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  1. I had engine light and vsc and traction control lights on for a broken wire for the intake flap that opens up the second path into the airbox. I think the same lights come on for a host of issues, many of which have no relationship to traction control or vsc.
  2. I currently have 235/40/18 tyres which are coming to the end of their life. I think the speedo reads approximately 8-9% faster than the real speed and I know my wheel / tyre circumference is a little smaller than the 215/60/16 stock tyres. Im thinling of going to 245/45/18 which I think will make the speedo pretty close to correct and look marginally better - which isnt really a concern. 245 will be fine on my rims. Has anyone fitted this size? Any issues? Will tyre shops care what size I want? Is it likley that they will not want to fit these larger tyres for any reason? Would they see is as a mod that they could be lible for? I would love to hear about any relevant experiences
  3. Door seal rattle

    That sounds odd - do you mean that the doors jiggle and move because the door seals dont fill the frame to door gap? My car dash rattles a bit in winter - I assume that the plastic parts contract a bit allowing gaps and movements.
  4. parking brake does not hold in backward motion

    Its a bit tricky.. on my 2007 I adjusted it at the shoes, then the cable and it works nicely but on wifes 2009 I did the same thing but it quickly went back to being almost useless.
  5. Noise when starting ignition

    +1 vvt rattle. Search this and there is lots of info including a video with sound of the problem. Your mp3 file doesnt seem to play
  6. Out of interest, how do you clean an o2 sensor
  7. 2010 Camry ATF change?

    You might need to find out what ‘changing’ the fluid really means. A drain and refill is a 30 minute job whit a hoist, a flush with a machine is different, Unlike engine oil, when you drain transmission fluid only about a third comes out.
  8. Front End Suspension rattle

    Stiffer springs and shock absorbers definitely increase noise. I have lowered 3 cars including my 2007 V6 and its the same each time. Check the sway bar links. They can be tight but still make a noise, I use wd40 then tighten them to make sure all the force I use goes to tightening not to moving rust.... However, chasing suspension noises can be frustrating
  9. Save 10-20% fuel

    Scangague! Pretty accurate on immediate and trip / tank fuel use out of the box but you can also adjust it when you fill up so Its super accurate
  10. Guy Sebastian Videos?

    Why is the sidebar filled with a singer talking about cars? Just seems odd
  11. Need help

    Or.... (dodgy suggestion coming) you could do what I did. Put a screw into that hose to seal it off. The vaccum thing it controls is to open a flap in the intake path before the air gets into the air cleaner box. I just pulled the whole flap out, it made no difference. There are 2 inlet holes into the airbox, the straightish one that is visable and another one that curves down and back up into the base of the airbox. I cannot see how restricting the airflow before the filter would be useful in any way. I also use a scangague and none of the numbers changed after I removed the flap - intake air temp, air fuel ratio, fuel per 100km. I have done over 30,000km with it out.
  12. need more power please

    As someone who asked the same question as you ... many years ago in a galaxy far away..... I learnt this, flick through forums and research first then buy a car that has lots of aftermarket kit. Then I knew what I could do and roughly for how much. Going the other way around might be ok but it relies on being lucky.
  13. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    100% bull$#it. In the video he says the hard old belt wears faster. Look at tyres (rather than a belt thats not made to be used in the same way), soft = grippy and short life. Hard normally means lower grip and long life. Tyre ‘rubber’ is a mix of chemicals made up to do a specific job which is not to be filed or the same as a drive belt. If this is true, no wear, then it goes against the normal way every other friction material works. As a good test, spray this on your bike tyres and go for a ride and try the brakes. If wear decreases, grip surely must decrease too. It might be a good product for something else, but not for tyres.
  14. Blowing white smoke

    20 000km over the service interval is a lot, 35 000km on one lot of oil. Your engine is quite likley to have sludge forming, possibly pcv gunked up...
  15. Suspected Intermediate Shaft Spline

    Search this forum, there is a good write up on how to fix this problem. Its pretty easy