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  1. I had to get new clips for the 2016 RAV4 i put a dashcam in also, if its anything like that then those weren't too bad to replace, and there was two clips (one top, one bottom) holding the cover on instead of one. About $10 each from memory from the dealer.
  2. Got the same thing to replace on my car as a result of dashcam installation.... I have lost the new clip I bought but if I remember correctly it has spring loaded tabs on either side that hold it to the frame of the car. So not sure how you go from there.
  3. Have gotten into the habit of using a paint marker to mark bolts when i torque them, i find that makes it easy to see at a glance whether a bolt has backed itself out
  4. House of Cards is excellent. Chernobyl, The Pacific, Band of Brothers.... among the best TV series out there
  5. I had a look at the 50 series parts catalogue the other day, i didn't see the fuel filter listed as a standalone component like it is on the 40 series. Possibly it is only supplied as part of a larger assembly which might be why its so expensive from Toyota. Not sure. I am not familiar enough with the 40 vs 50 fuel system differences 🙂
  6. Front mount is vacuum controlled, if you follow the lines they go back to the air intake. I wouldn't think that would be much of a problem
  7. Haha yep I know! No idea what the difference is either, they seem to have the same speed rating and everything
  8. 245/35/19, just had a quick look - Round about $840 NZD each. Cheapest I found the PS4 was $560.00 each
  9. Yes, I've ordered multiple parts off them. No problems with any of them. And actually the front strut mounts I ordered from them had Toyota Australia stock movement labels on them. The fuel filter i got from them has been in my car I think since beginning of this year, still performing flawlessly. Dealers just whack massive mark ups on everything
  10. oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, etc better off going genuine :) My genuine filter cost $60 nzd plus shipping from Partsouq
  11. I have RE003s on my car at the moment, thinking of moving to Michelin PS4s next
  12. I'm averaging 14.5L/100km at the moment 🤣
  13. Hopefully its not overtorqued. Its only ever been serviced at the dealer since it was new Its the 2.0L 4 cyl CVT. No V6 was offered on the RAV4 after the 2011 model year as far as I know (in the USA)
  14. I had a look under our 2016 RAV4. Yep, it has the plastic housing lol. Why oh why.... Just had its last free service too.