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  1. Tony it is a rant that needs to be out there more often, Yes Karma finally bit him hard and I enjoyed a great nights sleep after it. We are in a 50KPH zone and I have no problem with any of our neighbours as all have young children who love to play football kicks on the street, we all try and watch out for them and all get along great, so in a way he allowed a good bonding session for all who came out to laugh and cheer the police. As you said the lack of respect the lack of manners these days is just so frustrating at times, and really came out into the open with lockdown panic buying an
  2. So last night saw something that just burst my lungs laughing, for about 3 months we have had an idiot racing his little white Mitsubishi Lancer down our street randomly, he would sit at the end of the street rev his motor and then speed at about 80 plus down the street and out on to a main road. We have tried in vain to get his licence plate but he has some sort of cover over it, we did manage to get some photos but he was way down the road by then. However recent road works along the main road and several side streets have finally paid off as they put a speedhump on our road as many had requ
  3. Same advise as Ashley, all depends on road conditions and how you drive, when my wife and I did a road trip a few years back too Melbourne and back here to NSW we got an average of about 8lt per 100Klm and did drive very much on the limit. so I would plan well ahead and allow the stops for rest and refuelling in major areas, also will depend if your travelling the coastal way or inland Hope you do get to leave and it is a safe and enjoyable road trip mate
  4. Welcome to the forum Mitch, I am sure the brains trust on here can help with some suggestions, I know if it was me I would be doing the same as you and going to the Sunraysia as well with some nice chunky Muddies attached
  5. Yes a tyre shop would be a good investment, also same here Ash the difference in stations can be as much as 20 - 40 cents a litre if not more. As always they are fast to raise the prices and damn slow to lower. When we filled ours I also had 2 jerry cans in the boot so topped them up and will add when required to tank so hopefully not needing to visit any stations in a month or so plus needed some for the whipper snipper and hedge trimmer. the mowing I leave for a guy we have used for about 6 years and I like to support good reliable tradesmen who do the job just as I would do it myself.
  6. I detect a Very Happy Camper now Tony, well done and can't wait for the trail feedback KAA
  7. We filled our Presara today, at one station I use a lot close by had their fuel at 125.5 where most were at 147.9 or more for U91, so topped up reset the 2 trip distance readers back to 0 and checked the fuel consumption mode which read 12.3L per 100Klm..so happy happy camper, and like Tony said if you do regular oil drops the use of the 95 and 98 Octane fuels really is mostly a hip pocket decision. Have not seen any 95 for under 150.cents per litre for ages so 91 it is for me for the foreseeable future. Plus one day Tony will open his own Oil shop so we will all be in the money 😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄
  8. Hi Ben I have the same year model Aurion but ours is the Presara, I got sick of the connection of trying to play music using my phone so ended up replacing the head-unit. I have seen a few of those blue tooth connector units around and am sure it is one answer for you and Mike has said it works also the head-units around vary so much in price and those that are excellent quality cost a packet. Let us know how you get on mate KAA
  9. Bill your most welcome, as Tony said don't throw it in and part it out, is the head cracked? I am sure somewhere there would be a head I also will keep an eye out for any contacts I have. I would do a google search for Australian Parts suppliers, there are many many suppliers for old vehicles, also I would suggest if you do have a good mechanic get a list of all parts needed as it will help with your search have all the vin numbers model numbers etc listed as well We are always happy to throw our 2 cents worth in to help in any way we can mate KAA
  10. Well lets say that is a unusual question, but my guess would be maybe if lucky to the nearest petrol station mate as I would not attempt anything past that as the last thing I would want is to lock it on the side of the road and walk KAA
  11. Hi Bill and welcome to the forum, I know the feeling of losing a wonderful car like a Cressida, we had one for about 5 years and loved it, have you tried Australia for the parts required? there are many larger suppliers here that may be able to track down either the gaskets and parts or perhaps a motor. Sad to say it but it may end up being a lost cause I hope not but in the end it could be a very expensive exercise the only other option may be a replacement engine that will fit I am sure any who can comment with ideas will do so, as many on here are diehard Toyota lovers Good Luck K
  12. Good informative video Ash TY mate KAA
  13. Welcome to the forum John, there are many great minds on here to help in any way they can, nothing is a silly question so ask away and enjoy the forum. Sounds like a good low mileage car and as Ashley said maintenance is the key so hope it has good history as that will make things much easier for you in the long run. KAA
  14. Welcome to the forum Ian, many great minds on here to help if they can with any questions, enjoy KAA
  15. Welcome to the forum Gary, a lot on here have that IF ONLY moments in our lives, I had a 69 Mustang Fastback in the dark green colour and then meet a girl. hmm even though the Mustang was a love SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED became the true love of my life and has been for many many years so the Mustang went and even though at times I wish is still owned it my wife is still the one and only. I am sure your history will prove useful on here to many and when that beauty of RAV arrives we will enjoy your updates on how it is to live with Keep Safe Down there Mate KAA
  16. Hi Stephen, I have only filled from near empty about 3 times in the ownership of our Presara, the first was when we bought it as it was near empty (Typical from dealerships grrr) and used the 95 octane, then started using 91 I can't say I noticed a big difference either in mileage or performance but then neither She Who Must Be Obeyed or I are lead footed, I must say however when on really long interstate drives I found acceleration and distance better on the 95. as it is now approaching 12 years old it still has that power and smoothness as it had brand new. We always treat the lady well, reg
  17. Thanks for the post and pic's on your dad's service mate, when it comes to keeping these beauties perfect and on the road nothing is too good for them. Glad you got the opportunity to do this for your dad plus to know he is being treated with the respect due all car owners, and not being used as a cash cow by those who choose to just gouge money. KAA
  18. Noticed this in todays news, please read and check if affected https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-24/toyota-hilux-recall-fire-risks/100159784 KAA
  19. Petrol is the one thing I always try to do right, I only use the same service station when in my home area, I always put nothing less than 91 in the tank and if the price is low for the 95 I use that, lately the prices jumped 30 plus cents per litre so 91 is it. Many here only use 95 in their cars and that is fine it is a personal choice, some use E10 as well and as the cars are built to handle the E10 I choose not to use it unless I was traveling and had no choice but to use it. It is like most things to do with cars, personal choice always comes into it as well as money, as She Who Must
  20. Latest news on KIA Sportage and Stinger Recall's involving engine fires https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-17/kia-cars-hit-with-recall-over-engine-fire-fears/100144566 KAA
  21. Welcome to the forum Norma, I am sure any that can help will help. I know how you feel as driving at night with the modern super bright LED headlights coming at you that are not adjusted properly can be very dangerous as well as damn annoying KAA
  22. Yes a very weird issue, have never experienced that even when charging my Phone also a Samsung but could be as Tony suggested drawing too much power. would be interested to hear if it is only your Note doing it, because as you said if you unplug it will lock Keep Us Updated Please KAA
  23. Welcome to the forum Paul, lots do lurk on here but many like Tony and Ashley are fonts of wisdom so any questions welcome as we will always try to help out, enjoy KAA
  24. Welcome to the forum Chris, yes they are fun little beasts, my niece has one and loves it, KAA
  25. Yes so much knowledge has come our way from Tony, every time i do anything involving cleaning our Presara I think "Now What Would Tony Do" LOL She looks a beast Ash, I am sure the yard will be an easy job now with that much power, and are they cup holders on the piece between the handles? If so then at least a 2 can mow job it seems LOL KAA

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