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  1. Does it only make the noise while moving or even on idle? It's not a belt squeak or anything at all? (although the belts are well away from the clutch).
  2. I've used the Rainx water repellent after using their glass scrub on my windows. I must say after following a video on YouTube on how to get the best results from it, it worked an absolute treat. Driving in the rain was great, the water beaded easily of the windscreen on the front and rear. It's made it just that bit safer when driving in heavy rain conditions. I haven't had any issues since I applied the coating almost a year or more ago. I was pretty impressed overall for literally 20-30 minutes of work, that I recommended it to my parents. I put in some time to do both of their cars, ironically enough it rained not long after and they both said how well it worked.
  3. 2005 Remote Locking

    Most ZZE model Corolla's came with remote locking keys. What trim level is your car? Also, does your current key look similar to this key? The best possible way to add the remote locking function would definitely be to invest in an alarm system with locking. It would be better than most factory locking systems. Price would be depending on what model and brand you choose.
  4. Going from a 2005 Corolla Sportivo to what ever comes next, AEB has definitely saved the car plenty of times with some emergency stops. Traction control would be a bonus, although the European ZZE123 models came with traction control. I have driven various newer model cars recently, one thing I do find quite annoying is the lane departure assist. At times I find even when travelling in a straight line in the middle of a lane, it will want to correct the steering.
  5. 2zzge problems

    Definitely try some of those steps and give it a nice service. There's actually quite a few things I've seen over the years causing cars to not engage lift correctly. As campbeam has shown, you can also remove the battery terminals to reset the ECU.
  6. 2zzge problems

    If you've already replaced the lift bolts, it's safe to say you should check the following. Have you also performed any servicing, mods or other changes recently? Has lift engaged without problems before? - Lift solenoid - May need to be cleaned. - OCV filters as they can get clogged over time - - Check any wiring - If there are any loose or broken wires. - Possibly try an ECU reset.
  7. Update time. So, now that I managed to install the black housing headlights, they were in much need of attention. They were quite oxidised and had some marks on the passenger light which really did make the car look a little less presentable than I wanted. I got a detailer to come out and work some magic with getting them cleaned. Sadly there is some oxidation on the inside of the headlight which can't be removed unless I pull them apart again but it really isn't all too bad now. The detailer arrived and inspected the headlights and told me of what he could and couldn't do. Told me all of the steps that he would perform to get them up to scratch. He would simply use 2 different grits of sand paper to remove the layer of oxidation from the outside, followed by a intense and softer buff with different pads to get them cleared again and lastly adding a protective coating to prolong the oxidation. The results were great, and Derek who runs his own detailing business was great to chat to and was very professional. Sadly I don't have too many photos of the before but they honestly looked like any other oxidised headlight. Derek during the sanding and buffing processes. After the 2 stage sanding was completed. The final product Later that evening I decided to take some shots. Car hadn't been washed until last weekend where it later rained anyway. I'm really loving the new look now, I seem to always look twice at it now forgetting that I was able to get the headlights on. The car exterior wise is right where I'd like it to be and probably won't change all too much in the future. The Sportivo also went through a service in the last couple of weeks with the brakes and fluids checked over along with rotating the tyres. I'm trying to rotate the tyres more often as the RE002's I had were never rotated and I had to change them a lot earlier than expected. Other than that, it has been running like a dream! I still have my to do list which now stands as.... - Brake Calipers to be painted - Install shifter cable bushings - Clean engine bay - Hydro dip interior trim pieces Stay tuned.
  8. Michelin PS4

    I may have to adapt this method for the future. Despite the lack of power, I'm quite happy with how it performs, especially now in corners where I can gain ground on my mates more powerful beasts
  9. Michelin PS4

    I guess I could take a note out of Bil's book but my bank account may not be so happy But hey, it could be wheel spinning some cheap tyres and not being able to put the very little power it has down already
  10. Michelin PS4

    Forgot to update this post. I did end up getting the PS4's after deciding between them and the RE003. Safe to say I'm beyond happy with how grippy they are compared to the RE002's that were originally came with my rims. No matter what conditions, the tyres maintain grip. I've had no issues in the wet with wheel spin or traction loss at all. I highly recommend them for anyone, and they are definitely well worth the price tag if you don't want to lose grip in any condition. I ended up changing tyre profile from 205/45 R16 to 205/50 R16 which definitely fills out the arch a little more giving the car an overall beefier look. Although the 45s allowed it to rev out a littler quicker, I haven't noticed any major downfalls of the size other than a lot more scrubbing when I hit a bump on the road or if I have people in the back. Thread can be closed.
  11. Hey TOCA, I know this has been covered many times in the past on the forum but I thought it would be worth making a newer thread for those that may be interested in purchasing a V-Manage. The unit is becoming increasingly popular to use as most won't have the funds for stand alone units, or may not be able to source the unit itself due to production age. This is information I've learnt from a fellow long time Sportivo owner who has had over 3 years experience with using Greddy piggy back systems in Corolla Sportivos and various other cars also. Most of this information is in my own build thread but I thought to make this separate to make it a little easier to find. What to Expect Once the ECU is all wired in, tuned and running without any major hiccups, you can pretty much expect the following if setup correctly: - Snappier throttle response. - Less throttle input required to get up to speed. - Torque hole down low drastically reduced. - Revving quicker - Lower lift engagement (Even if lower engagement can't be completed, the benefit with standard engagement is still to be had) - Different intake sound (Not a benefit of sort but, the lower RPM induction noise is more pronounced and deeper and with lower lift a much deeper tone for the crossover) The Facts & Warnings - As the V-Manage is a generic unit which can be shared across multiple cars which use VVT, it may run differently on each car. Some cars such as mine as I'm told luckily are running fine but others experience difficulty running with the V-Manage and aren't able to fully benefit. - This unit is only able to modify VVT and Lift. - The E-Manage can also be used in conjunction with the V-Manage to increase the red line, ignition, fuel etc. This essentially gives all the benefits of having a standalone ECU but it retains the standard ECU. - Due to the lower lift engagement, a specific method is to be used to make sure it is working. Simply revving out slowly in first gear, engaging lift and revving to 7000 RPM then increase throttle more to make sure the car doesn't have a "jolt" (similar to boost cut but not as aggressive) from 7000 onwards. This is due to the fact the V-Manage is a piggyback system and the factory ECU needs time to learn. It will trigger the 7000 RPM limiter (usually when the car is cold for example) which the V-Manage seems to bypass causing the jolting as opposed to a rev limiter. - Jolting generally occurs during the first month or so after the unit has been installed and can occur when not driven long enough. The method above is the best to use to make sure the lower engagement is working correctly. - Not every car is able to run a lower lift engagement. Each car is different, some jolting for a month or so which is the best scenario as this will no longer occur at all or as frequent once the ECU learns. Other cars will actually engage lift slowly and begin jerking back and fourth without any power increases from what I have been advised meaning that the lower engagement can't be run as it may not perform normally after the ECU learns. - Only specific V-Manage units are able to lower lift. From what I'm told there is a specific serial underneath which determines if the ECU can alter lift engagement. Refer to the photo below and look for serial number GVC02512. - You will also need a V-Manage Dual (best to look for), which is simply a small black box that is a solenoid. The dual unit allows the solenoid to trigger both oil pressure solenoids on the VVT and VVL. You are able to buy 2 separate solenoids to do this but having the dual unit is far simpler. - The V-Manage unit itself it quite small, similar size to the standard ECU (with the E-Manage unit being a little longer). It can be kept in the glovebox out of the way but the harness is long enough to move to the passenger side floor or possible even the center console if you wanted to use middle storage section. I'll add any new information to this to keep it up to date. Hope this helps anyone looking into purchasing a V-Manage.
  12. Power FC and Stock ECU

    Hey mate, I believe this is what you're after.
  13. Alrighty another update. So after a bit of hiatus from some cosmetic modifications, within the last weekend something new, well kind of for me, was finally installed. Here's a hint... So after my mate Alec gave an idea of how to get my headlights off the car, I tried it and it worked! Big shout out to him again for giving me the idea. With the passenger light out, the drivers side was actually able to come out with ease thankfully. It took me 3 hours all up because I was essentially pulling the harness out of the headlight and putting it back through the new lights, made harder especially with the seemingly stuck plug. Sat like this most of the morning while I sat patiently pulling it apart. So now I finally have them in, they do need a really good restoration which I plan getting done professionally as soon as I find someone to do it. Now here's the new look. Looks a lot more aggressive. Although it was a pain to do, I'm glad I was finally able to get them installed. I gave them a quick clean up with some car wash and RainX polish which got rid of some of the yellowness of the lights. Here's the latest shot as of this evening. Haven't had a chance to wash her recently. And as of recently, the valve cover has begun to leak again so another trip to the workshop is in order. With the V-Manage issues, the jolting at low RPM has dramatically reduced in the last 2-3 weeks. It's since only happened twice in the past few weeks so seems to be the ECU learning still but a re-tune may be happening later this year. Other than that, I'll be keeping the updates coming.
  14. performance places melbourne?

    What ECU are you planning on using? I have a mate down in Melbourne and can ask for you where he got his cams installed. Try joining the Melbourne Corolla Sportivo group on Facebook, good place to ask.