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  1. they are both GEN 5 At lunchtime yesterday I managed to change ONLY the l/h parklight on the Altise, took me about 3/4 hour. On a hoist I had to remove the wheel & most of the guard liner. Then "tuck" myself up under the guard & while holding a pen-light in my mouth had, to "snake" my arm up thru a maze of cables & bracketry, but did finally manage to reach the parklight bulb socket and finally change the globe to an LED one. When the scratches on my arm heal :) and I mentally recover I will attempt to change the r/h one
  2. No, the Altise & Sportivo have same shape headlight but different globe position layout. the Sportivo parklights are next to the grille & the Altise parklights are on the exact opposite end of the headlight I have been told that they are Altise park light globes can be changed by removing the inner wheel arch guard liner to access the parklight bulb socket
  3. Hi, I have just purchased a 2004 Altise, auto, white, 150,000 km. My question is does the headlight have to be removed to replace the parklight globes ? the are easy to replace on my 2003 Sportivo which has a different style of headlight any answers ?
  4. Hi, On my 2003 Camry Sportivo, some of the illumination lights are not working on the heater/air con control unit, I am told that the globes are not available and that you have to buy a complete control unit assembly Is this correct? Thanks for any ideas or suggestions Bruce
  5. Hi, how do I change the heater control dial globes on a 2003 Camry 4 cyl ? I am told the air cond control panel is a complete unit and globes are not seperate. Thanks Bruce
  6. Hi All I have found that the noise is louder in cold conditions, less noticable in hot conditions, therefore the 'lube' is harder when cold and softer when hot, also I have degreased around the top of the steering rack where the shaft goes into it, there is a seal in this area that I am told was replaced on some vehicles under warranty, but takes a long time to replace, i.e. the steering rack has to come out, try degeasing around this area, then when dry, lubricate slightly, this worked for me Regards Bruce
  7. Hi I am looking for a moulded boot tray to suit 2003 Camry Sportivo, please contact me on 0408284050 or email Thanks Bruce
  8. Hi 2003 Camry Sportivo ACV36R, can anyone tell me where the pollen/cabin filter is located ?
  9. Hi, I have a 2003 Camry Sportivo ACV36R 4cyl Auto, there is a strange "squish" / "squeak" noise as I turn from around the steering wheel/column area, I am sure it is inside and not from under the bonnet area. I have sprayed WD40 between the steering wheel and horn contact area, also on the rubber boot area where the shaft goes thru the firewall Any ideas ???? Thanks Bruce
  10. Thanks mr2 all you say is correct, I cannot believe that there is not an alternative remote which you can replace the battery in, The $$$ are not really a problem just the inconvenience of having to buy a new remote whereas you can keep a spare battery in your glovebox, We have Australia's best automotive locksmith in our area so I am seeing him tomorrow, will advise of any news Thanks Bruce
  11. Thanks Jeffbro, but can I purchase a non genuine remote anywhere for less money that you can change the battery in Regards Bruce
  12. Hi I have just purchased a 2003 Camry Sportivo, 129,000Km, One of the remote door lock pads has stopped working and I have found out that you cannot replace the battery inside, the only way is to buy a new remote from Toyota fro around $100 and program it. Is there an after-market alternatine available with which you change the battery at a later date? Any ideas ? Please let me know Regards Bruce Jamison
  13. Welcome to the Toyota forums BRUCE JAMISON :)