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  1. Hi, Has anyone successfully used the odbii port on this car to connect to a program like torque to get vehicle stats? If so, how? I have tried using one of the generic elm 327 bluetooth dongles, but as soon as it is inserted the abs light flashes. I had read online that this may be due to pin 14 and the dongle interffering with the can bus on that port (some people had reccomended disconnecting pin 14) no idea if that information is correct although. I have also tried asking toyota what coms protocol the vehicle uses for odb2 but it apppears they have no idea what their own vehicle uses. I believe it uses some variant of the can bus. vot
  2. Votality

    Fuel Economy

    Hi just wondering if anyone else has a camry altise 2005 LE and can give me an idea of the number of km's they get to a tank around town. Normal 95 octane. Air-con on some of the time or all of the time. Just not getting as good economy as expected.
  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Votality :)