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  1. sounds like a dodgy ground connection somewhere. its gonna be a PITA to find
  2. let us know how it goes
  3. my only thought then is the reader itself. i have this one:
  4. hmm. I'd look more into the "ATIB 96 \n ATIIA 13 \n ATSH8113F1 \n ATSP A4 \n ATSW00 " settings and adjust slightly. Do you have the v6 or I4?
  5. Also, are you sure you have your phone paired to the bluetooth?
  6. My ABS light flashes too, I believe its just a bug with the connector, ABS works fine Screenshots - can you post to imgur or something and give us the links?
  7. assuming all fluids are topped up (eg coolant, oil etc), I would be looking at the belt tensioner (although the belt seemed to be running smooth), radiator mounts and fans, and checking the timing and spark plug gaps. have you noticed it being down on performance or anything?
  8. actually it will work, just with a slight config change:
  9. i found the issue, forgot to update theres a little thin metal thing that slides over the upright for that the knob sits on, it completes a circuit from one side of the upright to the other. will take pictures next time i open it up. Globes btw are T5 and are available at jaycar for $2.50 a pop -
  10. Well I still havent replaced my Air Selector unit globes, but in pulling one out to identify a part number, the control to select Head, Foot, Demist etc has stopped working. All other dials work, and I've checked the cables are all plugged in, but for some reason just that dial isnt working. Any ideas?
  11. Hey guys, I think my continuing issue of oil leak is coming from the rocker cover. I did a replacement before on a SR20DE with the help of a friend, but I didnt pay much attention to what the steps were, and what to look for, etc. Parts list? ie do i need some sort of liquid sealant or something as well? cleaning stuff - can i just use brake cleaner? also, there seems to be many brands available of the gaskets, SCA alone have 6, ranging from $24 to almost $70. Is there a particularly good one or bad one? Is there other tuning/servicing I should do while its off already?