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  1. Hi Coby, I think your only hope is someone who is not your mainstream company as the age of the head unit and parts will be the biggest obstacle. If it was me I would be looking at a replacement head unit, you get the latest upgrades and Sat/Nav as well as a quality sound. Maybe dig around on Facebook for a wrecker who has a unit undamaged for plug and play or look around or advertise on Facebook in your area. Let us know how things go for you KAA
  2. LOL those beads on mine will have to wait till the cyclonic winds we have had here go away, hopefully tomorrow as my wife and I finally get to have anniversary date. Today was bloody horrible and mini cyclonic winds came out of nowhere for a few hours. Now if I had bead porn on the car and watch those sexy beads of water fly away LOL KAA
  3. Oh stop teasing me with your porn beads of pure joy Ash LOL, I am sure if it had been bigger winds with the rain they would have rolled away beautifully but a run around the block would shift them for sure, well done mate great Pics KAA
  4. Hi Mike, yes a good price considering it is a dealership doing it, nothing worse after being so long unable to go anywhere than worrying about being stranded, so well done on the forward thinking mate KAA
  5. Hi Jeff, like Ashely I am sorry to hear of that news, had never heard of fan issues for the hybrids so let us know how things progress and what they believed caused the malfunction of the fan to begin with. Glad the dealership is doing all they can to help but the delay would certainly be annoying. I many many years ago worked for Toyota and the spares issue was always just that an issue for anything that required import from Japan, I am sure COVID has made it even tougher but at least they are on it and I hope all is resolved soon mate, just keep us updated Keep Safe KAA
  6. Hi DF, Welcome to the forum Hope you enjoy mate KAA
  7. Yes I am a fairly gentle driver and only on occasions when "She Who Must Be Obeyed" is not in the car do I let the young lead foot out in me LOL Usually I must admit I just like to cruise gently and enjoy the knowledge that if I press my right foot down I can leave many behind LOL Checked again today and it was 9.2L/100 so I am due to get out now and give it a really good run, well at least as far as we are allowed right now so family visits that are way too long overdue so at least on a freeway for about 1/2 hour KAA
  8. Hi Muhammad, I can't assist with the rattle/grind sound but I am sure others will help with that as many good minds on here. The fuel consumption really has a lot to do with your driving style, tyres also pay a big part and most of all maintenance of the beast under the bonnet and transmission. I personally wont use full unleaded at any time unless really stuck with no choice, I use E91 and if the price is right E95, lately most petrol stations are not budging on price wars so all are expensive so E91 it is, when I check the economy read out my normal usage for short (COVID restricted) trips I am getting around 9.7L/100 this is pretty much the normal for me, as always there are days I just want to enjoy the power and the who cares about fuel consumption part of me kicks in and like Ashley said enjoy that power feeling. We have debates before about using the E98 verses E95 E91 so there will be some threads I am sure in the Aurion section to read, but if I recall most thought it really a waste of money for what you gain, I am sure when we can do some long drives a few more comments will be coming regarding fuel economy Keep Safe KAA
  9. Tony's Toy store is growing rapidly, they look bloody fantastic Tony, so now we need updates on how they perform and what is next for the store Thanks mate for the Pic's KAA
  10. Nice discovery mate, always good to look back and read what they thought about our beauties, I know ours has stood the test of time and is still a total pleasure to climb into every time and cruise our "Faye" may be a 2009 model but still feels brand new. KAA
  11. More great tools there Tony, it will be like having Christmas every day at your place LOL KAA
  12. Hi James, I am not 100% sure but I think Robin has it right, I recall when we changed our head unit the guy at Monster saying that the DVD is required. I am sure others will correct me if this isn't the case. KAA
  13. Welcome to the forum Gary, I am sure you will be able to assist many here with your years of experience and knowledge. KAA
  14. Hi Steve, yes I believe from memory you do have blue tooth on the head unit. I had nothing but issues with using the blue tooth on our Presara as it would work then not on my phone and same with my wife's phone so we replaced the head unit all together. If you have a owners manual it should say there how to activated it I recall something about having to pair your phone to the unit first. I am sure others will help if they can mate. KAA
  15. AWESOME, lovely beading and looking like a million dollars my friend, thanks again for the updated Pic's KAA
  16. I am awaiting the Steven Spielberg epic to come of the insides of Mr Sludgy LOL KAA
  17. Ok so seeing the last few posts mate I have this stabbing pain in my right hip, seems to centre on the pocket area when wearing pants LOL Ohh it's that hmmm they look nice I must have disease I think it is called Tony's Toys OCD syndrome LOL Damn they look great Tony Thanks Mate KAA
  18. Awww Tony they are so bright and shiny, will be so sad to use them actually as being packed so well and looking so good. Still you remain the Guru of things detail and fun toys mate LOL Thanks for the Pic's had me thinking hmm I could use at least one of those and then hit my head and said NO ROBERT NO LOL KAA
  19. Damn Ash I had hoped Sludgy was behaving itself by now, you know it is doing it too annoy you and sounds like it is winning right now, I am sure you will get your own back soon mate KAA
  20. Welcome to the forum Jack, plenty of brilliant minds on here I am sure can help with what you wish to do mate, there are already lots of threads in the Aurion section where others have posted their mods or upgrades so enjoy a read KAA
  21. LOL as Paul Hogan would say NOW THATS A SPANNER, great additions mate ty for the Pic's KAA
  22. Welcome to the forum Michael, let us know how you find the new toy and throw some Pic's up we love to see others Toyota's KAA
  23. Hi mate, yes a nice addition to Sebastian looks great and fitted well KAA
  24. Aww Tony, these teases you provide are awesome LOL, if only we can get back to the days of being able to just spend hours in there to browse and select the goodies. And yes your right teenagers are doing the naming of all new products these days it seems. KAA
  25. Hi Salinda, yes if possible try for a better close up Pic of the button, I also could not find any reference to it in the owners manual. So advise is same as Tony, try pressing it and then check outside the car to see if you can hear or see anything that has changed. Keep Safe KAA

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