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  1. Interesting... I do drive my car hard-ish at times but average 11.5-12l/100 with not much highway mileage (for reference) on 98. When I got the car, the previous owner did the terrible “recommended” 15k interval (slightly more often thankfully), so it was a bit dark initially but fine after a couple of changes - letting the engine get to full operating temp then instantly draining and pouring a couple-hundred ml of fresh oil through. Much less thorough than your method though 😁
  2. Good to hear there isn’t any visible sludge! I’ve found that the colour of the oil changes greatly between brands (of fully-synthetic 5W-30 oil). Parents’ Kluger did 10000km on the Valvoline Synpower and was only a light gold colour. Used Castrol Magnatec for the next change which was looking the same after only 4000km. Nulon was somewhat in-between these two - closer to the Synpower. Probably need to get some samples for proper testing to get an idea of the actual condition of the oil :/. I’ve only used Magnatec (early on) and Nulon (now) in my car for 3500-4000km intervals). The N
  3. Looks great - I have the 2/32GB version with a painfully slow CPU, so hopefully that's a bit faster! If you have an Android phone that supports Android Auto, I'd definitely recommend using Headunit Reloaded: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?hl=en&id=gb.xxy.hr . Don't need any fancy adapters - just a USB cable to your phone for full Android Auto. I used it for a few months before switching to iOS. As for Google Play login issues - try and keep the unit booted up and connected to WiFi for a good 1/2 hour. It may be running an old version of Google Play/Google Play Services, a
  4. Fitment was really easy - took me around an hour including removing the old intake. I followed the guide for the K&N 8611TS here (for the US Camry 2GR V6) - only needed to buy some 4mm vacuum caps for the switching valve and some metal for mounting it to the frame (to give it some more rigidity). I know there were one or two vacuum hoses I had to reconnect but I didn't really look into the specifics (just followed the guide) 😕 - I wish I could give more info. Can't remember if I posted a photo of it installed a while back, so here's one from straight after install (before properly tig
  5. Yet another update 😁. Going to keep the exhaust for now - doesn't really bother me anymore. Switched out the filter on the intake for the larger one that was included in the kit (managed to just squeeze it in) and placed a water repellent sock over it. Went out last night and gave it a couple of launches - complete axle tramp from 1st gear that I've never had since getting the RE003's which was nice, but could be due to the colder conditions/road. Definitely felt more pull on the kickdown from 60-100 vs before the Y-pipe and it sounds glorious with the intake/exhaust (mainly intake noise).
  6. I'd definitely also be looking into that knocking sound in the engine if the mechanic didn't check/give it the all clear (+ getting the oil changed and checking for sludge) before considering spending $$$ replacing/repairing the transmission. A ~20k interval and rough-ish driving isn't ideal :/. Wishing you the best - certainly seems frustrating :(.
  7. I was going to but decided against it (since I'd only had poly bushings installed a couple of weeks prior). My 'return to centre' has become noticeably less responsive since lowering the car but it's still more than sufficient, so any improvement over the stock caster would probably be overkill (in my opinion). There isn't much of a difference in price between those and standard poly bushings, so it could be worth it if you're planning on going poly anyway (one of my favourite upgrades 😁).
  8. Well, squashed a couple of scourers all the way down the muffler and one has already gone missing after a couple of minutes (one pull) 😄. Unfortunately couldn't notice much of a difference :(.
  9. No no no - don't be sorry - really hard to convey the low tone/in-cabin noise in video, so it was always a risk for me (never really been in a car with anything other than a stock exhaust). The intake has spoilt me for the higher-RPM noise, so I wasn't able to hear the exhaust over it. I'm sure the next person will get some enjoyment out of them!
  10. Interesting! Won’t the pressure of the exhaust just push it straight out (esp under hard acceleration) since it’s just a straight through GP muffler? People seem to talk about the SS scourers being quite flammable too :/. Others have commented that it sounds alright - just not quite my taste unfortunately... There isn’t any drone/noticeable change over 2800-3000rpm, but below that it’s quite dron-y at most speeds :(.
  11. Well...an update! The drone around the city has become too much, so I'll be getting rid of these mufflers etc (and picking up the final section of the exhaust from a wrecking car). I'm sure some people wouldn't mind the sound, but it isn't for me unfortunately. The intake is nice in the way I can only hear it if I put my foot down - with family in the car, I can drive in a way that they couldn't tell the difference 😄. As for the y-section, it does appear that the car is more reluctant to change down gears (as others have observed), but I'm yet to see a noticeable change in power. I feel t
  12. Definitely a bit of work...I feel like I made the right choice paying 2 hours labour to get mine replaced 😄 Probably worth changing the belt while you're in there if you plan to keep it for a while longer.
  13. Just the sound from the cabin - like playing a very smooth and loud 60Hz subwoofer test tone 😄. I’m getting used to it though.
  14. Well...y pipe and mufflers are done! Have done a couple of pulls and in all honesty, can’t notice much of a difference in the power/torque curve (possibly pulls slightly harder in 2nd gear?) - may need to give the ECU some time to accommodate. Can’t seem to generate any axle tramp so there’s certainly something wrong 😄 As for the mufflers - was hoping they’d add a bit more to the high end, but they’re slightly too boomy for my taste. Can’t hear any difference at all over the intake once the car’s past 3000rpm (even with windows down), but no drone on the freeway at least! A bit drone-y in
  15. Finally getting the work done on Monday but just thought I'd ask once more if anyone's had the y-pipe modification done 😄. Been reading around with the 2GR and this mod overseas (in the MR2, Camry, Avalon etc) and the only dyno graph I could find displayed a loss in low-down torque (which is the opposite of what I'm looking for, especially when driving around in the hills). https://www.toyotanation.com/threads/dyno-shenanigans.590817/ Overall feedback over there is definitely positive though. May end up getting the third cat replaced with a high-flow down the track since I'm planning to k

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