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  1. i have the same problem. im thinking of finding a friend who is good in metalwork and bending up something with metal, as plastic will just break again
  2. solution - the fluid reservoir was low, below the point where the clutch line comes in. So there was a heap of air in the clutch system and it took a lot of bleeding. Pro tip, get a one man bleeder, its worth the $17, even if you have help.
  3. ACV36R - went on a fairly long trip on the weekend, mostly cruising in 5th, no problems. Drove to work and back yesterday, no problems. Get in my car this morning and the clutch point feels like its very close to the floor, whereas its normally around the middle of the clutch pedal travel. What should I look at when I get home? would it be the clutch is needing to be replaced, or just an adjustment is required? I have been noticing in the past 6-12mo that the pedal is sometimes squeaky if that means anything.
  4. I've noticed many of the XV30's i see on the road have busted bulbs in the passenger side taillight/brake light. maybe even specifically on the pre facelift ones, as the post fl have a different design. Is there a known issue with the passenger side brake light? I've had my 04 for about 5 years and have had the bulb go 3 times, whereas the driver side hasnt failed once.
  5. sounds like a dodgy ground connection somewhere. its gonna be a PITA to find
  6. my only thought then is the reader itself. i have this one: https://www.ebay.com.au/p/Elm327-Bluetooth-Obd2-OBDII-Auto-Car-Diagnostic-Scanner-Scan-Tool-for-Android-PC/16027598703?_trkparms=aid%3D666006%26algo%3DPRP.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20151029144032%26meid%3Debd95787f6124f409e71b1e09b75c579%26pid%3D100534%26rk%3D14%26rkt%3D15%26&_trksid=p2349526.c100534.m4207
  7. hmm. I'd look more into the "ATIB 96 \n ATIIA 13 \n ATSH8113F1 \n ATSP A4 \n ATSW00 " settings and adjust slightly. Do you have the v6 or I4? https://torque-bhp.com/wiki/Custom_Init
  8. Also, are you sure you have your phone paired to the bluetooth?
  9. My ABS light flashes too, I believe its just a bug with the connector, ABS works fine Screenshots - can you post to imgur or something and give us the links?
  10. assuming all fluids are topped up (eg coolant, oil etc), I would be looking at the belt tensioner (although the belt seemed to be running smooth), radiator mounts and fans, and checking the timing and spark plug gaps. have you noticed it being down on performance or anything?
  11. actually it will work, just with a slight config change:

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