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  1. You can find the clutch on eBay, since I got mine over 3 years ago the price of them has gone up I believe, well for the heavy duty that is.
  2. Are you referring to the complete lense cover itself to remove it from the tail light? I mean it should be, they should be not much different from headlights which plenty of people have pulled apart to paint and modify before, someone correct me if I'm wrong though.
  3. Hey mate, Let us know how the Sahara is with your non gains Power FC tune that is slower than a stock tune Sportivo. Thank you for you kind comments, I will be sure to crawl over your head some day soon. Cheers
  4. Update time. For the last year and a half or so, I've been really contemplating whether to get my current wheels repaired and resprayed or, get a completely new set. I was more or less split 50/50 between the two options since I've really loved the look of the RG2's and seeing as not many people around the globe run them, it's quite unique. I've also been pretty indecisive about wanting to get news wheels as a whole heap had come up in the last year that I was looking at and by the time I decided they were usually sold. So after such a long wait, I finally found a set that I was considering since I was having a bit of trouble finding some other wheels I had in mind in my preferred spec and colour. So, farewell to the Advan RG2's which served me well, and now on to... Yeap, Enkei RPF1's. They are obviously one of the most common wheels in the world but, not in this factory colour I managed to find them in. They're factory Matte Gunmetallic which the first Australian owner was lucky enough to find on Yahoo Auctions just over a year ago with minimal mileage covered while in Japan. The owner was kind enough to accept a small deposit after I inspected them before I picked them up on the Friday which was super kind seeing as I wasn't too sure if I actually was going to get them. They're 15x8 +28 which is 1" smaller in diameter compared to my RG2's and also 1" wider too. I also managed to get them with Hankook RS4's in practically new condition which I will run until they wear down and I plan to go for a sports road tyre like an RE003 since I don't plan to do any circuit work anytime soon. So a week later it was off the tyre shop after work to get the wheels fitted and to save me a huge chunk of time having to jack it up at home. Massive thank you to my mate Kyle and his team for fitting me in so fast and getting the wheels fitted. The following morning I was up early to get the rear guards rolled. I don't plan to go too low anytime soon but I'd rather try and reduce unnecessary scrub if I can. Super happy with the result and have had minimal issues with rubbing so far. Once the guards were rolled I headed over to Alec's work and he got it up the hoist for an alignment. It was the first time since I got my pilot sports over 2 years ago, which is pretty bad of me. Alec was able to get -1.5 degrees of camber on the front and get everything else aligned correctly including my steering wheel which had been off center since I've owned the car. Once it was all done, left the work shop with a straight steering wheel and excellent alignment. The BC's can run roughly -3.0 degrees of camber on the front but we were only able to get -1.5 which turned out to be good enough seeing as I drive it on the daily and -3.0 degrees would wear down the tyres pretty badly too. Massive thanks to Alec for getting it all aligned. And this is how it sits now! Definitely loving the new look. It looks somewhat like a go-kart seeing as the wheels are smaller and wide as well. Seeing as the wheels stick out quite far I will need to be fairly cautious when and where I drive in the future. I haven't had the chance to test the handling side of things just yet but will be hopefully in the coming weeks before the end of the year. Later on the same day, I headed over to my mate Adam's place so he could have a look further into the Greddy V-Manage setup. In the last few months, he's really worked some wonders with his setup in his own Sportivo and it was now time to get mine running up to standard. So as I've mentioned previously, with the low lift enabled my car would tend to jolt around 7500 RPM at random points, it went from a rare occurrence to basically every time I would engage lift. Adam managed to find a way to get it working by using a relay which works by using the stock VVTL-i signal to emulate the stock oil pressure switch. After many hours of checking, wiring and re-checking again along with a slight hiccup with the car rev cutting at 7000 RPM in the first test run which turned out to be on wire connected incorrectly to the relay, we were in business. Lift is now set to 5500, and it's honestly awesome to drive. It's much easier to keep the car in power band between gear changes without having to shift as fast as lightning. I will be doing some fine tuning in the future to improve the power curve once Lift engages to reduce any sort of bogging or flat spots but so far, so good. Also managed to get another shot of the front fitment while the V-Manage wiring was getting fixed up. That's all for this month. I've still got plenty ahead for the car so stay tuned until next month.
  5. Do you have any modifications done to the engine? I've seen issues caused by exhausts and intakes that are too large for the setup and actually decrease the overall performance all round.
  6. Behind the cluster itself is a small speaker that people have removed before which stops the beeping. Only downside is that once removed, you also won't have the headlight and ignition chimes.
  7. At this stage, the Corolla didn't have seat or curtain air bags in place. Depending on what was optioned, you will either have simply the steering wheel and/or passenger side air bag. The newer chassis began to have a lot more air bags.
  8. For the gear boot, you'll need to remove the ash tray compartment and than pull from the top and the shift surround pops out. All you'll need to do is disconnect the power going to cigarette lighter before you remove the trim away. To remove the boot, you may need something to leverage it (nothing too sharp) with as it uses a metal liner to clip in underneath and you'll need to get one side off which will let you get it off the the trim from there.
  9. I've not run spigots on my car, although my offset isn't as low at the wheels you've noted. I've seen plenty of guys run quite low offsets, one of which is running 15x8 +0 on his Corolla and I don't believe he's ever used spigots.
  10. Hey mate, you will need to remove the air con vent trim which you simply put your fingers on each vent and pull it straight out. Depending if the unit has been changed before, you'll need to loosen some screws/bolts that hold the unit in place within the unit mount. Once they're removed the unit should easily come out, just be sure to watch your trims as you do this. A wiring harness makes life a lot easier when changing units. I've had one in mine since I changed the unit almost 4 years ago with no issues. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/aerpro-aerpro-wiring-harness---suit-toyota-app141/11550.html - Something like this, you can find all over the Net.
  11. Excellent, looks like a decent site with all the custom options. They'd definitely be better than the OEM Toyota ones for sure.
  12. Nice update coming for this month, very picture heavy! So in the coming weeks before Toyotafest, Alec had got his hands on a mint condition OEM 6 speed gear knob which I was able to get with a trade, trading him my Super Pro end links as he needed some new ones for the air bag setup on his car before Toyotafest. Luckily they fit, just and he was able to get the car going with them. If you look through all my old interior photo's, my OEM gear knob is quite worn down and I didn't want for fork out the $350 for a new gear knob, and now that these specific gear knobs are discontinued they'll be a lot harder to find. It's nice to see that reverse is red instead of the faded and dirty black mine has always been. I tend to only run this one when I go to shows to hopefully keep it in top condition. So as noted in my last post, I had organised a detailer for Toyotafest. Since I hadn't done much in the years before other than give it a wash a best as I could and with the paint slowly turning for the worst I thought it was time to give it some love. A massive thank you to Arnoub at Turn Heads Detailing who was an absolute pleasure to deal with, answered all of my questions and was extremely reasonably priced for the work that was completed. Another massive thank you goes out to partner who happily drove me to drop off and pick up my car, without her I would've basically been stuck with walking and catching a train to and from. The car was washed using snow foam, clay barred (found the paint was medium to heavily contaminated), swirl remover and gloss enhancer applied before being waxed all round and tire gel applied. Arnoub was also able to perform a headlight restoration which was much needed as the lights had faded and gone yellow fairly badly in the last few months. After leaving the car with Arnoub for a day, I went to pick up the car and was welcomed with this. I honestly couldn't keep my eyes of it. It's honestly the best it has looked since I've bought it. Now it'll be an absolute breeze to wash until the treatment will need to be re-applied in the near future. Below are the photo's taken by Arnoub of the car and the products used. The only major flaw now is some orange peel effect which doesn't bother me as it's in small patches on different panels. After driving back home, I took a photo before the end of the night and before it would get moisture before Toyotafest. The morning of Toyotafest had arrived, and as like previous years I was up bright and early ready to clean the car before heading off to a meeting point to meetup with Alec and first time Toyotafest goer Blake. Sadly I didn't get a photo of Blake's Sportivo at the meet point since we needed to get to Castle Hill Toyota but we luckily got placed together unlike last year, albeit with a pillar separating my Sportivo from Alec and Blake's cars. Toymods yet again organised a great day out, unlike last year the day felt like it went quite fast for me as we were all a lot more prepared with food, drinks and chairs and caught up with a few mates and spent plenty of time at the trade stands. Once 3pm came, there was the mad charge to leave the venue so we all waited for most of the first leavers to head off before we left the venue for the day. Before day was finished, I headed to an industrial area to take some shots while the car was looking it's best. Well, that's basically it for this month. I've got some plans ahead for the remainder of the year which I will hopefully get done before the start of 2020. As normal, I will keep the thread updated. Stay tuned.
  13. Just a quick update to add for September. I've recently passed the date I bought the car 4 years ago last week, and after almost 90000 kms since I've bought I can definitely say it's even more fun than the day I bought it. I don't plan on selling the car anytime soon although, there is the temptation to buy something faster and something bigger, I really can't part ways with a car that's being super easy to own and maintain and especially all the great and amazing people I've met from owning the Sportivo. Anyhow, I finally gave the car a nice wash 2 weeks ago just for it to rain for a few days after. With Toyotafest now fast approaching, I was able to organise a detailer to give the car a nice clean up the day before Toyotafest since I had organised with him before the end of August. He noted the car was a great base to get looking great again with the only main imperfections being the spoiler and roof. I'll need to the leave the car with him for a day or so to give him enough time to really work some magic and I'm really looking forward to the results. I've also recently begun troubleshooting my E-Manage which was causing quite a few issues which I've previously mentioned. We found that the current setup on another car still caused the same issue and it led us to find that the tune was actually causing the issue. Once a new tune was loaded up, the sputtering idle, hesitation at high RPM and 6000 RPM rev cut were gone and the unit appears to be ins good working order. In the next few weeks, I'll be organising a few hours with my mate who's been helping to diagnose the issues to get the E-Manage and V-Manage wired up, tuned and hidden in the car. So safe to say I'm looking forward to the new gains for the end of 2019. Other than that, I'll be updating when I can. Stay tuned.
  14. As campbeam said, just double check the manual but I've run both 10W-40 and 5W-30 (currently running) in Fully Synthetic. I've had no issues with burning on both, 5W-30 barely drops from full between oil changes which is great considering I'm sitting well over 232000 kms. You'll find anything thicker would mean your engine may not be too healthy. I've used Penrite Racing 10W-40 and Nulon 5W-30 full synthetic and I really highly rate both of them. Never had any major issues with either and have seen plenty of other Sportivo owners run it on various kilometers, some even higher than mine on 5W-30.
  15. Unfortunately Toyota have discontinued them for the entire ZZE range as of earlier this year. Apparently there is a newer Corolla version that fits almost identically (unsure of the model code).