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  1. Hi guys. This only just happened. When key fob battery ran out, I unlocked the drivers door with the key only and the Alarm went off, and wouldn't stop even if I put the key in the ignition. Is this what it commenly does, because my Camry key fob doesn't work at all and can lock and unlock the Camry without the alarm going off. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks guys. Will endevour to sort the problem this weekend.
  3. Hi guys. my 2001 Corolla AE112R has an issue when cold. The front brakes on the left side lock up. Once I get a bit of heat in the brakes there is a better response. Not fantastic, but better. I reckon there is a easy fix.
  4. Hi ya guys. Just doing some window shopping. has anyone fitted these headlights to their 99 Camry.
  5. awatea


    What's everyone's feeling on e10 fuel. i just happened to half fill the tank with it this morning. i was half expecting some sort of problem, but actually i think the car is running a lot smoother. Anyone else found this ?
  6. Hi ya guys. well my 99 Vienta has popped up a check engine light. Turns out it's the O2 sensor. Now bit of confusion here! How many sensors does my Vienta have? It's a April 1999 build.
  7. Well I've bought a 1999 Vienta VXi, 170,000 on the clock but serviced by the book. Car is in excellent condition for the age, a couple of carpark battles but it won through the day.
  8. One of the owners showed me what he had done to prevent water entering. But the next owner didn't know about it when I investigated the boot to see water actually pooling there. He was astounded.
  9. Hey guys. I've been out test driving a few models. I've decided the Vienta is the bomb. Have 3 I'm seriously considering. One thing I've noticed in all the one's I've check out is a water leak in the boot. Left hand side next to the spare wheel. Has anyone else seen this?
  10. Cheers guys for all your input. Will let ya all know how I got on getting one. :)
  11. Hi Guys. Am looking to buy a XV20 Camry 98-02, as i always liked the look of this model. Have had 2 SV21's, a 1987 and 1990 model. Both great cars. This will be a second vehicle mostly for around town usage but maybe the odd trip up to Sydney. Question I want to know is, what to look out for in this perticular model. Have been told to stay away from the V6 and get a 4. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  12. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone has fitted a wider track tyre to the original AE112R rims? Looking to replace the 175"s with 195"s.

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