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  1. Is it all the time or intermittent? Do the dash lights come on? Try this, it is really easy to do.
  2. It may not have the wiring in the loom, regardless of the cutouts being there.
  3. Has the EGR and intake been cleaned? It may be coked up and choking it.
  4. MCV20 was the designation for all 20 series V6 models. The Vienta has always been a V6, as with the Touring.
  5. It's best to do away with bank accounts. I keep my money(when I have it) stored in sacks marked "Car".
  6. Sounds like you need more power...
  7. The 1MZ-FE V6 is actually very reliable. It is like any FWD V6 difficult to do maintenance on, but if you need a little extra power it is a decent option. The 5S-FE is a very reliable engine as well, with the valve cover being one of the few places they commonly leak. This is a cheap and easy fix. They are reliable, cheap and economical cars to run and repair compared to some on the market. My only downside to them is the interior comfort is a little lacking, but you really can't expect much more at that price point.
  8. It will carry it(unladen), but it is obviously very unhappy in doing do.
  9. If they are all around that A-Frame section, then you are well over your ball weight. The gas bottle(~20kg filled for a 9kg bottle) alone would put you very close to it. If the axle was a foot further forward, you would probably be ok. I just think it's a poorly designed trailer on a car that really isn't designed for the purpose. To be fair, I think you will experience similar issues with that trailer in most cars that don't have a more commercial(leaf) rear suspensions. E.g. utes, vans and older 4x4s.
  10. Either buy a camper that has better weight distribution or sell the RAV4 and buy a car that has been designed to tow. 140kg is a heavy ball weight. Is that loaded or unloaded weight?
  11. I was referring to the OP.
  12. @campbeam has had very good outcomes with continued oil flushes.
  13. The mod bug has already bitten, you just haven't realised it yet.
  14. Kits only cause problems, they are usually rubbish quality and rubbish fitment.
  15. trentmeyer23


    It depends, I believe 2005 was a model changeover year. If it is from a 20 series, it should. A 30 series, I highly doubt it.
  16. Budget for $10,000. Hopefully you may have something left. You will want an E153 transmission from a Camry if you want it to last.
  17. That's not a horrible lifespan. Some last longer than others. It's very hard to quantify how long they will last.