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  1. Will give that a try. the metal around the headlight attachment points isnt bent but I think the problem is 5 degrees or so, pretty small
  2. After hitting kangaroo and replacing headlight its a bit low,
  3. Yes $550 for a genuine one. I watched the video but the screws he mentioned do nothing on either the new or old ones
  4. Hi, I have searched but the photos are gone from an old thread on this. I hit a stupid kangaroo, $550 for a new light… I moved the screws I could see and they moved the high beam but I really want to adjust the height of the low beams. Anyone know how to do it? Any help is greatly appreciated
  5. Can you give a link to what you are referring to
  6. The globes fit in the normal space, it was a bit fiddly to put them in but i think it wasn’t harder than putting any globe in there. They are still great, no flickering.
  7. I have never checked so mabe its normal... Do you notice the 12mm height difference between the sides of your car?
  8. I have a 2007 and 2009, I got letters this year asking me to bring them in for free replacement. On the question of rubber hose - there is often a need for flexibility like in the air conditioning hoses mounted on the engine and then on the condenser or fuel lines between body and (moving and vibrating) engine. There are lots of applications where rubber- or nylon etc hose is used for pressure in hydraulics, brake lines etc I wonder if the problem here is a bit of rubbing rather than just heat and pressure. Would love to see a replaced part to know why they fail
  9. Pure speculation....... it may be illegal to remove airbag seats and replace with non airbag ones. Modifying in a way that looks less safe (no airbag) is probably not ok if anyone ever checked - like a rego check.
  10. Thanks, I like it too, at cold. - around 15 deg C, idle pressure is about 70psi, drops to a bit over 15 at idle when warm with 5w40 penrite synthetic oil about 3000km old
  11. Didnt like the chrome... so now its gone. Duplicolor custom wrap carbon black. Same as the front end.
  12. All done, oil pressure and the oil temp is on the transmission. The pressure gauge was a bit sensitive to having a good earth on both the sender and gauge but otherwise it was pretty straight forward, possibly the hardest bit was getting wires through the firewall.
  13. Not knowing anything about your particular situation..... I wouldn’t be too confident in used car warranties, you might need a lawyer to make a claim. a 2007 with 260,000km but I know how its been treated for a lot of that. I would suggest that spending money on having a mechanics opinion is a good idea and that buying an unseen - un driven... car with those km is pretty risky. If you are taking a risk, there should be some reward... but the price doesn’t seem good enough to warrant taking such a risk.

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