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  1. Repco also has an oil special going on now, 30% off various 10L oil. https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/c/1862918079?q=%3Arelevance%3A1862918079%2F1926767971%3A10.0&text=&mkt_tok=NzI3LUJRRi04NjQAAAF8YnWj3TX8OFxdm8ldCdtiI72UutS4zxsSkuNxl3Uoxp7tf2l3g3cQu47IPKuSTEjCNDG2_jbW6a3FUQTxwwYDkN-yv3Pq3wze9fni2fnY#&cid=email-2021_04_12_Aprilcatalogue If you an ignition member you also receive a further 10% off I believe. This also applies site wide for items not on sale.
  2. This is something I've needed for a while that's for sure. Definitely going to invest in one of these before my next service!
  3. Very very lucky I am, I have a great bunch of mates and we all help each other when we can but these mates definitely help me a lot more especially with tyre needs and what not. I may not need the stands since my mate actually mentioned if I need a rotation I can take it to their shop after I finish work and they can quickly do it 🙂 It's only a slightly longer trip to get there but well worth the time saved in having to do it at home. It really is! I definitely don't want to do another set, no matter how much someone would offer me to do it, never again! 😂 After the first I reall
  4. I've seen a lot of great things about the PPE 2ZZ MR-S swap header. Other than that, you'd have to go a custom set which would likely be a lot more pricey but with the current exchange rate with the USD, it could end up costing the same.
  5. Minor update Happy to report after a rather cooler night that my passenger side headlight has no more condensation inside! After checking before sunrise this morning, all of the moisture was on the outside.
  6. Yeah good point, I mean I probably won't change anything anytime soon and MAF is still connected but if there's an issue with it I guess it won't have a serious impact.
  7. So last Friday after the horrid weather that battered NSW and QLD, the newest addition has been basically finished. For some time, I've had the V-Manage and was planning to run an E-Manage with it to compliment the adjusted VVT and lift with the appropriate fueling and timing to match. After a few hiccups and a bit of a discussion, I eventually went down different route. This had been in the pipeline for some time and I wasn't entirely sure on occasions if I should but I thought why not. A sample image here but, I've now moved onto an Adaptronic E420D ECU, which has all the features
  8. Had a super late night doing some new modifications, a new post will come with further details later on once everything is completed 100%. For the moment the car is still running and drivable but does need a little tidying up and some checks as not everything with this mod is 100% perfect as of yet. Anyway onto the main update for the moment. While Alec was doing my engine mounts he noticed that my front tyres were quite worn, in particular my driver side tyre had some serious camber wear and was likely going to have wires popping through at any point. My passenger side tyre worn but no w
  9. Only way to find out is if you take the valve cover off and inspect the head. With those mods, I'm highly doubtful it would make 174kw atw let alone N/A. Most I've seen one make on a high reading dyno was 147kw and that was with MWR Stage 3 cams, upgraded valves and valve springs along with all the supporting mods around it along with an aftermarket ECU and tune.
  10. So after a few weeks of subpar weather, being busy most weekends and giving plenty of time for them set properly, well and truly I have finally made the biggest exterior change for a long time. Here are the lights that I had modified and fitted about 3 years ago in their current state. The lenses are in poor condition with a whole heap of cracking on both lenses on the inside and outside along with a horrible seal job that I completed at the time. What a difference a day of hard work and a bit of coin makes! The new ones were originally how I wanted the
  11. Huge difference man. Shifting feels a lot more direct and has a lot less of the "sloppy" feel from the rubber bushings. It's honestly a night and day difference, a really worth while mod. If you going through MWR, I'd highly suggest getting the shifter base bushings also. I installed them on mine before the cable bushings and both of them combined make for awesome shifts and shift feel. https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product/mwr-shifter-base-bushings-toyota-celicamr2-scorollamatrixvibe/
  12. Hey mate, you can go for the first set. I went for the same set and just had them recently installed on my car. No issues so far. Alternatively, you can also use ABEC-5 skateboard bearings also which will yield the same results as far as I know.
  13. Minor update. Looked into the recommendations provided from @Tony Prodigy and after having previous experience with some, in particular Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic, and reading/watching reviews of all the products, I opted for the Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray to apply to my headlights. Seeing as it was on sale and I had some store credit for SCA, I ended up getting it cheaper than listed. As soon as I got home I applied the first coat to both the headlights following the instructions on the bottle. It was simple and easy to apply and had no real downfalls that I've notice
  14. Thanks a lot Tony. You read my thoughts exactly, I have seen plenty of threads on the UK Toyota forums as they can the mounts a lot easier than anyone in Australia can but I haven't really seen a complete write up of them anywhere so I thought why not. It's an excellent product and BRD deserve the extra business if people come across the thread 🙂
  15. G'Day TOCA, Recently installed the BRD engine mounts (front and rear only) in my Corolla Sportivo and thought I'd make a separate thread with what's required, my opinions etc. Before I begin, for further information on BRD or their products, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Brooks.BRD or https://www.brooks-brd.co.uk/index.html. Before I begin, if you are unsure of how to complete this work on your own (like myself 😝) please consult a mechanic. Installation/Modification Unlike the Speed Source engine mount inserts commonly used (my previous setup before BRD), these inserts

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