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  1. Good to know I'm on the right track, thanks for your opinions and advice. I'm useing Ryco oil filters too, by the way. Also, Some of the gents on this forum recommend cleaning the MAF sensor, to perhaps improve the fuel usage.. I'll get my mechanic to do that, as I have no experience in mechanics,
  2. In regards to sludge build up; On oil changes, I've decided to change every 6 months regardless of kilometres.. Oil isn't so expensive that 6 months oil changes will affect my budget. I'm using Penrite 5w40 full syn, but will soon change to 5w30 spec and also stick with this Aussie Brand. So I'll do 2 services a year on my 09" Presara, That's 1 log book service and 1 just the oil and filter..
  3. Wow, 1000klms..I doubt my car would get that as it sits now..but I will do as you have advised and see what happens. Thanks Campbeam for your opinion.. Also, I have tried using Caltex 98ron, but got worse results..strange. I thought it would have run leaner with 98..never mind, I don't bother with 98 anymore, and stick with 95ron all the time.. Cheers Mike
  4. Hi Tony prodigy.. I've never considered that the cruise is contributing to higher fuel consumption. I thought it's meant to reduce fuel consumption. I do a fair bit of highway cruising and use the cruise for most of those journeys. Actually I can't keep my foot on the accelerator for more than an hour, as I get foot cramps If I try. I will try to limit overtaking on my return journey and see if that improves my mileage... Cheers Mike
  5. Greetings Gents, Been running the Penrite HPR full synthetic, 5w40 in my 09' Presara for a few months now. Fuel consumption seems ok, but acceleration seems a little more sluggish, than before. No idea what was used before I changed it. So I'm going to change to Penrite 5w30 next oil service. Not happy that I can feel the acceleration has been subdued. I guess in hindsight I should have used the exact oil spec that was in the handbook. Duh ! Cheers.. Bigmike..
  6. Greetings Gents, Bought my 09' Presara with 4 new Michelin Primacy ST 3 tyres. Done about 8,000 klms on them so far. I find them to be very grippy in wet weather and great on the long highway drives I take regulary. Got them balanced and aligned recently, and the guy at Bob Jane says they are good for another 2 to 3 years yet. I will probably go to the Primacy 4's when these need replacing. Cheers Mike62
  7. Greetings gents... Just a quick word about my recent front rotor and pad replacement. Been a couple of months now since I had my local mechanic replace my Presara's front rotors and pads. DBA rotors and Bendix ultimate pads, Penrite dot 3 brake fluid. Brakes are brilliant. Pedal feel is very firm. Down side is that these pads cause a lot of dust on the rims. Washing them weekly Atm. I'll replace the rear rotors and pads on my return to QLD. Cheers Mike62
  8. Greetings Gents, I just drove down from Toowoomba QLD, to Lithgo NSW, 10 hour drive. Fuel consumption hasn't improved from my last trip down here. Can't seem to do better than 440 klms per half tank and 230 klms for quarter tank. Using Caltex 95 ron, and 40psi in all 4 tyres. I also use the cruise control 90% of time. Before leaving I had a wheel rotate and balance and Alignment.. Going back to QLD in a few weeks, I'll try again to get better results.. Cheers Mike
  9. In partial response to your post, I've been using Meguire's leather conditioner for years on various cars I've had. Seems to be very good and I apply it every 3 months to all the leather areas. I use their vinyl/ plastic care product too and apply that once every month.
  10. Thought I'd add my 2 cents worth..recently did a 10 hour drive interstate, got the average consumption down to 7.4 Ltr per 100. That's the lowest it got during the 10 hours there and then coming back. 214 klms for a quarter tank, 448 for a half tank. Used Caltex 95 Ron and 40 psi in the tyres. Used cruise 90% of the time, and only overtook trucks a couple of times and not full throttle.
  11. Hi guys, got the ATF service done a month ago and forgot to post..It cost me $160. It got flushed and serviced with new oil.. I don't know what he used, I should of asked what brand. I was going to leave the next ATF service until it has done 140,000. But think I will do it with the brake fluid every 2 years instead....
  12. Thanks Campbeam, wow, I'm surprised the Rotors will last that long..thanks so much for your opinion.The Rotors I'm ordering are "DBA - T2", slotted. Slightly better than standard I believe. I want good brakes and am prepared to pay a bit more to get that. All up, the cost will be about $550 fitted..I think that's reasonable, I have medical reasons for not doing it myself.
  13. Question...sorry I realise your not talking directly about this, but you have mentioned brakes.. Once I do the front Rotors and pads, what is the usual service life in years before next replacement, given I am very gentle on the brakes. Cheers
  14. Hi guys, I don't have the space in my carport to do wheel cleaning, so instead, I'll give the car a good wash and then Use Maguirers leather conditioner on all the leather interior bits. Im used to looking after my leather seats well on each car I own. I like knowing the leather is clean and supple. Guess I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to keeping a clean car. 😆
  15. Hi guys..just bought online the Bendix Ultimate Pads, paid $99 for the pair, discounted down from $144. Also, got a quote from my mechanic for Labour and oil flush, refill. He quoted me $200. I supply the rotors and pads.. so it's looking like sub $550 for the whole task. Seems reasonable to me..