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  1. Intake has not been cleaned as far as I'm aware, and it was serviced about 1000 km ago. So fuel filter is new. If it was choking that would make me think it would do it all the time? regardless of heavy or soft acceleration?
  2. Wondering if someone may have the same problem, I have a 2008 VDJ79 Landcruiser ute and it is a bit down on power. Boost lines are all good, especially on the back of the intercooler. If I drive the car calmly it behaves normally maybe with a little bit of rev and boost hesitation between gear changes or take off. But If i boot my foot down quickly regardless of being in gear driving or in neutral parked up the car hesitates for a second and then starts to rev up but won't go over 2800rpm or 6-7 psi boost. Driving normally or soft acceleration will allow it to go full rpm and 12-14 psi of boost. If anyone has any ideas please let me know as the mechanics cannot fault the car
  3. The wires seems to be soldered onto solid terminals that I can't remove in the back of the door switches. If I get a chance I'll go and de-solder them and see if that works.
  4. Sorry should have specified, it's a 2 door Ute, only has the two switches.
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if someone could help me. My door ajar light in the dash is constantly on, pressing both of the courtesy switches in my doors do nothing. The courtesy light in the roof also stays on whether it is in the on or door position but goes off when in the off position. I have also tested for continuity in both switches and they check out fine, as well as all the fuses. I don't really know where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated