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  1. pretty sure those are just fake tacked on vents, the real exhaust pipes are under the bumper. Least, thats what Audi, mercedes and every other euro manufacturer seems to be doing nowadays
  2. Torque spec for the TRD is the same as it is for a regular Aurion, that sort of surprised me
  3. Aurion specific service manual can be downloaded from the Toyota Australia manuals website for a fee. Think its because by law they have to make these available to workshops Otherwise, the American V6 Camry service manual is freely available on the web and is mechanically very similar to the Aurion one save for cosmetic differences etc. But that being said, I think you'll have to take it in to Toyota or someone with the equipment to read the error codes that is logged in the AC module....
  4. although i guess i should clarify, you won't have a problem seeing that screw when the headlight is not in the car. You just can't access it when its mounted, hence why they provide the access hole to adjust the low beam.
  5. Don't try looking for the low beam screw, you won't find it You need to push a long philips head screw driver down through and turn the hidden screw to adjust.
  6. I believe this indicates a diagnostics code for the AC system. There will be an explanation of it in the service manual
  7. Am starting to see more reports of people being turned down for free dash replacements now though. Think the goodwill period is over
  8. BV has just released the DR750X Plus with supposedly an improved image sensor, could be worth checking out? Yeah headlights are great, aussie Stedi LEDs 🙂
  9. i would guess that playing around with the exposure/white balance in the camera settings might improve it a bit, but headlight glare is something all dashcams would struggle with to some degree id say. Fortunately I've not needed any night time footage yet, but...
  10. Yeah I think its to do with Blackvue using a coaxial cable for the rear cam rather than a traditional power/signal cable as Viofo does i uploaded a clip from my drive home, i think up close detail is pretty good but its just fast moving objects where detail suffers a bit. But with that being said, I do believe the 1080p 60fps model has the edge over the 4K version in terms of low light detail
  11. Yep they come with a hardwire kit, parking mode power comes from the main vehicle battery and you can change the voltage/time settings from within the blackvue app. There is no separate "box" like say with the Viofo hardwire kit which you've then got to climb under the dash to adjust if you ever want to change the settings. You can also connect the X series cameras battery wire to a standalone battery (Cellink Neo etc) as well if you don't want to use the main vehicle battery for parking mode.
  12. DR750X-2CH, love it. Upgraded from a Viofo A129 which gave me nothing but trouble and majorly interfered with my FM reception. Video quality is great and have no trouble making out license plates with the 60fps. Also the usual cloud functionality is good. Installation is pretty straightforward as well. They are expensive but its definitely a quality unit. Free shipping from Blackvue 🙂 Also helps that the 750X and 900X have voltage monitoring built in, don't need a power magic pro to keep it from flattening your battery
  13. Indeed, not a bad idea at all. There is a new firmware update so perhaps they might have, heres hoping... settings only allow the G sensor sensitivity to be adjusted along three axes, ive turned the side to side axis to about halfway. No power magic pro, the X series have voltage monitoring built in

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