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  1. Greetings Gents... Used the Turtle Wax Headlight cleaner..needed to apply it 3 times each headlight, as the smokey parts were stubborn..It did a very good job, removing at least 80% of the bad areas.. I'm satisfied with the results..Just used as much elbow pressure I could, didn't have a polisher as was mentioned earlier.. Thanks for the advice on the product guys, it worked a treat..
  2. Greetings and Happy Easter Gents... My quirey is about my Headlight plastic..its a bit smokey on both headlights.. Has anyone used any products to remove this problem before and can you recommend any brand.. Cheers..BigMike62
  3. My 2009 Aurion I think has had its dash replaced by its previous owner, I wasn't sure at first, but the replacement fit isn't perfect..it dosent look like machine done..no stickynes so far as yet. But if it does start to melt, I will replace it at cost if need be, I couldn't stand that on my car..
  4. Just bought DBA Rotors And Bendix pads for the rear of my 40 series Aurion Presara.. Paid $197 for both through the online Sparesbox company.. Just got quoted $120 to remove old rotors and pads and replace with these new ones, I thought that price was quite low..from Ultratune.. Just thought I'd pass these costs onto this forum, someone might find it useful..
  5. I've had numerous European and Japanese cars and always use Maguires leather cleaners and condtioners..never had a problem maintaining the softness and appearance... This 09' Presara I have now, fortunately had excellent leather seats, looked after by former owner.. Cheers
  6. Hi guys, wow that was great work with the transmission service..Im wondering.. I got my mechanic to service mine just after purchasing, it had 71,000 on the odd.. How often should this be done ? Cheers.. Mike
  7. Greetings Gents... I've just had my 3rd oil change this year..started with Penrite 5w40 for first oil change after buying the car in march this year..and now have had 2 oil changes with Penrite 5w30..all full synthetic. Maybe its my imagination, but the car seems to drive quieter and even smother on the 5w30.. Just an observation.. Fuel economy on long trips is unchanged.. Cheers...
  8. Thanks Tony Prodigy. Im surprised it'd be that quick.. But great.. Thanks mate...
  9. Hi guys... Does anyone have an idea of how many hours labour is involved with replacing the front struts on a 40 series Aurion ?? Thinking of getting it done, my mechanic is not a rip off merchant, but Im just curious how long it would take..
  10. Thanks campbeam... Yes had the transmission serviced 4 months ago.. Im thinking of perhaps the MAFS sensor needs a clean ? Some members have mentioned that as a thing to do for better power and consumption. Still haven't been able to improve on 440 kilometres a half tank.. next trip I'll be taking a different route to Rockhampton, less hilly and twisty... will get a wheel alignment and rotate balance done before the trip also.. Cheers buddy..😀
  11. Hi guys... Just got back from an 8 hour drive to Rockhampton..this is my best fuel consumption to date for Quarter tank.. No over taking and cruise control almost constantly.. Half tank was a disappointment though, because I over took several times and only got 430... Got another big trip coming up soon in December..will try harder to improve the milage..Also, I had just had the oil changed, tyres rotated and balanced and running 40 psi. Fuel was BP ultimate 98 ron..
  12. Campbeam, thanks for your discussion. I had on that occassion returning to QLD and going to NSW, got a wheel balance and rotate done.. Yes, 7.6 litres per 100.. I did see that figure appear on one of my previous 10 hour drives.. I have an Oil change coming up before my trip to Rockhampton, a slightly thinner Viscosity this time, perhaps that will improve my economy. Along with as you mentioned, useing better control over the accelerator.. I'll check back in and give my economy figures after the trip on the 8th September.. Cheers.. Mike
  13. Recently returned from NSW to QLD, Toowoomba.. A 10 hour drive. On the way back I got 455 klms for a half tank. That's the best I've achieved for a half tank so far since owning this car. I use 95 ron Caltex and run 40psi in the tyres.. I think I can do better, because I can't find the patience to stay behind road trains, and overtake several times during that 455 klms.. Going to Rockhampton soon, an 8 hour drive from Toowoomba, going try my best to not overtake and beat that 455 half tank.. has anyone done better milage than that ? Mike..
  14. Good to know I'm on the right track, thanks for your opinions and advice. I'm useing Ryco oil filters too, by the way. Also, Some of the gents on this forum recommend cleaning the MAF sensor, to perhaps improve the fuel usage.. I'll get my mechanic to do that, as I have no experience in mechanics,
  15. In regards to sludge build up; On oil changes, I've decided to change every 6 months regardless of kilometres.. Oil isn't so expensive that 6 months oil changes will affect my budget. I'm using Penrite 5w40 full syn, but will soon change to 5w30 spec and also stick with this Aussie Brand. So I'll do 2 services a year on my 09" Presara, That's 1 log book service and 1 just the oil and filter..

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