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  1. Well I still havent replaced my Air Selector unit globes, but in pulling one out to identify a part number, the control to select Head, Foot, Demist etc has stopped working. All other dials work, and I've checked the cables are all plugged in, but for some reason just that dial isnt working. Any ideas?
  2. Hey guys, I think my continuing issue of oil leak is coming from the rocker cover. I did a replacement before on a SR20DE with the help of a friend, but I didnt pay much attention to what the steps were, and what to look for, etc. Parts list? ie do i need some sort of liquid sealant or something as well? cleaning stuff - can i just use brake cleaner? also, there seems to be many brands available of the gaskets, SCA alone have 6, ranging from $24 to almost $70. Is there a particularly good one or bad one? Is there other tuning/servicing I should do while its off already?
  3. 09 Camry headlamp socket

    try a wreckers?
  4. Newbie asking about 2005 Camry Altise Alternators

    Seems to be the time for new alternators on the camry's, 3 others i know with 03-05 camry's (and me) have had them replaced in the past 12 months. I got mine on ebay, and is perfect. they're easy to replace with common hand tools too
  5. So my dad gave me a very old fuel siphon thing, one side was short but strong and flat plastic, the other side was concertina stuff but a fair bit longer. i tried to siphon out some fuel to run the mower and the short side didnt reach the fuel tank so i decided (stupidly) to use the other, bendy crappy concertina side to get further down the filler neck. well, it broke off and has been sititng somewhere either in the filler neck or in the fuel tank for about 6 months, and i had a quick look at removing it on the weekend but couldnt see how to get to it from the boot, so im guessing i have to remove panels and/or go under the car?
  6. 2004 ACV36R Camry clock unit change to MCV36R

    In any case, I believe the MCV has a (slightly?) different ECU, along with the different clock unit, so that may be a proble, but I could be wrong. Not answering your question here, but I use a $15 ebay OBD2 bluetooth adapter and Torque app on my android phone which gives L/100 and a whole bunch of other stuff, I log it to a csv then upload it to google drive and do some extraction from there into graphs etc
  7. 2003 Altise AC control illumination bulbs out

    sadly the only ebay seller (only aus based seller i can see) is newtowntoyota, selling them at $2.08ea with $10 shipping! ripoff! anyone know of other sellers? i need all 5
  8. 2003 Altise AC control illumination bulbs out

    i have the same issue and i found the panel impossible to remove. theres the heater and cooler coils at the back that i couldnt remove. got the clip undone but then theres a wire inside i couldnt seem to disconnect. im sure the bulbs are available online, if you can get to them
  9. the force is not strong with this one
  10. 04 Camry Starter Motor

    ok, swapped the batteries, started fine. so that and the voltages, its the battery
  11. 04 Camry Starter Motor

    Ok, I've got the wife to turn the ignition while i had the multimeter on the battery, and it went down to 5-6V. Gonna put the barrety from her car into mine and see if i can start it, or is that a bad idea?
  12. 04 Camry Starter Motor

    cheers. will test battery too.
  13. 04 Camry Starter Motor

    Starter finally died today, been getting progressively worse, and the battery is at 12.4V, so it does sound like the starter, right? Main question - been asking around for prices and they ask me if its the 10 or 13 teeth starter. Does anyone know? Will be pulling it off tomorrow anyway but thought i'd get a head start. Anything else I need to know for the replacement?
  14. in that case, replace the AUX cable and you should be right. Dont think my tweeters ever worked, and sadly still have all 4 stock speakers, 3 of which are blown...
  15. ha! thats amazing. I have an 04 camry with a DPX-5140BT. that sort of static is usually bad connections speaker <> stereo if its coming from all speakers. if a single speaker, that speaker may be dying