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  1. Performance is fine no problems with the power, its just weird at times the vibration sound in the car is loud (A/C on) and at times it isn't as loud, would like to compare it to another Camry and see the difference.
  2. Hi all, this is an engine bay view of my car with the a/c on and car on drive. There is a strong and loud vibration sound whenever I'm stopped at traffic lights in the car, was wondering what it could be.
  3. ZRCamry04

    Recommended Engine Oil, 2004 Camry 2.4L

    I think mine is starting to consume a little oil, this is roughly just under 10,000km of driving with the oil My driveway is not fully flat, so may not be as accurate
  4. Hi all, what is the recommended engine oil to use for the 4 cylinder Camry's Used this oil for my last service https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/castrol-castrol-edge-engine-oil---10w-30-5-litre/516277.html#q=Castrol+oil&segment=1&page=1 Was wondering if I should continue to use this or change it up Car is about to approach 100,000km
  5. Hi everyone, just wanted to know whether these cars idle a bit high on cold starts, or is there something wrong with my car. It was around 6 degrees Celsius that morning.
  6. ZRCamry04

    2004 ACV36R Camry clock unit change to MCV36R

    I decided to give a shot, grabbed a trip computer unit from a MCV36R Camry and installed it in my car, and none of the of the extra features works, only the over speed limit and kilometres to destination which you can set manually.
  7. ZRCamry04

    Best Spark Plugs to use on 04 2.4L Camry

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4-X-DENSO-IRIDIUM-SPARK-PLUGS-IK20TT-suits-TOYOTA-CAMRY-ACV36R-ACV40R-2AZ-FE/252505268639?hash=item3aca7ca19f:g:z80AAOSwgZ1XtlrP#rwid Is this the long life iridium spark plugs or just a regular one?
  8. Hi all, what type of spark plugs do you guys use on your Camrys. Would anyone of you all know if these spark plugs are good https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bosch-Spark-Plug-Set-suits-Toyota-Camry-ACV36-2-4L-2AZFE-2002-2006-4cy-2362cc/132490197814?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bosch-Spark-Plug-Set-of-4-suits-Toyota-Camry-ACV36R-4cy-2AZ-FE-2-4L-2002-2006/122649270554?fits=Make%3AToyota|Model%3ACamry|Plat_Gen%3AACV36&epid=28005067714&hash=item1c8e77591a:g:sKsAAOSwdd9aX9eh
  9. ZRCamry04

    Toyota Camry Altise 2005LE (Australian) ODBII

    Does anyone know if there an app similar to Torque Pro on the iPhones?
  10. ZRCamry04

    TurboGauge IV not working on 04 Camry

    Oh I see that makes sense now, thank you very much, I will give that bluetooth adapter a shot
  11. Hi just recently purchased this Turbo Gauge IV to track my fuel usage but it does not want to connect to my vehicle. Would you guys know if any of these Scan tools work with the OBD2 port on the Camry as this site https://www.fueleconomysolutions.com.au/page/obd-ii-applications-guide/list-of-obd-ii-cars-in-australia/ suggest that 2007+ model Camry only are compatible with the scan tools but the 02 - 06 Camry all clearly are equipped with the OBD2 ports.
  12. Hi got a loud vibration sound when car is in drive and with a/c on, not as loud when a/c is off but still present, what could be the issue.
  13. ZRCamry04

    2011 Prado D4D 3.0 squealing noise

    Only happens when the engine is cold, anyone know what could be causing the sound, sorry for the short clip.
  14. ZRCamry04

    2011 Kakadu no passenger door light wiring harness

    Seems to be the original door, I will take off the door trim and see if the harness is tucked away in there.
  15. Hey guys I got a Kakadu 2011 and decided to replace the passenger door light as it’s been out since I purchased the car, however as I pop the cover out there wasn’t any wiring harness connected to the door light. The other 3 doors have their door light and a wiring harness but its just the passenger door that does not have the wiring harness for the door light.