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  1. My '06 Toyota Aurion SX6 Sportivo

  2. Aurion floor mats

    Are you able to post any real-life pics of the ones you've fitted to your Aurion?
  3. My '06 Aurion Sportivo SX6

    This is my 2006 Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6. I've always been a fan of these cars ever since they came out, and I decided to buy one in May 2015. I bought it with the 18" TRD Kappa wheels fitted as pictured, but the upgrades started the second day of ownership. For a full list of mods/upgrades please see my build thread: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/51519-my-06-toyota-aurion-sx6-sportivo/
  4. My '06 Toyota Aurion SX6 Sportivo

  5. Water Transfer Printing

    Wrapped the centre console and engine cover in glossy 4D carbon fibre wrap. Cost was only about $12 and a few hours of my time.
  6. Water Transfer Printing

    Hard throttle is my stage name . But yes, hydrographic printing is a wonderful thing. I wrapped my console in a glossy carbon fibre vinyl, but hydrographic printing would have been even better. You just have to be sure the person doing it is experienced enough not to stuff it up.
  7. My '06 Toyota Aurion SX6 Sportivo

    Haha, that's the spirit!! :D Well, it's been a week so far and the splitter is still there, without any real damage. I've scraped it on a bunch of entrances etc, despite being extremely careful and taking extreme angles wherever possible, but so far so good. The goal of making it to at least a month could well be achievable, but time will tell ;) Obligatory victory shot:
  8. My '06 Toyota Aurion SX6 Sportivo

    Washed it and then chucked this front splitter on today. I bought it from the US 7-months ago, and it has sat in the garage while I've been deciding whether to put it on as the front bumper already scrapes on a daily basis. I decided to throw caution to the wind however and this is the result. The EZ Lip I had already fitted is still there (except now sits flat), which provides a decent contrast between the bumper and splitter. I can't see this thing lasting more than a month before getting destroyed by a driveway or speed bump to be honest, but it beats sitting there collecting dust.
  9. My first car - Aurion Presara GSV40R 2010

    Mmm, liquid metal - Almost sounds as good as it looks . Welcome to the forums mate
  10. Oil leak Aurion 2007

    That's a shame. There's a piece of foam along the side of the VVTi line, so what likely would have happened as it would have leaked into that until it couldn't absorb any more, then dripped down through the engine bay until it hit the concrete and pooled up. Probably a good thing as you could have quite easily driven away the following morning. My VVTi line blew in a similar fashion, and then a month later the front oil cooler hoses blew too. $520 sounds steep, should only be a couple of hundred at the most. Make sure that whoever you get to do it uses the FULL metal VVTi line, NOT a rubber one.
  11. OXYGEN SENSOR - High petrol consumption

    What sort of fuel consumption are you getting? And what sort of driving are you doing? (eg. 40% highway, 60% city).
  12. Oil leak Aurion 2007

    If it's either of the oil lines (VVTi or oil cooler lines) they only leak when under pressure (when the engine is running). It doesn't take long for the oil to squirt out at an extremely fast rate though, so if you left the car running for a minute or so when you got home that would definitely explain the puddle underneath and the lack of oil in the engine. If it randomly leaked out overnight however then it could be something else, such as a leaking seal or cracked sump, but the oil lines are the most common to go, so it's more than likely what's happened.
  13. Sportive Steering Wheel Swap on to Presara

    Yes it's possible, but no it's not plug-and-play. Refer to this active thread which discusses the exact same thing: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/54838-gsv50r-steering-wheel-on-a-gsv40r/
  14. At-x front bumper for prodigy 2007

    Yep, you can just redrill the holes in the bumper for the sensors. They are held in with small spring type clips that are actually part of the sensor itself.
  15. My '06 Toyota Aurion SX6 Sportivo

    Thanks mate. She's been a work in progress but it's been fun keep this thread updated. As time as goes on, things are slowing down as I run out of things to do to it, but it gives me more time to enjoy the car instead of constantly working on it or thinking about 'what's next'. Looking forward to getting our cars together sometime for a shoot. Now that would be quite something