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  1. Not required, doesn't burn oil or coolant. These engines are easily capable of over 350000 before a rebuild. It has no issues and most of my driving is on highways these days anyway. Not to sound rude or anything but a mate of mine bought one with 360000 kms and it had well 200 psi compression (dry) across each cylinder. It was completely stock and kept up with a bolt on Sportivo (CAI and catback) which also had a vmanage tune too. Food for thought 🙂
  2. Alrighty another update. So the long weekend has now come and gone, most of it spent cleaning the car in preparation for Toyotafest. I gave the engine bay a clean, the interior and thankfully there was great weather and the car had never looked better after washing with some Meguiars wash and wax. It made it look in my opinion the cleanest it has been in a long time. A new Gorilla Industries sticker added after it was the casualty of my Melbourne road trip. The day had arrived and the pre-meet done, with almost the same spots as last year before heading to the show. Sadly, I was stuck in the corner and away from the other Sportivo's and didn't get many decent photo's while I was there. It was a great day none the less with some amazing cars on display and great chance to catch up with a few mates too. Even the day after it still looked super clean! As of recently, we've had some pretty wet weather in Sydney and haven't had the chance to keep the car clean at all. Last week, I organised a small meet with some mates at a local Kebab shop to have dinner with some fellow Melbourne friends as they were in Sydney for the weekend. Not long after our feed, we headed out to the industrial area for some late night banter and some photo's. Alec behind the lens with his camera got these amazing shots in the rain! So as of recently, I've been dailying the car as normal again with my ever changing locations for work and it has been running smoother then ever, just ticking over 215 000 in the last week. I do have a few plans in mind but, I'll keep those for another post. Stay tuned!
  3. Squalled

    QLD For Sale ZZE 123 Parts

    Would the cooling panel work on both pre face lift and face lift? Also willing to ship or do you prefer pick up? Cheers!
  4. Thanks a lot mate! Really loving the new look and still getting used to it as well. Yeah it seems a bit quieter these days but I still love keeping the thread updated. I really love reading through threads and going back through mine seeing how much the car has changed. Fair enough fair enough, the made the meet since I told them I was down there for almost a week. I knew most of them from the Facebook page. Oh awesome, they look great! Updates to come in the coming days!
  5. Squalled

    Returning member !

    Welcome! Do you have any old threads of your ZZE?
  6. Squalled

    Trd cai pod filter

    There's a few, if you search Sportivo they will come up. I'm not sure if many people have kept them due to the fitment issues.
  7. So a special little milestone today. Exactly 3 years ago today, I purchased the Sportivo. I bought it with 144, 9xx kilometers and it now sits on over 214 000 kilometers. It's been great owning this great little car, all the ups and downs which has been an awesome learning experience. The car has never once let me down, even if it had problems it still soldiered on! It's now done it's first road trip with zero issues, except some minor scrubbing. Here's a little throwback from the early days till, until now I'll put the mod list as it sits today Engine & Management: - Injen Intake (Modified by Ed) - Ported Throttle Body - CES Ported Headers - 100 Cell High Flow Cat, 2.5" piping, 2 resonators, single tip varex muffler - Greddy V-Manage piggy back featuring VVT and lower lift tune Drive train & Gearbox: - Rebuilt gearbox featuring new synchros for 2nd-4th, new bearings and seals - Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch - Speed Source Extended Pushrod - Speed Source Solid Shifter Base Bushings Exterior: - Advan RG2 in Hyper Black - 16x7 +41 - JDM Runx Tail lights with custom harness. - LED license plate lights - Black housing head lights - Custom painted brake calipers - HIC Weathershields - Stubby Antenna Handling & Braking: - Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - 205/50 - BC BR Gold Coilovers - 6kg front, 4kg rear - White Front Upper Strut Bar - White 22mm Rear Torsion Bar - DBA T2 Slotted Discs - QFM HPX Pads Interior: - Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR Recaro's mounted on Bride RO type rails - Hydro dipped interior trims. - Center console light mod I.C.E - Clarion VX440 Double Din Headunit - Focal 6.5" Speakers in all doors - Clarion 12" Subwoofer - Option Audio Mono Amp Other: - Energy Suspension Engine Mount inserts - Coolant bypass mod (For throttle body) - Some stickers I'd like to thank everyone that has helped and supported me over the build process. I never thought I'd meet so many mad people and learn so much over this ownership. Looking forward to the future years ahead. Stay tuned!
  8. Squalled

    Trd cai pod filter

    Are you on Facebook at all? There a few Corolla Sportivo pages you could try your luck on.
  9. Update time again. So in the last few weeks since I've returned from my road trip, I was able to clean the front end of all the bugs but still haven't given the car a proper wash. Hopefully I'll be able to give it some love this week. On another note, it's being 2000 + kilometers since the last service and there has been no significant oil loss or discolouration. So last week, I had received my parts back after some changes were made. It left my interior looking like this for a little while. I have wanted to do some interior mods for some time and I was definitely inspired by my previous car, the Honda Prelude. As you know, here is the standard look of the interior (except the recaros of course) And here is what I chose to do to it... I went with a carbon fibre hydro dip, which was the same sort of style that was in the Prelude. I of course got a spare set to do this too, and it was only a matter of changing over the switches and other items from the center console and door trims. I also had a spare gear boot which I gave a nice clean and leather treatment. The treat been on the left, and my original on the right.. Once that was all done, I re-installed it and I have now have my new interior look... Overall I'm super stoked with the job and look I've given. A massive thanks to Wayne from Aztec Liquid Art Hydrographics in Queensland for the awesome work and fair pricing. I will have another small update tomorrow marking a nice milestone with the car. The car will be on display at Toyotafes this year again so pretty excited and really looking forward to it! Stay tuned.
  10. Squalled

    Lift not engaging properly

    The exhaust shouldn't stop lift from engaging. I've seen quite a few owners revert from a modified system back to a standard one without any issues engaging lift. Are there any loose wires and are all plugs connected?
  11. Squalled

    Lift not engaging properly

    The pops and burbles, is that while driving or idling? Most will do that when driving cold.
  12. Squalled

    Lift not engaging properly

    The oil colour looks pretty dark. When you go full throttle do you notice any smoke at all? What viscosity oil are you using? Lift requires a few elements for it to engage correctly.
  13. Squalled

    Lift not engaging properly

    How many kms has it clocked so far? Other than lift bolts, the OCV and lift filters could be clogged, if it's had poor service history or even high kms. What size exhaust were you running prior to going stock? Could always be a restriction that makes the lift transition not seem as strong. I know this after going from Injen intake to stock, it felt quiet restricted between 6500-7800, felt flat.
  14. That was definitely me! Thanks a lot for you're kind words mate! I was probably enjoying my snack pack a little too much for you to see me Judging from your photo's, you were the Camry that came in? Mate it looks awesome! We we're talking about it and heard it was manual when you took off, making us even more impressed. What wheels we're you running by the way? I was guessing some sort of Aurion rim
  15. Update time! So just got back from my road trip from Melbourne yesterday evening. The drive to, during and from Melbourne all went smooth with no issues what so ever! I've managed to add another 2000 kilometers or so to the odometer in the space of week so I have a new record now for distance traveled in a short time. I had a great time with my partner site seeing, shopping and getting to meet a few of the Melbourne Corolla guys who are absolute legends to say the least. Melbourne was so easy to get around compared to Sydney that within 2 days I felt more confident driving around than I do in Sydney most of the time. But the 6 days went so fast that it literally only felt like yesterday I drive down. I had the car checked over the weekend before I was set to leave. No issues found and the car had a service while checked over. Now running Nulon 5W-30 full synthetic which is running really well so far. Before heading down, I gave the Sportivo a nice wash and clean inside and out. I also decided to put a new car scent to the test. Safe to say I'm super happy with Platinum Potions products. My partner and I were up nice and early the next morning to leave at 5:30AM for our road trip. We made a few mandatory stops along the way, which usually resulted in a photo or two... Until we arrived at our destination The following afternoon, after realising my mate Ed literally worked across the road from where I was staying (which wasn't planned), he had a part ready to install once he finished work. Out with the old..... In with the new. Massive thanks to Ed for porting it by hand and taking his time after work to install it. While the old one was out, Ed also did the coolant bypass mod, essentially removing the coolant lines from the throttle body. There are quite a few tutorials online and it's not too necessary for me as I don't live in cold area. The throttle body has been ported slightly, not in overall diameter so to speak but the butterfly valve itself has been smoothed down as you can see from the photo to allow smoother flow of air. One of the symptoms of this is that you get higher idle for a week or two (Only a few days for me) while warm and it will generally sit at around 2000 RPM. The main difference I noticed was the snappier throttle response and the revs seem to pick up quicker also. I was also able to meet some of the Melbourne owners at the popular Glenny Kebabs. It was great to meet them all since I've only spoken to them via messaging. The car now sits with a whole heap of bugs that need to be cleaned off, a job for this afternoon before I head back to work tomorrow. Other than that, there's not too much else to add. I have sent some parts to get some work done in Queesland so I should have them back next week or so and I have also got my entry into the 15th Annual Toyotafest so also another even to look forward to. Stay tuned.