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  1. Ahh TY Tony for the smiles..what a little helper..these days of madness and isolation good to see he takes after his Dad and has an interest you can both do together Stay Safe My Friend KAA
  2. Agree that using 5 W-30 is the way to go, i have only ever used it since having our Presara..I also Use Nulon in all the cars I have owned as i have always found their oils excellent quality..i would suggest as you have already made the purchase of the 7 litres use it and think about using the 5W-30 next time..as the heat up your way is going up each year, the difference should not be an issue with the 5W-40 Enjoy your Presara..as we have never ever looked back after buying ours they are beautiful to drive KAA
  3. Agree Tony, they are out there somewhere, usually i can see them coming up in my mirrors..i am doing the speed limit and they always want past me..i just ignore and make sure there is room between myself the car in front, and allow for them to overtake me and then have to slam into that gap..as a huge dam truck is coming the other way..IDIOTS..or as i call them temporary Australians. Keep Safe Stay Safe and enjoy the escape on the drive you take to relieve the stress
  4. Welcome to the forum Ray KAA
  5. KAA

    Security Breach!

    LOL Tony, yes that would do it as well, especially one who is getting edgy being in isolation KAA 🤧🤪
  6. Glad all went well Mike, and that you managed to get home safe and sound, even though we are all in isolation now my wife and I try to duck out for a drive just to feel an escape from 4 walls and still enjoy our Presara enjoying some nice tunes as we silently cruise the roads. Stay Safe Mate.. KAA
  7. Hi Tony, I assume it is the same procedure for later series, yes a real PITA job but with patience and care is easy enough to do, i replaced mine about 2 yrs ago myself..and only issue is the space to fit hands with equipment to remove and fit the actual light housing especially the drivers side, battery side i found way easier I also bought my globes off Ebay..and went with the 6000K Philips Set, the difference is really noticeable right away so was well worth the swearing and nicks on the knuckles.. Good Luck and Stay Safe KAA
  8. Thanks Ashley think i will invest in the same set..looks a handy item to add to the tool cabinet, Cheers for the info mate, keep Well Keep Safe KAA
  9. TY Tony for the info..I have talked to my mechanic in the past about that tool as i also have read out it..he said that he refused to use it as he prefers to do it the way Ashley said by hand with a 3/8" drive..mainly because he finds it is better to feel the unit is fixed properly and know that it is never over tightened..something to think about..as nothing worse than paying good money and getting something that turns out to be garbage..Please keep us updated as to what you discover with you purchases..at least they have backed their product with the warranty KAA
  10. Hi Alex, Like Ashley and Warren have stated best to use available options, I am sure i have seen various options in places like supercheap or autobarn stores both in storage containers with dividers in them and as warren showed storage bags made of tough nylon..sure hope you find something to save the roll arounds in the boot KAA
  11. Glad your trip went well there..yes good economy hope you enjoyed the cruise KAA
  12. Hi Mike, like others have said you can add a little more when filling..I also don't tend to over fill unless doing a very long open road trip..then that little extra tends to burn off fast..A good idea to top up when possible..I also keep around 36-38 psi in the tyres when on the open road journeys and lower for around town when home, I hope it is a smooth and pleasant trip for you..let us know how it all goes for you..but most important of all stay safe KAA
  13. Hi Mike, I agree with Ashley, i did a long driving holiday from NSW Central Coast to Melbourne and surrounding areas and got over 10kms per litre at average highway speed, and around town still get 11-11.5 kms..i would agree to refuel just for peace of mind as i don't like my tank under 1/4 full at anytime..just a habit i have as the old (you never know thing) and if anything urgent does arise at least i know i can just jump in and go. I hope you enjoy your trip..stay safe..just cruise and enjoy the adventure KAA
  14. Hi Mike yes mine is September 09, so yes I guess we are the lucky ones who are not affected..however I always keep and eye on the dash when cleaning the car and just do all I can to keep it protected..plus I do try to keep it garaged and when out use a windscreen shield, as the car is still perfect that is how i want to keep it..best car I have ever owned still ticks over like a swiss watch and super efficient on fuel..hope yours continues to be awesome KAA
  15. Hi Mike, I also have a 2009 Presara..Mine is the update model for that year but also..NO Dash issue at all..still perfect..i do maintain it by using good quality vinyl cleaner and protector on it but guess like you got lucky..so many didn't..so fingers crossed it stays that way..if it hasn't destroyed itself by now can't see it happening KAA
  16. Welcome to the forum Kaye KAA
  17. Hi Mike YW Mate.. yes all features of the Presara are covered Reverse camera, steering wheel controls etc..yes wasn't cheap but as the car was wonderful already well worth the cost in the end.. KAA
  18. Hi Mike, I ended up going to Monster Audio and got a Clarion VX506AU head unit, I had them install as well as they also had the proper surround that made it fit perfectly in the space of the old head unit, I am sure now-days there are an even better selection of units out there as I had this done about 6 years ago..it had the ability to have all steering wheel controls working as well the bluetooth is wonderful, i prefer to use a usb stick for all my audio as when they fitted it they installed 2 cables into the glovebox so i use one for the flashdrive, that way i can add or remove songs..so maybe go into a few audio stores or online and see what is out there, I agree i was disappointed with the original unit considering how awesome the car is..Hope you get it sorted soon and enjoy KAA
  19. Hi Michael, yes i checked a few sources for updated disc's etc for my head unit saw all way too costly to spend that sort of money so in the end thought stuff it and bought a new Clarion unit...yes did like the look of the original unit so kept it boxed up so if i ever sell the car i have it ..not that i foresee it ever being sold as we love to drive it..still feels brand new and I kept it very well serviced and clean..hope you at least find something you can live with as far as music maps etc KAA
  20. Had issues with the standard head-unit with pairing and outdated Navigation disc so ended up replacing the unit with a far more modern and reliable one, i found that trying to live with the issues were not worth it I hope you get whatever is the issue is sorted soon if not think about updating the whole unit KAA
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  23. Welcome to the forum Raman, Enjoy the Aurion KAA
  24. Welcome to the forum Jim KAA