice car to drive but looked very plain. He has since upgraded to a 2015 model Aurion and loves it. To those who were thinking that Toyota would also entertain RWD or even AWD on the "New aurion" were sadly mistaken.
  3. I came across this interesting article and thought to pass it on to inform those who are current owners or those looking to buy.
  4. It happens sometimes I guess where the mechanic ( or should I say Technician...) wasn't paying attention during service and may have not put something back right. I'd contact the service department as the work should have warranty. Only deal is you have to waste more of your time...
  5. So they seriously think we'd buy a Toyota because he's driving them ?
  6. It's essentially the same car with different make up on.
  7. I agree with you Ash. The best fuel saving measure is sensible driving. I think it was the O.P's attempt at levity.
  8. I don't understand how a condenser gets blocked if it's a sealed system. Condenser tubing is around 3/8" in diameter so it would take a hell of a lot of gunky stuff to block that ! Gunk inside a refrigeration system just doesn't form on it's own without the help of human intervention, I can assure you. My only guess would be that the car has had front end damage repaired at some point and some sloppy panel shop guy left the system open and exposed to atmosphere. Not only does Air-moisture then enter, the potential for other contaminants too. I would have replaced the filter/drier and then a deep vacuum would be absolutely necessary prior to re charging. If a system isn't properly vacuumed then the moisture will ice up at the TX valve ( severely choking off the evaporator) causing the liquid refrigerant to back up in the high side. That would be an explanation for the high side pressures being so high.
  9. So if you specify TRD engine mounts you get charged twice the amount or thereabouts even though all Aurions have the same mount ? I seriously can't expect the TRD to have anything flash over a stock car. The engine has more power sure, but not enough to tear engine mounts..
  10. I've put my foot in it assuming you were a man . Sorry and thanks for clearing that up. I had no idea. Anyway, looks like you've done a great job with the interior. The seats look like new ! I love your fighting spirit. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll get it sorted eventually. It's gonna take time but we're sure you'll get there. Keep us posted
  11. Mate, I'd just like to say how sorry I am for your predicament. I'd hate to have to deal with such a mammoth issue like this. You're a braver man than most. Damn water, once it gets in it's hard to completely get out without issues. It's just not water alone, but the sediments that come with it and other pollutants. The dash has a maze of wiring and all that inside the engine bay. You'll probably need to strip it back further and do more decontamination. Dash included. This car needs to dry out for a long time for those areas not accessible. I'd put a heater blower device inside the cabin and shut the doors to help dry it out much quicker and more effectively. You may need the services of a good auto electrician if you get stuck. Not a good sign when you have burning smell after applying power. Some components have shorted. All the best to you. Hope you get it sorted.
  12. Or you can try this quality product.
  13. Why did you deaden the car ? Does it have too much road noise coming through ? Did it make any difference? Where did you buy the deadening material ?
  14. Nice. Thanks Ash. How long are they supposed to last and where is the best place to find them price wise ? If my original plugs are still in top shape should I not worry about replacing even though the service Gods tell you that you must ?