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  1. I'm averaging 14.5L/100km at the moment 🤣
  2. Hopefully its not overtorqued. Its only ever been serviced at the dealer since it was new Its the 2.0L 4 cyl CVT. No V6 was offered on the RAV4 after the 2011 model year as far as I know (in the USA)
  3. I had a look under our 2016 RAV4. Yep, it has the plastic housing lol. Why oh why.... Just had its last free service too.
  4. On some Toyota models they actually use a plastic version of that same housing. Now imagine getting that off
  5. They're about $950 AUD each. Also I'm not sure if they'll sell any TRD parts without a TRD VIN provided. I could be wrong though
  6. TRD Aurion wheels were still available from TMCA as of a few months ago, I have one still in its box. Part number is 42611-YWQ02. Those are the silver wheels for the SL
  7. I was also hesitant about putting DOT4 in my car, but the manual calls for the brake fluid to meet SAE Standard J1703, which Castrol DOT4 does (the one i used). My rotors are due for replacement too (below spec) so going to put DBA rotors and Brembo pads in.
  8. I remove my centre caps before the car goes in for anything. For this reason. And remove my wheels at home if its just needing new tyres.
  9. That thing must be on there seriously tight!! If you have an impact gun... That would probably break it loose pretty easily. With the cap wrench on the end. Or a really long breaker bar. Someone way over torqued my drain plug at some point and fixed it with a helicoil. And it all came out in pieces when I went to put the plug back in. So, I replaced the entire sump pan. Wasn't fun....
  10. The housing should never be difficult to remove. I have a $20 cap wrench from ebay that fits on the end of a 3/8 ratchet, does the job every time without issue. Definitely should not require the use of a breaker bar to get loose. Tighten the housing until its snug. Thats all you need.
  11. I have had the same Galaxy S6 for the last five years 🤣
  12. You can buy these pretty cheaply online, they come in bags of 10
  13. A 2014 should be using a SD card based navigation system. I can't see that taking an hour ??