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  1. I did have a couple of very long trips (~250km each way) right after the fluid was changed but there weren't any issues then. Don't notice any flaring when cold (other than it hanging on to 2nd/3rd gear longer as it always has).
  2. Yeah, definitely don't expect it to be the cause but willing to be surprised. Agreed that on the highway, 98 isn't likely to make a difference but I do mainly city driving and can notice the difference in responsiveness. Definitely don't see an improvement of fuel economy equal to the increase in cost, but will stick to 95/98 while fuel is reasonably cheap. Went for a long trip yesterday (~200km round trip) and I haven't noticed any flaring today... Very unusual.
  3. Thanks, will investigate but it's unlikely they dropped the pan. Followed whatever Toyota suggested for flushing it so I don't really want to pull it apart myself :/. Could be a coincidence, but the shift issues started around when I put the first tank of 91 in last week (for comparison). Have always used 98 since I bought it in Jan up until then and not a single flare... Unlikely, but the ECU could be adjusting to this lower octane and that could be affecting the shifting points? I'd be very surprised if that was the case though. Will be going back to 98 for the next fill and disconnect the battery to try and reset everything.
  4. I'll see how it goes. If it gets much worse, I'll send it back to the dealer to check if the fluid is low (don't really want to mess with it, paid $300 for a flush). Gear changes are still extremely smooth, especially under load (I did notice heavier shifting in 3-4 when not under much load though). They went through 12L for the full flush, so I'd assume that would have picked up most of the crap.
  5. May be holding off on the suspension upgrade...transmission has been starting to regularly flare (slightly - but noticeable) over the past few days (occasionally 1-2 shift, often 3-4) :'(. Had it flushed by Toyota a couple of months back (preventative at 150000km). Probably need to start planning for the worst case ☹️
  6. Here's mine:
  7. Thank you! Didn't even think about Sachs - very reasonably priced from a genuine dealer so I'll put them at the top of my list
  8. Hi all, Recently installed the UR Front strut bar and rear sway bar and I'm really impressed - but it's left me wanting more. I suspect that my shocks are quite worn at 160k (they feel sloppy compared to my brother's at 120k). What would you guys recommend/what are you running? Looked at BC coilovers but there are a few types (and not completely sold on the brand). Also worried about the ride being too stiff - happy with a harder ride than currently but not too crazy. Was also looking at just installing new struts - KYB seemed to be the way to go. Saw these which seemed reasonably priced (but worried about them being counterfeits). Thanks!