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  1. Hi guys..just bought online the Bendix Ultimate Pads, paid $99 for the pair, discounted down from $144. Also, got a quote from my mechanic for Labour and oil flush, refill. He quoted me $200. I supply the rotors and pads.. so it's looking like sub $550 for the whole task. Seems reasonable to me..
  2. Thanks Tony for your opinion and advices. I can't do the job myself, but have a good Independant mechanic I've started to go to, who will do it. I will buy the products through Repco I think and supply to the mechanic. Do you know how many hours Labour might be required to do this job ?
  3. Looking at doing my front Rotors and pads soon. Any opinions or advices of DBA T2 slotted rotors, and bendix ultimate pads ? I'll be getting a mechanic to do it.
  4. Hi Tony Prodigy, thanks for your advices and opinion. Actually, I had a C36 AMG Mercedes years ago and ran that on nulon. It was very smooth and in my mind, improved it's performance. I will use this Penrite now that I've spent $100 buying it, if it burns oil too much, I will dump the Penrite and go with Nulon 5w30. Glad your Aurion has benefited from the long use of Nulon. I always try to source Australian made products where possible. Cheers
  5. Kombi17.... Good to hear that Penrite 5W40 has been going well in your Aurion and Kluger. It's been a hard choice with s o many allegedly good full synthetic oils out there. Buying Australian was important to me, even though there were cheaper alternatives. I look forward to driving the car with this new oil. Cheers
  6. Thanks for your opinions Gents..I checked the Toyota manual and it seemed to me that 5w30 was better suited to colder climates...I could have chosen nulon also I guess, just Penrite seemed to have good reviews. Also thier website live selector said this spec was suitable ? They have this extra 10 theology going on, it's saying that at higher ambient temperatures a higher viscosity is better for reduced friction !! I'm telling you this oil subject has done my head in a bit. If I see reduced economy and higher oil usage between changes, I'll turf it for Nulon 5w30. In the mean time I'll pass on my observations here till next service. I'm going to do 6 monthly services on oil each year, I've decided. Cheers Gents.. 😀
  7. Greetings Gents, I cannot find the other topic about Aurion Oil and spec, I know I've seen it but can't locate it. So I'm starting this topic about my experiences with Penrite 5w40 Engine oil. I decided to go with Penrite based on 2 things, it's Australian made and owned and Because of the spec of fully synthetic 5w40. This will be the first oil change I have done since owning it for 2 months. Don't know what was previously used in it, probably multi grade I'd say. Bought 6 litres of this penrite for $72 at repco, also bought a 1ltr. So have 7 ltrs for the mechanic to fill the 6.1 Ltr oil requirement. I will post my observations periodically about how the car feels and the consumption,etc.
  8. Update gentlemen.. Drove back to QLD today. Car was faultless again. Overtaking power so nice to have getting around Roadtrains. Car did 448..klms for half tank. And did well on quarter tank too. I think it's good for around 840 klms till light comes on.. Really enjoying this car. Glad I bought it. Great economy for a 6 cylinder.
  9. Greetings Members, I did my journey to Lithgo NSW, from Toowoomba. I got 432 klms for a half tank. I also got down to 7.6 litres per 100 klms. But most of the trip was around 8.4 litres. I filled up again at Coonabarrabran and drove to Lithgo on just under half tank again. So I'm pleaded with the fuel consumption. I guess a possible range of a bit over 800 klms for 70 litres is possible. Hopefully I'll do a little better on the journey back to QLD. Also, I used 95 Ron, Caltex.
  10. Thanks guys for all your opinions and advice. I'm very interested in seeing how many klms I can get out of a Tank full. Mind you, Getting stuck behind Road trains is annoying and they usually flick stones at the car, but I will try my best to limit overtaking. Will post my fuel consumption figures when I reach Lithgo. Cheers Gents..
  11. Thanks for your replies gents, I guess it's like 4 or 5 litres more, after the first click at the pump. Yes it seems there is an issue with over filling I wasn't aware of. I'll keep pl that in mind and keep it to 2 clicks from now on. Just got the tyres rotated and balanced for the trip, and I keep 38 psi all round in the tyres. That higher psi in the tyres helps with consumption I'm led to believe.
  12. Thanks for your replies gents, What I will do is monitor the consumption and if it's three quarters empty at moree or narrabri I will refill. I too don't like to get lower than quarter full usually. Its a ten hour drive and I'll use cruise control for 90% of the journey, that should help consumption. One thing I do when filling up is, I put as much fuel in the tank as possible, usually it overflows a little bit, then I know I have maximum fuel. Should be 70 litres at max I guess. Does anyone know if that's dangerous ? I've done it with all my last 30 plus cars, and I seem to get longer distances.
  13. Thanks for the reply, I'm hoping to get to coonabarrabran.. which is 576 kilometres from Toowoomba, before adding fuel. Moree is only 370 odd k's which the car should do easily. I'll post my fuel consumption, after the journey.
  14. After buying this 2009 Presara 2 weeks ago, I'm taking it for its first long drive.. 10 hours from Toowoomba QLD to Lithgo NSW. What sort of range can I expect on a full tank ? Will it get 700 ? Appreciate your replies...
  15. Thanks for your input KAA.Im hoping your right. I've bought a dash protector anyhow. So strange how the majority of Aurions between 06 and 2011 are affected, but a small number are not !! My build was June 09, was your update car later in 09 ?