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  1. Hi All, Selling on behalf of a mate but please feel free to shoot me a PM if you are genuinely interested. Reason parts of for sale is the car has now been sold and are no longer needed. All items are able to be shipped and are ready to ship for the buyer. All parts are located in Western Sydney Item #1 - Used BRD Engine Mounts - Yellow (Racing) Price: $200 + $15 shipping Used for <2000 kms, great upgrade over stock rubber mounts if you're looking for a stiffer setup, this is more ideal for track use over a daily driver. Example of the mounts in pictures. This is for 1 set of the yellow mounts (front & rear only) and will required modification to fit them. Item #2 - Used Runx Tail Lights Price: $350 shipped Genuine JDM Runx lights. Nice upgrade over the Australian delivered lights with the 4 brake light setup and over all cleaner and meaner look. Plug and play for 03/04 model Corolla's, a custom harness is required for 05+ face life models. Photo on another car added for an example. Any questions, shoot me PM. Thank you.
  2. Update time. So after many months of having it sitting around I've finally managed to get a new part painted and installed. I've had it for quite some time but have honestly been lazy and even forgotten that I had it. Later last year, Alec ordered a wing from Europe for his car. He got for a reasonable price and had a contact that had another one available and for the price, I jumped on it. 2 weeks later, it was in Australia. This is a genuine TTE spoiler used on the European model Corolla's. It incorporates a wing tip style that's molded in and a lot more subtle and clean than the C-One wing tips that many have fitted in past. You can probably see that the colour is a bit off to our silver here, believe it or not this is the PFL silver/grey used over Europe and when putting it next to my car it looks completely different. After at least 9-10 months of letting it sit I finally started getting quotes for getting it colour matched and after a 2 week wait, I had it back and I was more than happy with the job. The day I got it back it decided to rain for most of the day so I waited until the rain had cleared to install it. Removing the stock spoiler was quite a pain by myself. After removing the 3 bolts you really need to give it a good wiggle and some force to get it off and once I had some help it came off in no time. Toyota being Toyota decided the TTE spoiler needed to have 1mm smaller threads and also have only 2 instead of 3 compared to our normal spoilers. I got a large washer and bolted it all together as tight as possible before putting everything back together. One major draw back of the TTE spoiler is that you will need to get an interior center brake light and trim and the spoiler doesn't have one built in so that is next on the to find and install list. Really happy with the colour match and fitment. It really changes the look of the car for something that is quite subtle and really adds some aggressiveness to the rear and side profile. The following weekend the car was due for a wash after all the rain and I am holding off putting any sort of sealant while the paint is still fairly new. I still have plenty left to do before I can finally just enjoy the car for what it is and maintain it. I really need to re-do the headlights before the end of the year as my poor seal job has really shown with the recent rain so hopefully I'll have that done soon and even better than the current ones. Stay tuned.
  3. Hi Steve, my mate did this one for me and he did use a grinding disk to cut it open, there are a few different ways it can be done. As for the sealant, he used a black silicone that's used sealing things like oil pans since it's fuel and oil resistant. I have run this same setup for some time now and have not had any leak issues.
  4. Focus on handling and braking. Look into a good set of pads and discs as a first upgrade along with change if it's needed. Than look into some new rims and tyres, something wider is usually better but don't go too big in rim size as it could end up making it handle worse or even slower to accelerate due to the larger rolling diameter. While look for rims, make sure you find the size you'd like so you can look into what tyres are available to fit seeing as tyres will play a major roll in improving the handling. Also look into suspension upgrades whether it's coilovers or a shock and spring combo and also look into sway bars and bracing to add further rigidity. That would be a good base to start from as the older 4AFE and 7AFE engines are no power house by any means but getting them setup to handle and brake well will reward driver skill rather than straight line speed. Performance wise I'd look into a cat back exhaust system (2.25" piping at the most I'd say) and possible some sort of intake modification where it's a drop in panel filter or a cold air intake.
  5. Update time. So in the last week or so I've been quite busy with getting the car up to scratch again. Not long after my last update I have purchased some cheap dress up bolts as my number plate bolts weren't in exactly good condition and I've been meaning to change them for some time. Pretty happy with how they look now instead of having the old rusty ones up front. So last week was pretty productive week for the car. Finally got around to getting a part ready to install, I should have it this weekend and it will be in my next update fingers crossed. Later that same day I caught up with Alec as he was parting and selling his car to a mate and tried to help with my minimal expertise. I'd organised a few things with him and managed to swap over a fog light trim which has the plastics cut to work as a cold air feed and also a Runx front badge. I did get something else which will be installed later on in and added in a future update. The new badge really adds a nice fresh look and the fog light trim as you can see looks factory enough that it doesn't attract much attention. What I've found so far (not sure if it's just coincidence) but I've found my intake air temps to be a a degree or so cooler with the duct on, mostly while constantly moving rather than in stop start traffic. I noted on the lufi when I drove later that night while the car said it was 9 outside, the intake was showing the same as some points too. A closer look at the Runx badge. After seeing them before, I later realised the trim is cut to show a 'C' and on the Echo version (Vitz) it shows a 'V' which a nice sneaky touch. The following morning I gave the car a nice wash. Before hand, I did add some Meguiar's Ultimate to the fog light trim as it was quite faded which has restored it for now until I apply Bowden's Mr Black to return the trim to a nice refreshed look in the coming weeks. I started a little late but was able to apply Bowden's Own Happy Endings to car as the panels were cool enough. It was the first time I've used it on my car as the Bowden's Wet Dreams had lost it's nice affect seeing as it's been in the sun a lot. Needless to say I super impressed with the water beading as you can in the photo before I dried the car which made it a super easy task. The drying towel was sliding across with ease and picking up every single drop. It leaves a nice glossy shine and super slick finish which adds a nice layer of protection for the minimal effort required to get it done, so it's a win win. The obligatory W⚓shot Really happy with how it turned out. It rained later that day (of course) and the day after but the coating did an amazing job. It left left beads which ran off as I drove and even trapped the dirt and dust that it had picked up in that time which was quite impressive.I also finally gave the engine bay a minor clean up, polished the intake which I haven't done for such a long time and it was looking quite dull compared to how it has been before. Still plenty left to finish off so stay tuned.
  6. Update So starting off the update, my old Advan RG2s have now found a new home after having them for over 4 years. I cleaned them up after a mate of mine had recently got a EM1 Civic and I realised he now has the same stud pattern compared to his previous car. Turned it out to be a just in time thing for him as he was looking around for a set and was actually going for the Rota version before I messaged him one night and a few weeks later he took them off my hands, one less thing for me to worry about and he's happy with them which is the main thing. With a few restrictions still in place until recently, I've still been getting a lot more into the car detailing side of things keeping it as clean as I can while I can. This was 2 weeks worth of dirt and grime since the last time it was washed. This time around I used a slightly less concentrated Snow Job to water mix as you can see the foam is nowhere near as thick as my previous post but still did a pretty damn good job of taking all of the built up dirt and dust before washing it. Earlier that day while Repco had their sale for Bowden's still, I went one last time to find anything I needed to re-stock or wanted to try and after to speaking to my mate earlier in the day at lunch, he suggested After Glow. So once the car was washed, I applied After Glow (later finding I did it slightly incorrectly, any who) and was super happy with the results. It kept the slick and smooth feeling from the Wet Dreams application a few weeks before and really enhanced the gloss and shine, even in the late afternoon early evening. Pretty happy with the results and hopefully next time I use it, I'll use it correctly. While the car was clean, I decided to take some shots in a quiet area seeing as I don't do it all to often and the weather was still great. With the recent bits of rain we've had, the car still looks relatively clean and the water beads up quite nicely before running off when there's too much on the panel. For 15 year old original paint in most parts, it still works extremely well. As usual, still a huge list of things to do, lack of time and really just being lazy again. Hopefully I can at least tick off some of it before the end of 2020. Stay tuned.
  7. Will fit just fine, seen quite a few wagon's and sedan's running sportivo lips and skirts. If you're after just purely a lower ride, you'd likely need to go for a aftermarket spring and shock combo, King springs are very popular and I've seen a few run KYP or Koni shocks with very good feedback.
  8. Update time. So I've been driving a lot more as of recently as the lockdown restrictions continue to be removed week by week. I recently drove up towards the mountains and clocked up over 200kms visiting family a few weekends ago and it was actually a great drive with a full car. Could really blow out the cob webs and it was one of the nicest days for a drive with minimal clouds and low air temperatures. I sadly haven't had the chance to look into getting the drive shafts done but that will hopefully be soon. I'm also thinking of getting the brake/clutch fluid flushed and replaced since it hasn't being done in my ownership and is definitely looking worse for wear and the power steering pump is starting to make a lovely whine on cold starts and does look to be leaking slowly. So a few weeks I finally got to give the car another wash since the last update. Finally gave the interior a decent clean as well and gave the dash a nice touch up with Meguiars. I honestly think it's been around 6-9 months since I last did it and the dash is looking better than ever. With the whole lockdown and a heap of sales on various sites, I managed to score a heap of Bowden's gear on sale to get my car care system and collection up to scratch. I recently found our hose link adapter so I can finally use the pressure washer I bought over 4 years ago when I owned my Honda. My bank account wasn't too happy after spending so much but I saved a lot in getting everything I did while on sale so I don't feel all too bad seeing as it'll take care of the other cars in the house hold as well. So I begun by washing the wheels with some Meguiars NXT before doing a touch less wash with Bowden's Snow Job and their Snow Blow cannon. I let it sit for around 5 minutes before washing it off and using Bowden's Wash and Wax with a 2 bucket wash. The snow foam honestly made cleaning anything left a lot easier, if there was anything left on the panels. Once it was done, I used Bowden's Wet Dreams on the wet panels and was honestly super impressed with the results, especially on areas like my roof and spoiler where the paint is honestly not the greatest. It left my panels feeling super smooth and left amazing beads when wet. Of course the next day it rained and on and off but the following day I went and had a look at the car and it was honestly still glowing and had very minimal water marks on the paint, can't say the same about the windows so can definitely highly rate Wet Dreams for how much you pay. Other than that, stay tuned for the next update.
  9. You can try on eBay or potentially check with a spare parts supplier. Is your Allex a 2004 but a facelift?
  10. This reason alone, nothing else was needed.
  11. Not too much to update this time around. Due to the current situation and the new way of life we're currently living, it's made it a lot harder to get things done that I'd like to. In the last few weeks I've begun to work from home so the car has seen quite minimal use since then but I tend to drive it at least every 2-3 days or so. The lack of driving also revealed yet another nail in one of my tyres which I managed to pump up earlier in the week and made sure it was safe until the weekend so I can get it fixed (hopefully 🤞) and it appears to be quite a slow leak. Last week I hit another milestone, reaching 244 000 kms, 99 000 kms clocked since I bought the car over 4 and half years ago. I also managed to get a quick wash done since I managed to get mud on one side mowing the lawns and it was at least a month since it last had a clean. I also took some time to apply some Meguiars Ultimate to the dash, all door card sections and other door trims to return the blackness they once had. It's been at least 6 months or so since I last did it so pretty happy with how it turned out. Other than that, I'm due to for an oil change which I'll likely do this coming weekend and check for any new issues underneath while I'm there. Stay safe and stay tuned.
  12. All Sportivo's are South African built so yes it should. Best of luck!
  13. Was quite the driver considering it wasn't his main profession. The V8s would haul down the full length straight before Murray's corner where Peter would usually overtake or even gain some car lengths closer to the bigger cars.
  14. Yeah unfortunately it did close a few weeks ago but will definitely be worth a visit once the travel restrictions are lifted. I have to say my personal favourite would have to be when Peter was coming out of the dipper behind one of the BBQ Galore Camaro's and he kept saying how ugly it was. After watching a lot of his Bathurst races in the Celica, he did extremely well up against even the bigger V8s at Bathurst. He really showed the Celica's capability. I sadly never grew up through this era but heard his voice from a young age while watching re-runs with my Dad. I later found out who is was after hearing his voice quite a lot and have taken quite a keen interest in historic touring car racing in the last year a half. Very sad that he passed away last year.
  15. UPDATE: Found a few people have used an F55 turbocharger on their 1KD builds. Anyone had any personal experience using this turbo on their 1KD?