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  1. Nice one Preston, keep her well oiled with fresh oil and she'll give another 300k
  2. Hi Mandy I have had something similar on a Nissan, no lights and no power. Does it make any unusual noises when putting your foot down? Pinking noise, whooshing or hissing noises? I take it you have had a code reader plugged in? Wondering if the MAF sensor is reading air intake incorrectly, giving this a clean with isopropyl would be beneficial anyway, but these usually these throw a light and go in to limp mode. You LC has not gone in to limp mode? can you build up speed with it? Also have you checked the car when the iginition is on that the CEL light actually works?
  3. The software has changed quite a bit since the old days so this may of changed. I can tweak things. The only restriction we would need is video as these can gobble up a server in no time.
  4. Problem with direct links are if photo sites like imgur if they go out of business or dissallow remote sharing then it will break the links rendering your thread useless. Always encourage uploading here, guarantee the images will never break. We have plenty of space. If you have any issues with uploading multiple images then let me know, i can look into it.
  5. hi mate, yes uploading here is best practice as like photobucket when they screwed things up for users all the images on the forums broke. If its uploaded here then we will make sure they don't get lost. cheers
  6. Hi mate Thanks for your message. BBCode is no longer supported as it's being phased out. Are you linking images from another site?
  7. this video does not work. please upload to youtube then add here.
  8. welcome to the club James :)
  9. give it a try now mate, i have upped the limits, if not then let me know, flick me a PM
  10. This new section is for the new Toyota C-HR. Even not launched yet, it would be good to see what you guys like about the looks of the new C-HR so, what do you think?
  11. You cannot go wrong with a celsior. Very reliable. Only issue i can remember is maybe the dash lights and the odometer being faulty. I think. I had to delve into my brain archives :)
  12. Welcome to the Toyota forums swerve :)

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