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  1. Glad you made it safely Ash, that is my birth place and I loved Cairns..haven't been back for a very long time so wouldn't know the place now, but I have beloved memories of the place..at least the beast got a good run and glad all went well..have a ice cold one for me KAA
  2. Same Comment here as Tony,Keith I am almost positive you will not find covers for those holes, Toyota thinking would have been why would anyone remove the seats, I do hope you get it sorted as holes sitting open is always a great place for dust and crap to accumulate let alone water KAA
  3. Ash just keep safe out there, enjoy the break and look forward to hearing all the news when your back..breath in that fresh for all of us mate and love to you and your family KAA
  4. So finally a sunny enough day to get the pressure washer, the foam cannon, the new Nextzett Colourtec Iron Wheel Cleaner and wheel brushes out of the garage and give the beast a well deserved going over, Damn Tony that stuff is awesome..I will have to remove wheels next time around to get fully at the inside of the alloys. But a good spray and after about 20 minutes and some brush work WOW what a huge difference, I did all i can get to from the outside and they looked brand new..so Thanks Tony for the info on this product it is well worth the price and I highly recommended it Keep Safe KAA .
  5. so True Tony, it now takes a degree in engineering and computer science to just do a basic job job on these modern day engines, hence i don't touch a damn thing except tyre pressures,putting in fuel,checking dipstick,adding washer fluid and visually checking the engine..my mechanic is the man to do the swearing and fixing saves my blood pressure. I now days just keep it clean shiny and smelling nice inside Keep Safe KAA
  6. Yes mate you have it all sorted..Just stay safe on your trip and will look forward to the results when you check it on your return Keep Safe KAA
  7. Wow, now that is being thorough..really thorough..I have always allowed "She Who Must Be Obeyed"..to suggest and guide my endeavours.. or at least allow her to believe she is..that way I get things done and she gets to think she got it done with her input..Naturally it was me all along who got it done but happy wife happy life, I do hope your trip is wonderful for you, enjoy that open road and air and unwind the brain Keep Safe KAA
  8. So true about the not driving much mate...we are all thinking of you in Victoria..do the right thing and stay safe Your not alone KAA
  9. Well the courier arrived today with my Nextzett Colourtec Iron wheel cleaner and the plan I developed with "She who must be obeyed" was awesome..I can get my pressure washer out..my foam gun, my brushes and new cloths and go to town on the car..while My Love makes coffee and advises me on what I have missed cleaning ..The Perfect Plan....and then it starts pouring rain..Grrr Typical..(and the guys who look at the wet string and say rain or moving string and say wind)..say it will continue all weekend.. Bummer..oh well at least i can sit and read the bottle and wait..from all reports I have read and your posts Tony it looks great So Plan B is now next week..Thanks for the post Tony you have all of us jealous with you amazing looking beast Keep Safe KAA
  10. Hi Ash, Would certainly be interesting and if you do give it a go also interesting if it does give any benefit to tyre pressure maintenance Keep us updated if you do decide to give it a shot mate Keep Safe KAA
  11. You will find Nat that many on here are excellent sources of information and assistance..We are all lovers of Toyota and take pleasure in being helpful to each other to keep our pride and joy on the road Keep Safe KAA
  12. Welcome to the forum Gary KAA
  13. I told you it is the temp checks stores are carrying out that is leaching my brain LOL..yes got the advise of the courier service tracking code so should arrive here Friday it said ..I am on the Central Coast of NSW so half way between Newcastle and Sydney..a fairly safe area for COVID had a few cases but fingers crossed doing Ok I found quite a few tools I impulse bought so was like Christmas..I have now cleared a good size area to do the I will keep and I won't keep thing tomorrow mostly it is old tools which my Dad gave me over the years that i am struggling with ..sentiment is always tough to part with but I also will have "She who must be obeyed" to aid me in that task tomorrow..she has already got boxes set out ..so a lot will bite the dust here and when some more donation places open up they will travel on to another life Keep Well My Friend KAA
  14. Awesome reply Thanks Tony..I am headed off to grab some new cloths and actually did find the Car care products supplier for the wheel cleaner who say they will have it delivered by end of the week..now that depends on Aussie Post actually delivering it in that time period but not in a rush so fingers crossed for a weekend clean job..I do have some excellent wheel brushes that fit nicely into the openings on the alloys and have never used them..I found them while doing a long needed clean out of garage..and went Ohhh forgot about these ..always appreciate your detailed posts mate so thanks yet again☺☺☺ Keep Safe KAA
  15. Thanks Tony..Awesome reports with awesome Pic's Thanks mate..you do a excellent job of looking after your beast..makes me jealous I don't have the energy to get into all that you do..Where did you buy the wheel Cleaner? as it did an excellent job I am planning on pulling off the wheels this week to give them the care and attention they deserve as I have only done areas I can get too without removal but they do need a good going over on the inside I noticed today. Keep Safe And thanks again for the detailed report KAA
  16. KAA

    Avalon Re-Born ?

    Virtually the same reply as Ash, I regularly read up on latest tyre deals and crosscheck reviews about ones i feel are suitable for my car and driving style and preferences, I don;t mid paying a small amount more for the better quality brands having had them on my cars for years..It always pays to check out a few dealers for deals like pay for 3 get 4. I have a short list of ones I know are good quality and never for a cheap alternative..as others have said they are your only saviour between the car and the road KAA
  17. I agree with all comments about the Power and torque that the Aurion provides, I like many am not into pushing the car I just enjoy knowing if I need to push down my foot it will always deliver..not only POWER but also a smooth delivery of that power..Mostly I just enjoy the fuel efficiency along with the smooth and comfortable feeling sitting in the cabin enjoying music and my wonderful wife beside me I miss long trips but then I am not alone in that fact, and if all will do the right thing we can all get back too seeing loved ones..beautiful places and adventure again soon Stay Safe KAA
  18. OOOOHHH NO!!!!..now I am dragged back in as well for next service..I think I have 5 litre pack left in garage but at that price will grab a few more Thanks Tony..as always appreciated KAA
  19. KAA

    Avalon Re-Born ?

    Same here Tony..saw that post and thought hmm i have a litre of my wife's singer oil I wonder Hmmmm.. I also feel that my wife and I are losing our mind's and I blame the girl at Kmart who takes our temp every time we go in..I am sure they are erasing my brain with the scanner..I was with the wife who was looking for Tracksuit Pants and we came out with new sheets..another Hmmm moment LOL 😱😱😱 KAA
  20. I don;t know if it is imagination but I always feel the engine is much quieter when an oil change service is done..not that the noise has ever been bad but could be I know it is fresh.. I have mostly been using full syn for about 5 years now..10w 30..or recently 5w 30..never really noticed any fuel improvement but on checking the mode button today i am at 12L per 100 so happy with that..however not a huge amount of distance driving last few months..last 4 oil changes have been using Nulon full syn 5w 30..and yes read the same thing about a lot of R&D by them Keep Safe KAA
  21. KAA

    Avalon Re-Born ?

    I agree with Tony about who looks after my car..I have used the same mechanic for 20 years now..would NEVER go to anyone else..Mostly because he knows me..knows what I like..knows my vehicles..always does the best job possible..always friendly both himself his wife and his mechanics..PLUS..in these mad times I would rather give him the work and keep his family business operating rather than a huge company who are all about turnover and money Support small local business in these sad and scary times they need us KAA
  22. Thanks Stephen for the info, As most Aurion owner will say yes you do nitce the power difference on the 98 and even 95 octane fuels, Personally I never run it on E10, I tend to use 91 90% of the time, and about once every 2-3 months use a tank full of 98 or 95 depending on the prices at the time..it is very clear when that is in the tank the boost it gives..I am not saying E10 is bad..as many use it all the time and the engine is designed to run on it well..I am just one who prefers to use a better grade of fuel if possible..Hopefully as the prices are down and if the nutjobs do the right thing about COVID we will all be able to get out on the black stuff and enjoy a good long run again..miss getting out with the my lady enjoying our wonderful country Keep Safe Keep Well KAA
  23. KAA

    Avalon Re-Born ?

    Glad i am not the only one taking a nice nap on this rainy Sunday..has been heavy rain all day here on the Central Coast..however this morning I did manage to get into the garage and clean the seats and leather trim in the Aurion..I am getting near the end of my Oakwood Kit and wife said she is going to spoil me with a new kit..I have used it for years on many cars and always find it brings up the leather beautifully..so I think I will stick with it..plus love the feel of nice soft clean leather ..always surprised how dirty the steering wheel gets..must be from the sweat of watching out for idiot drivers, and the ones like yesterday that take it for granted i will let them in when flying past me towards an oncoming 18 wheeler and diving in..fortunately i always allow for that and back off as they do their idiotic thing Keep Well All, Stay Safe Stay Smart KAA.
  24. So often wondered when seeing UNLOCKS HORSEPOWER statements..where do the horses hide before being unlocked LOL KAA