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  1. it happened to me 2x in the lifetime of owning the camry id just replace them, doesnt take too long nor is it difficult. btw Australian versions have xv36 body code.. acv36r (4cyl) / mcv36r (v6) xv30 is the american camrys, incase you start looking for parts and they dont fit
  2. gonna have to check that, just in case the new corollas are 5x100 stud pattern.. i have a set for you to try on if you wanna test fit
  3. if the offset is above +35 and running 0 negative camber you most likely will get your guards rolled
  4. just confirming, what year is the camry ? 02-04 - are gen 5 (or pre faces) 05-06 - are gen 5.5 (or facelifts)
  5. i agree, they both have the same shape 02-04 (altise) Chrome housing 02-04 (sportivo) Black housing 05-06 (sportivo black housing) 05-06 (altise) chrome housing
  6. yes there is, if you got the funds for them
  7. ive changed mine once.. thats part is correct.. cant remember as ive done it a long time ago.. but i think there are clips/bolts that are holding them, to access it, you have to take off the rear rotor as the handbrake shoe is located inside there
  8. im not sure if the zre152 is the same, but brides have some rails for them
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    sadly Australian Models will not have any upgrades on the head units. Others upgrade their systems due to this toyota flaw of having outdated units
  10. Its possible, but knowing genuwine toyota parts usually will cost you an arm and a leg, iirc back then a TRD Kappa wheel costed $1000+ Ea brand new have a look a wreckers as theyd usually buy written off cars, and if the wheels are still good, theyd sell them
  11. not the same one, but its black, and i think black looks cool :]
  12. 02-04 have the same headlights - the sportivo version just has a black housing - the 05-06 on the other hand has the indicator bulbs switched from outside to inside and the parkers have been separated No, theyre directly under the highbeam bulbs -
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    John Wallis

    Yes you can, sometimes ive learnt that with cars .. you gotta have patience, trying to find shortcuts will end up usually costing more time
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    i think you just have to yank them out, they seem to be held together with clips
  15. the wires will have to go under the ceiling for it to be hidden doable just bridge off original wiring - dont forget to take off the negative on the battery before you start working on electrics as a safety precaution
  16. bump - price drop ! on OZ racing prodrives - $1500 TRD Kappas - $900 oem camry sportivo wheels sold !
  17. Looks like they're held on by bolts, could be DIY-able
  18. try resetting the ECU first - which is unplugging the negative terminal of your battery, wait for 15-20 mins, then return the negative terminal back. Start car - check if its still blinking
  19. vmax have a look at as well, theyre based in qld and very helpfu;
  20. my mistake you are correct, stainless steel is thinner, lighter and the materials made are stronger than mild steel.
  21. yes stainless steel sounds better than mild... also stainless steel is thicker than mild.. soo if lets say for example you hit something the chances of something piercing through stainless is less also as for mandrel bends, think about a bendy straw vs a non bendy straw... what will happen when you try and bend the tubing in both situations ? how does the air flow when it comes to the bends ? thats going to have some rasps, look for something that has bends inside the muffler Resonators only move the sound to to a different rev range (or change the sound reverb) - volume will be same
  22. 2.25"-2.5" would be more ideal for your setup it will pretty much be replacing most of the piping from the headers. Its probably a flex pipe (bendy pipe between headers and cat) Image below shows an exhaust "system" - (full exhausts systems go from headers all the way to mufflers) (some systems only go from the catalytic converter to the muffler or - cat back systems for short) sorry i think i misunderstood you initially.. the term " straight pipe " refers to literally a pipe going straight from headers(exhaust manifold in above diagram) to the muffler (some may not even have a muffler) .. the cat (catalytic converter) is there for emissions, and the muffler muffles the sound, resonators (not resignators) are also used to reduce drone.
  23. Z423 - we actually share the same filter from the camry 😛 Rotors and Pads i usually get online - been using these guys for years not sure if you guys in NSW have somthing local that stores all of em.. i mean like us in VIC we have Importmonster, OTR etc aww MCAs dont make? haha i didnt really check , wonder what the difference would be? i used to also run BC .. with 4/2 spring rates before i upgraded to FAs a year later with 12/12 spring rates. (Considering there was a $200 difference in price back then i shouldve just gone straight to FA,) FA still more comfortable even with stiffer spring rates, i was told the valvings make all the difference.