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  1. My 2007 has 253000 km. It started out as a rental car... so probably had a hard early life. I have no issues at all. I replace oil at 5-6000 km intervals depending on the rest of my life... I am a bit hesitant to believe codes, the sensors that report them seem to be the problem as much as the problem they indicate.
  2. I got the letter for my 2007 - 253 000km. The dealer took it to look and then said they need to order the part so I have to take it back...still, it is pretty good to get a warranty service at this age.
  3. Did the car stop as you were driving or did a light get left on? What led to the flat battery?
  4. What the dealership would charge could probably buy a fair bit of petrol...
  5. I tried, locksmith would only do a key that he sold me
  6. Mine has 251 000km. At 193 000km when I got it there was rattle on start. I use 0-30 or 0-40 oil and replace every 5 to 8000km. The rattle has pretty much gone, it happens less than once a month. I have no idea if it is the frequent oil changes but I cant think of any other reason for it going away
  7. Fuchs Titan 4400 is their ws compatible fluid. From a google search, I dont think they make a fluid called T4.
  8. More likely than a problem with the type of fluid is that they may not have filled it to the right level. I dont think a driveshaft could cause your problem- but - I have never replaced one on mine. I did rebuild transmissions for several years though.
  9. I have the ultra racing rear bar with low springs and kyb shocks, 245/45/19 wheel / tyre. The car sits very flat, mainly because of the roll bar. The bar by its self will not make suspension stiffer - bumpier... However, do find a clear space to test it a bit. Before the other suspension changes I found the car felt a bit like the rear might slide .. its just quite different.
  10. What is the diagnosis you did? Were there trouble codes? I had all the lights come on for different reasons
  11. Mine has 250 000km, no repairs yet other than normal service parts
  12. I have the kluger brakes but all are rda. Pads and discs. Have used them on previous cars too. I think they are good products
  13. They are just 2 sided tape like the rear ones, warm them up and prise off