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  1. What are your thoughts on a more expensive Engine Air Filter giving the engine better performance.
  2. No it wasn't that long ago I knew the long stretch off road well from when I was a interstate truck driver so you get to know the rd yeah I just did it Been alot faster in the VF I owned
  3. Just noticed this it's low isn't it
  4. Hi you all I'm a bit off a novice when it comes to engines I'm afraid they have never been much off a intrest to me until now ! So I've got a basic idea I've watched video clips and spoken to people but I know some if not most off this forum know there way around an engine and not just any engine a 2GR-FE engine
  5. How do I switch off traction control
  6. you brought up some very vital points ive been over the Nullabour 3 times but it was 25 years ago when i wad 17 and on those occassions i was with my Dad in his truck i will show a picture off it It gets hot very hot you will travel 500kms without seeing any civilisation whatsoever most people say its like being on the moon because off how flat it is there are no hills at all for 5,000kms so i will be putting it right up there on the speedo and its probaly the safest place in the world if you run off the road its just flat sand This Aurion off mine it took 3 months to find its a bargain to say the least its only ever had 1 owner an elderly couple in there 60s bought it brand new in 2009 the bloke didnt have a license and never drove so his wife always drove it never further than 20km from home its never missed a service and has been garaged every night and in all those years nothing has ever gone wrong i bought it for a mere $10,000 with 120.000kms on the odometor you should see on carsales ect there are people with 2008 2010 2009 2011 model Aurions with 180.000kms and there asking $14,000
  7. I have freinds in Perth but im doing this trip to really give the car a good run and test Toyotas reliability
  8. Just serviced my Aurion checked it right over ! lm going to Perth soon the last time i went over the Nullabour Plain was when i was 16 in a semi trailer my Dad was a interstate truck driver I know what to expect so Perth here i come
  9. Using this great App i could do this
  10. Im a little confused about something ive noticed people selling there Aurions for 14,000 plus and this is the 2008 2013 models ! one i saw had almost 200,000 kms 2010 and asking 15,000 i recently bought a 2009 Aurion Touring with 120,000kms with 1 owner never missed a service anyway i had it valued and came back as 9,000 i could not believe it ! Whats with this
  11. Been looking at the Aristo wow what a expensive car looking at its specs I can't see were the money is I have a mate who wants to buy one if anyone has owned one ect Please tell me about them
  12. Can you imagine a manual Aurion I think it would be an awesome idea

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