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  1. My filter is not a magenfine one, I will take a pic tomorrow but its the size of a Z9 oil filter- giant compared to the magnefine ones and mine has no magnet. Its a hydraulic fluid filter- its a spin on one just like the canister oil fliters on most other cars.
  2. There were 2 types of calipers on the 2006 to facelift models so take a pad off and take it to the parts shop.
  3. I have always put new kyb shocks in when lowering, that has worked well on the last 3 cars. I dont think anyone really knows - because I dont think lowered of shorter shocks are a thing.
  4. Your 1999 camry probably had pretty worn shock absorbers making it pretty soft.
  5. Kluger brakes, pretty cheap and as easy as changing pads Lower it and new shocks brighter globes - possibly a light bar Wider - possibly larger wheels I have 245/45/18 under a lowered car, rolled guards. I have done all of these and like them.
  6. Ultra racing rear sway bar, cheap and makes a big improvement
  7. The timimg changes a lot as you drive, computer controls it. I doubt that you can alter it.
  8. Reliable = toyota. My 2007 has 245000km so far repair other than service parts (brake pads, oil, one headlight globe..) = $0. Nil, not anything, none.
  9. Im not sure which wires connected to the lighter, the lighter was not wired up when I got the car
  10. I have a 2007 atx. Can anyone tell me where the best place is to get 12V to wire in a 2 usb phone charger? I got a light bar from stedi and when I ordered the correct switch to fit the blank filler things (to the right of the steering column), I also ordered one of their usb ports that also fits those spaces. So I need 12V. Among all the wiring under the dash, are there any I can tap into without messing up anything else?
  11. I live in a country area - central nsw and more light is pretty important at night, not just longer distance but wider too. I have almost hit lots of critters, daughter almost hit a black puppy out of town... but with the led bar I now have, we see many more animals on the roadside and can slow down, move over... I also got the brightest halogen low beams to help with the same issue. I think that the problem of blinding other drivers is more about aim than light output - although I suppose really crap lights wont blind anyone no matter how badly they are set up.
  12. I have size 14 feet, i have no peoblems with this
  13. Just wondering how many km it has done