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  1. need more power please

    or buy a TRD
  2. need more power please

    I think you'll find its not easy to get more power out of an Aurion, and what power you can get, is generally not worth the time/cost.
  3. Sticky Dashboard?

    So lets just say you were out of the ten year period, how much would a replacement dash set you back?
  4. 70L Fuel tank capacity?

    Yes Toyotas are well known for generous empty light indications. How long were you running with the light on for?
  5. Sticky Dashboard?

    Do the TRD Aurions suffer from the same issue?
  6. Has anyone tried the Android based Tesla style headunits? Such as this one: Especially curious as to how it would work with the manual AC controls in the SX6/3500S/ATX
  7. 2005 Vitz 1.3 with ABS light

    I didn't mean I was going to, I'm just looking for somewhere to start. Might take the maf sensor off and give it a clean
  8. The ABS light is constantly coming on shortly after driving a few hundred meters, I plugged in my code reader and it throws up three codes: P1100, P0000 and P0000. A quick google shows P1100 is the barometric pressure sensor acting up, should I replace the ECM? Has anyone had experience with this issue? Thanks
  9. 10 inches of water?? That seems pretty high
  10. I believe it refers to the rubber seals around the bottom of the window that keep the weather out when closed
  11. Aurion grande in Aurion TRD

    Might want to be careful, I've heard carmate have a pretty patchy reputation for quality
  12. Buying TRD Aurion

    I've seen your car a few times around, very nice man :)
  13. Does your local dealer not have them?
  14. Sorry if the title is a bit wordy, wasn't sure how else to put it. Anyway, is it possible to fit the facelifted XV40 sportivo front bumper, headlights and tail lights to the pre facelift sportivos?