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  1. 83 people seen this and no opinions..? Geez, tough audience.. 😳
  2. Greetings Gents... Just seeking some opinions about the price I should put on my car for sale next month...its come time to go down to 1 car, as we are both retired and my partner prefers her corolla to drive than a bigger car.. I'm just wondering what price I should sell it for..its in very good condition, has 120,000 klms on odometer and its a presara. I'm the second owner..log books up to date..and Michelin tyres still very good.. I'm thinking $12,000 or next offer..? Would that be a fair price..? Appreciate your opinions... Bigmike..
  3. Tony Prodigy... Hi mate...and thanks for your detailed opinion on this issue I've raised. Your insight is what I needed. You put forward an intelligent argument for not useing engine flush, particularly if the servicing has been up to scratch..my 09' presara was serviced properly before my buying it, according to the log book..no idea what oil was used though.. I'll go with your advice and stop useing it I think..It is overkill I guess and also detrimental to the quality of the new oil being put in. I will of course continue to change my oil every 6 months , and continue to use penrite 5W30 full synthetic.. Cheers..👍😁
  4. Greetings Gents.. I'd like some opinions please on useing an engine flush treatment before every oil service.. I have since owning my 09' Presara, at each oil service, twice a year, put penrite engine flush through the motor.. however, I've been warned twice now, these last 2 services not to use it. Ruins the seals I was told on each occassion.. however, on the bottle of engine flush it says" no solvents". I'd like to know if any of you guys use an engine flush and what your opinions are on useing them..am I damaging my motor..?? TIA..👍
  5. Stephen, I did most of what you did after purchasing my 09' 40 series Presara, 2 years ago, with 70,000 klms on it.. Additionally, I replaced front and rear rotors and brake pads.. Also, a year ago I replaced the potentially troublesome water pump, before it had a chance to fail...Im not sure if this is an issue on 50 series cars however... Now I do an oil change twice a year, useing Penrite full synthetic 5w30 oil, at 6 month intervals and I log book service it once a year.. so 2 services a year. I hope you get many years of happy motoring, as I have so far..👍😉
  6. Hi guys, Few days ago I drove my 40 series Presara from Yeppoon ( Rockhampton Coast) to Brisbane.. Useing 95 Ron fuel, achieved 7.5 ltrs per hundred for a large portion of the drive.. At one point got 593..klms for a half tank.. Driving mostly at 100kph or just under.. tyres at 40psi and virtually no extra weight in the car..used cruise control most of the way.. I'm very impressed still with the economy that can can be achieved with this V6 car that's 14 years old..😁👍
  7. Greetings Gents... Well, it wasn't the rear left wheel bearing after all. After putting the car up on the hoist, the mechanic found that the noise was actually a completely collapsed rear left shock absorber.. They recommended replacing both rear shocks, not just one.. So 5 hours later and $748 in parts and labour, the car is now "wierd noise" free and driving far better... Cheers for your replies.. Bigmike..👍
  8. Greetings Gents, I've had a annoying noise for the past month coming into the cabin at low speeds mostly. Decided it was way too annoying and took it to my local Ultra Tune for diagnosis. The mechanic who came for a drive with me to hear the noise, says it sounds like a wheel bearing problem.. Couldn't find anything on the site here for that problem..Does anyone know if the wheel bearings on the 40 series Aurions are an issue..? Anyone got any idea how big a job this might be? Cheers, Bigmike..🤔
  9. Tony Prodigy I agree, it's a great drive and motor in our Aurions.. and as far as electric cars go, I'd prefer to take a bus or train than drive one of those characterless silent fakes. I'll be driving this Presara till they drag me from the steering wheel..lol. 46 cars In my life, 90% were 6 cylinders or 8's.. had plenty of 4 cylinder cars, but I always ended up selling them for more power, as I hate overtaking on a highway with a 4, and ****ting my pants, if it's going to kill me....😝
  10. Recently drove to Rockhampton.. 09' Presara, got the consumption down to 7.2 ltrs per 100klms.. thats on 95 Ron, at a steady 100kph. Around town, it does about 10 ltrs per 100. I just idle around town mostly, and take it easy. Never had an issue about my cars consumption, I think for a 6 cylinder, it does exceedingly well..🤔
  11. I buy Michelin.. have done for many years..not the quietest tyres I've ever had, but Perhaps it's just the crap roads I travel on around Toowoomba. Running michelin Primacy 4, on my 09' Presara atm..they have proven to be truly great tyres, in all road conditions. You get what you pay for with tyres, your life may depend on them one day, don't skimp..
  12. Still doing an oil change on my 09' Presara every 6 mths, with Penrite 5w30 Full Syn. Car runs beautifully.. not doing any interstate road trips anymore, so just around town and the occasional trip to Brisbane, which gives it a good run at 100kph. Very happy with my Aurion so far..😄👍
  13. My 09' Presara has 102klms on the odo..bought it at 70,000, plan to keep it until gasoline cars are banned or I die first. Seen an Aurion online for sale 2 years ago with nearly 500,000 on it..owner said it was fine. Twice yearly oil changes and regular yearly logbook services, I think it'll go for many years..Also got the Water Pump replaced last year at a toyota dealer, just in case it failed on me during an interstate journey, of which I had been doing regulary these past few years..
  14. Thanks Tony Prodigy and Campbeam for your opinions and advice.. I've filled up the coolant reservoir with just under 1 Ltr of Penrite Red OEM Pre- mix .I'll keep an eye on it this week, as I'm off for an 8 hour drive in a few days to Rockhampton.. Cheers Gents...👍🤜
  15. Greetings Gents, Just a short quirey, I've just noticed that my coolant level in the expansion tank is at the low level.. This has not happened before..recently had a new water pump put in and wondering if it might be the cause of the low level..? Or is it normal to have a low level appear after a long interstate drive ? I bought some Penrite Red OEM Pre mix today and will top it up from the low level to the high level..Im assuming the 1 litre bottle will be enough for that ? would appreciate your advices and opinions, please. Bigmike..🤔
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