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  1. Last Post: March 2012 Last Login: June 2012 Chances are you wont get a reply, but feel free to browse the rest of the forum for some information. Corolla Page:
  2. chuck it on top of your car and see if it will fit... or whether there are mounting points that are able to go on your car... no stupid questions here, ive heard of silvia s14 spoilers fitting on my model camrys 🙊
  3. 70% tyre profile vs 55% tyre profile the more profile you have the more comfortable the car is through bumps
  4. Qfm A1rm + Hankook Rs-4 235/45/17 Nugget Nationals Exe Track Day 2019 Times as per Natsoft: 2:22.6630 2:13.3660 1:58.9960 1:56.2490 1:56.0510 2:02.3260 1:53.4550 1:52.0880 1:55.3410 10 1:54.8600 1:56.0970 1:50.4390 1:53.1360 1:51.2690 1:51.3250 2:07.6020 2:13.2910 2:10.2830 1:57.2960 1:54.2370 1:52.5870 1:51.5120 1:50.8620 1:52.9720 1:50.2260 30 1:49.9740 1:48.7380 1:52.5240 1:51.1060 1:55.7740 1:48.8690 1:56.7100 1:51.1570 1:53.5530 Beautiful cool cloudy day at winton, with no rain in sight, Finally broke into the 1:50 mark and beat it by two seconds a few sessions later. With a1rms back on the car, my confidence on braking at the 25/50m mark came back. Learnt more on gearing through corners, and putting foot down earlier, room for improvement to break pb next track day Thanks for looking !
  5. try out these guys, they have a store in cranbourne, they arent cheap, but they are car audio specialists
  6. Welcome ! Currently still using the front strut bar from Ultra Racing as one of my first few mods in 2012, fairly straight forward to install as there are two bolts per side.
  7. try shaving some bits of plastic off the grill
  8. +1 for good tyres, combo them with good brake pads as well Maintain good levels of fluids, id also suggest a rear sway bar and replace all bushes to polyurethane Happy Modding !
  9. id go 2.5" with no cat, and for your muffler - to reduce rasp, make sure your muffler has bends inside rather than a straight through muffler, maybe even get a bee-r revlimiter ? haha setup i have atm is 2.5" stainless steel with mandrel bends, 100cel cat and a (sized as close to oem) straight through muffler (also have intake and headers) i get some crackles if i let off around 3000rpm and some pops sometimes when i shift 😛 - its droney sitting on 2900 on the fwy, i guess a resonator would fix it -its raspy because of the straight through muffler choice
  10. +1 on checking bearings could be also worn bushes
  11. does the fan still blow on lowest setting ? and do you mean not blowing cold air ? -check if a/c needs to be regassed
  12. 17's cheaper than 19's imo no experience with 4x4s sorry, however you try hilux/navara dedicated forums best of luck !
  13. +1 for gates im using it for the camry right now
  14. ive experienced the same thing a week ago on a warm humid day. when i ran a/con max fan speed, it started to do the same and then blink.. then stopped blowing cold air... a few minutes after i decided to use the 3/4 fan speed... it was consistent.. but then the temperatures started to rise. so i stopped using a/c ive been advised to rebleed the radiator with heater on as there may be air bubbles
  15. wow ! you guys have good oil usage ! ive used the 20w50 for about a year or so (and change every 5000kms) , as my engine has high mileage. ive noticed that i burn the same amount as zains camry at 1500 =\ .. so now i change every 3000kms .. high mileage life 😧 (engine has done 310,xxx kms)
  17. 5w30 10w30 15w40 20w50 the one you are using now is fine.