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  1. Hi Mike YW Mate.. yes all features of the Presara are covered Reverse camera, steering wheel controls etc..yes wasn't cheap but as the car was wonderful already well worth the cost in the end.. KAA
  2. Hi Mike, I ended up going to Monster Audio and got a Clarion VX506AU head unit, I had them install as well as they also had the proper surround that made it fit perfectly in the space of the old head unit, I am sure now-days there are an even better selection of units out there as I had this done about 6 years ago..it had the ability to have all steering wheel controls working as well the bluetooth is wonderful, i prefer to use a usb stick for all my audio as when they fitted it they installed 2 cables into the glovebox so i use one for the flashdrive, that way i can add or remove songs..so maybe go into a few audio stores or online and see what is out there, I agree i was disappointed with the original unit considering how awesome the car is..Hope you get it sorted soon and enjoy KAA
  3. Hi Michael, yes i checked a few sources for updated disc's etc for my head unit saw all way too costly to spend that sort of money so in the end thought stuff it and bought a new Clarion unit...yes did like the look of the original unit so kept it boxed up so if i ever sell the car i have it ..not that i foresee it ever being sold as we love to drive it..still feels brand new and I kept it very well serviced and clean..hope you at least find something you can live with as far as music maps etc KAA
  4. Had issues with the standard head-unit with pairing and outdated Navigation disc so ended up replacing the unit with a far more modern and reliable one, i found that trying to live with the issues were not worth it I hope you get whatever is the issue is sorted soon if not think about updating the whole unit KAA
  5. Welcome to the forum Harry KAA
  6. Welcome to the forum Will KAA
  7. Welcome to the forum Raman, Enjoy the Aurion KAA
  8. Welcome to the forum Jim KAA
  9. Hi Gene, Glad it is sorted out,seems a good head unit you ended up with..always good to have a professional do the install and always have that peace of mind it is done right, Thanks for the Picture and keep us updated as to how your find its performance and reliability Keep Well KAA
  10. Welcome to the forum Chris KAA
  11. Hi Malko, sorry mate have never come across anything like what you have before, so sorry can't offer any advice about a head unit that would still give you those functions. All i can suggest is Toyota themselves but I would expect it would not be a up to date HU and would cost a fortune anyway..all I can think of is a new unit and doing away with those functions which really would not be a huge inconvenience as you can still lock or unlock the car, turn lights on and off manually. At least a new head unit would allow you to have up to date Sat/Nav and a great sound. Hope you get something sorted soon and keep us up to date KAA
  12. Welcome to the forum Tony.. KAA
  13. As Adrian said there are plenty of alternative HU's out there, as always it comes down to what you wish too spend to get what your after..Most modern HU's will have the ability of Sat Nav etc built in..when i replaced our Presara one i found Monster Audio had 5 different ones to pick from depending on price..as i wished not to do any damage or stuff up any electrical i got them to fit and have never had an issue..so I would suggest checking out a few car stores for what is best suited for you. I am sure they will have a suitable HU for you and can list what cable required to have steering wheel controls, rev camera etc function still KAA
  14. never had an issue with it before..but as ZZ said try a few different methods to fix it or yes check out wreckers for replacement one..hope you get it sorted easily KAA
  15. TY Mate I will try that, i thought it would be easier but seems not Appreciate the help KAA
  16. Welcome to the forum Steve, Pretty sure some on here will have some advice for you KAA
  17. Ok silly question but how do i remove and add new Pics to the My Attachments section of my profile..I looked but could not see any indication as too how to do it, so if anyone can advise me I would be much appreciated TY KAA
  18. KAA

    Security Breach!

    Totally agree with Ashley about a guard dog, nothing like a large angry hairy beast to make people think twice about trying anything, I added more sensor lights with motion detectors attached to them at least gives you some light to see if anyone is about..some mates use motion cameras as well placed high up which record on movement but always comes down to money you can afford .. KAA
  19. I doubt Andy anyone on here will give you Nonsense advice, like Ashley stated all the basic things like filters, oil and fluids will certainly add to the car running nice and smooth for further kilometres KAA
  20. KAA

    Hiro's AE102

    Sorry to hear of your loss mate, may 2020 be a far better year for you and your family KAA
  21. KAA

    New Camry

    Welcome to the forum Kevin, You must take some photo's for us to enjoy KAA
  22. On behalf of my wonderful wife and I, Merry Christmas and may all have a safe and better 2020, We all know on here how tough it has been for so many with the horror of the bushfires raging around us, so please stay safe if your in the areas affected and may your journeys if travelling our highways be safe and enjoyable. KAA
  23. Hi Hezza, I would Imagine posting in the Corolla section would be the place, If any Mods suggest another spot I am sure they will post it, Looks like a great buy mate so did well for the price, Enjoy doing what you have planned and keep us updated as I am sure other will always benefit from knowledge you gain Merry Christmas and may 2020 be an awesome year KAA
  24. Hi Bob and welcome to the forum, I went to monster car audio and spoke with them to find one I liked that not only did all I wanted as far as Sat Nav but had all the bells and whistles as far as audio, phone, video for rev camera etc, they installed for me as it requires the right harness to have all the steering wheel buttons work, Plus the surround to fill the space that the old head unit leaves when removed.. I would not tackle this myself as I did not want anything to short out because of something i did..I would suggest if you are planning on doing this yourself to at least talk to a good audio shop and see what they can offer as far as advise..There are some excellent head units out there so a lot to look at and with Christmas and New Years sales very close some great deals as well Let us know what happens mate and Good Luck hope it is sorted quickly for you KAA