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  1. On my regular trips to Sydney from Toowoomba, I use cruise control almost exclusively for the whole trip..for the highway/ freeway driving I find it gives me much better economy, than if I try to keep my foot steady for hours at a time.. but as has been said, on hilly sections the economy will suffer if cruise is used.. My 2 cents worth.. Cheers.. Bigmike
  2. Same as Campbeam, I use it mostly going down the Range in Toowomba, saves me working the breaks too hard.. Bigmike...😉
  3. The one I have, looks like this ..although there are many different shapes and sizes you can find online..
  4. Bigmike here, mate my Presara of the same year as yours, has the same issue..I like to use a usb stick..so I bought a Bluetooth device that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.. Goes great..about $50 I think I paid on ebay.. Cheers..
  5. Bigmike here,.. I plan to keep my 40 series presara till it hits 300 thousand, it's sitting on 94,000 ATM.. I'll continue to do 2 penrite 5w30 oil changes a year and see how that goes.. I honestly think this car will easily do 300 thousand.. Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth..😉
  6. Tony prodigy, good to see another person useing Penrite 5w30.. Since owning my 40 series Presara, That's 18 months now, I've fed it Penrite oil..I think it's great to support an Aussie company.. I'm doing 2 oil changes a year, regardless of kilometres travelled. I want to keep this car for at least another 5 years and I enjoy looking after it.. Cheers to you for taking care of your dads car.. Bigmike..😃
  7. Had my spark plugs changed at 70,000 klm. Mechanic charged me 1 hours labour for the job.. I didn't think that was excessive? Bigmike...
  8. Greetings Gents.. Just a quick submission.. Changed my tyres from Michelin Primacy 3 to Michelin primacy 4.. I've had them on for 3 weeks now, and they are quieter than the 3's..I did a run down to the Gold Coast recently also on them, and they are definitely a better tyre then the previous Primacy 3. Paid $204 per tyre, at BJ.. Very pleased with these, I actually wanted Pilot 4, but none were available in my tyre size at the time, However, I'm not disappointed at all in these.. Cheers..BigMike
  9. Greetings Gents... Used the Turtle Wax Headlight cleaner..needed to apply it 3 times each headlight, as the smokey parts were stubborn..It did a very good job, removing at least 80% of the bad areas.. I'm satisfied with the results..Just used as much elbow pressure I could, didn't have a polisher as was mentioned earlier.. Thanks for the advice on the product guys, it worked a treat..
  10. Greetings and Happy Easter Gents... My quirey is about my Headlight plastic..its a bit smokey on both headlights.. Has anyone used any products to remove this problem before and can you recommend any brand.. Cheers..BigMike62
  11. My 2009 Aurion I think has had its dash replaced by its previous owner, I wasn't sure at first, but the replacement fit isn't perfect..it dosent look like machine done..no stickynes so far as yet. But if it does start to melt, I will replace it at cost if need be, I couldn't stand that on my car..
  12. Just bought DBA Rotors And Bendix pads for the rear of my 40 series Aurion Presara.. Paid $197 for both through the online Sparesbox company.. Just got quoted $120 to remove old rotors and pads and replace with these new ones, I thought that price was quite low..from Ultratune.. Just thought I'd pass these costs onto this forum, someone might find it useful..
  13. I've had numerous European and Japanese cars and always use Maguires leather cleaners and condtioners..never had a problem maintaining the softness and appearance... This 09' Presara I have now, fortunately had excellent leather seats, looked after by former owner.. Cheers
  14. Hi guys, wow that was great work with the transmission service..Im wondering.. I got my mechanic to service mine just after purchasing, it had 71,000 on the odd.. How often should this be done ? Cheers.. Mike
  15. Greetings Gents... I've just had my 3rd oil change this year..started with Penrite 5w40 for first oil change after buying the car in march this year..and now have had 2 oil changes with Penrite 5w30..all full synthetic. Maybe its my imagination, but the car seems to drive quieter and even smother on the 5w30.. Just an observation.. Fuel economy on long trips is unchanged.. Cheers...

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