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  1. 2005 Corolla Sportivo

  2. Central Locking Issues

    They will likely all be on the same relay and fuse.
  3. Tapping Sound

    Yeah, that's just the stepper motor for turbo ticking. Don't be alarmed. Replace it if your want, but they are $400+. There is a bit more info on the forums about it.
  4. Aurion wheel nut sizes

    You need different wheel nuts. DO NOT use the steel wheel, wheel nuts. This is the style for Genuine alloys:
  5. Hilux, cautious about the irregular servicing at new?

    Question them on it.
  6. 96 Corolla timing belt

    Probably a replacement.
  7. Second hand Hilux sale websites?

    Try as well. It's a forum, but you may have some luck.
  8. 1986 celica

    Do a Google search for TVIS(Toyota Variable Intake System). Basically alters the air speed into the intake ports and increases low-end torque, when shut. When open, it increases air speed along with top end power.
  9. 1981 Celica 3SGTE rev issue

    If you are relatively handy, yes.
  10. Guy Sebastian Videos?

    Please post a screenshot.
  11. s/t is not unlocked error

    I have sent you a PM, hopefully the information helps.
  12. Buy a Haynes workshop manual(92729). It will come in handy at a later date as well. It shows a foglight relay(No.5/No.6 relay box) behind dash around the shifter area/potentially to the right of the passengers's right footwell. The Owner's Manual is just an idiot's guide to electrical. It has little to no detail. The red circles in the below image are a good place to start investigating. This should be the correct relay:
  13. Battery warning light on!

    Please read the dates that posts were made. This is 10 years old and the member who posted has not logged in for 2 years. I would not expect a reply from JIN.
  14. Fuel Economy

    Pretty much bang on, especially if it has all-terrain/mud-terrain tyres. I usually sit in the range of 9-10L/100km, with half as many kms on the clock.
  15. s/t is not unlocked error

    Closed. Duplicate topic.