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  1. My apologies 😉 Still coming down off it's cold start idle, which on the 1MZ-FE i always thought was high, but hey... it's not "abnormal" for it to raise up to 1800rpm - 2000rpm then come down after 30 seconds roughly, improves heat up, which in turn reduces emissions, better oil pressure, less wear, etc
  2. Actually wrong, all engines will burn the slightest amount of oil (crankcase vapour), and even by the book it's "up to X amount every X amount of k's" I can't remember exactly but mine doesn't burn anything noticeable, oh i actually mentioned it in a prior post 😉 Full Toyota service history MY05 2004 Toyota Avalon Grande. When i say full, i mean all the way back to 3km on the odo with every interval documented at Toyota & now me lol. One owner, elderly guy. I couldn't not buy it. All the extra cooling options part of the tow group has severly extended it's expected life span. Ticked over 237k the other day, doesn't drive like it Now running full synthetic fluids where applicable. Mobil 1 0w40 (and Toyota OEM filter) Penrite ATF full synthetic (also flushed the power steering rack/cooler), etc etc Upgraded the bulbs to phillips XtremeVision all round (+130%) massively improves light performance & colour) high, low & fogs Only thing it needs is D bushes & that's it. Otherwise there isn't a thing wrong with it apart from it not being driven, now i've been driving it, runs like a top Freezing air con too 🤣 Even the auto headlights work properly how they should be done (not how ford/gm of the time did) i run it on 98RON Because i choose to run all my cars on it, yes they do noticeably benefit from it (being a high compression engine 10.5:1), also having an adaptive ECU that tailors to octane rating (Ford had that on the Barra), Toyota had it on the first gen (Well Mark 1) Avalon. Either way, it kills EcoTec's gracefully & smoothly 🤣🤣🤣 Basically i only use OEM filters. Unless it's Mercedes where i worked for quite some time, then i just go Mann which manufactures them for Merc but sticks them in a Merc box lol.
  3. I'm just taking the shank/tounge off i gather. The system is still there, i've got backup sensors sooo 🤣 I hate backup cameras, call me old school for preferring sensors. Well the Avalon actually was a suprisingly stout car when it came to towing, in terms of braked and unbraked towing capacity, etc. But i'm not going to be towing with it full stop. I have plenty tricks up my sleeve don't worry 😉
  4. It's the only conclusion i can think of. But i think the fan setup/blade design doesn't warrant for a 3rd fan when they pull alot more air through. Even without a tow pack the fans are the same. But having the external coolers i do appreciate. It had a tow pack that still looked near new, probably had a small bike trailer twice that's how clean/rust free the ball was, i've since removed part of the system. I'm not going to use it But the coolers, massive plus !
  5. The Avalon was re-tooled for Australia from the US market, we only got it for one generation (99' - 05') which was basically the XX10 but completely changed, improved & better than the first gen US model which was rather bland, Australia changed alot in suspension, body structure, crash protection, etc etc. Even though it was an older design, we just did it better 🤣😉 I had a hunch it might have been a universal "one condenser fan does all, even if not required as much" sorta situation. But strange the Avalon didn't, the only thing i can think is because mine has an optional external power steering cooler & transmission cooler, i got higher volume fans or something. I had just got home from work, a friend of mine was busting my chops asking about a Camry wagon with a V6, i looked at it, etc and noticed the condenser fan. I crashed not long after 🤣🤣🤣 Well we're in stage 4 lockdown so i can't do much. Why not strike a convo with the boys ? Naturally i would have presumed so, but i know the starlet had an external condenser fan lol 3 examples, 2 have it but alot of the other ones don't. Strange 🤣🤣 Or like i predicted the fans are completely different, they have a more generic low volume fan. Avalon had Lexus ES300 fans which are higher flow, either sold as 1 twin unit or 2 seperate ones. In my case 2 seperate fans with the same design blade. (Example A) XV20 (Example B) XX10 & later fitted to the XV30 Camry
  6. I actually have a completely stupid question to ask. Am i the only one who thinks it's odd that the Camry of the same era had the same dual cooling fans (V6) and seperate condenser fan mounted up front, where as the Avalon just had twin electric fans ? I noticed it the other day now i think about it. Any light would be appreciated. MCX10R (Avalon) twin electric, but no condenser fan ?, could be the blade design is higher volume thus not needing a 3rd ?. XV20 (Camry 4cyl/V6) twin electric & third seperate condenser fan. XV30 (Camry 4cyl/V6) twin electric ?, not sure if they retained the third condenser fan.
  7. Couldn't agree more, no excuse why people can't afford quality tyres if they've spent 50k+ on a new SUV 🤣 I see older Falcons, Commodores, Camrys, etc with higher quality tyres than i do newer cars (the old timers didn't skimp out), this excludes the skid pig editions which i have no sympathy for lol, the rare responsible driver that is 🤣
  8. By the book they were designed for 5w30 (preferred), 10w30, 15w40 or 20w50 But that was back in 2005 Since then there's better alternatively 5w40, 10w50, 0w40, 0w30, etc etc I'm not running a 50 weight, i want a 40 weight that's closer to a 30 weight which the Mobil 1 0w40 is. Hence why i chose it. I've had plenty sucess with this oil, so i'm using it. Car doesn't leak any fluids at all, had the engine completely resealed as a preventative (rocker cover gaskets, crank seals, cam seals, etc)
  9. Hey the Avalon is a bit of a project at the moment, but don't worry, when everything is done how i want it, i'll be sure to forward through some pics 😉 Oh i agree, the Avalon has alot of Lexus ES300 tech ripped straight out of it. Atleast on the Grande trim level, number one obvious thing is Toyota/Lexus's "Optitron" instrument cluster. And a few other small details. But thick, soft & durable leather you just don't get anymore. It's that thin stuff that feels & looks like vinyl, or half of it synthetic material. Just need to get a few things done 😉 Every engine gets warm, but the rear bank tends to get a little toastier than usual because all the heat off the cats reflects up on the firewall. It's not an issue obviously, doesn't affect air con performance which in old school Toyota form is over poweringly cold 🤣🤣 I'm sticking with how Toyota maintained it, and obviously the other elderly guy knew too about the potential sludging issues (less common on the revised 1MZ) (post 2002). Some were 15k, but every record i have were between 7500k - 8500k. So i'm sticking to it, even though i feel for the poor ***** 🤣 I'm the same, i let the idle come right down from it's "cold start" idle. And wait about 15mins before i push it a bit, if need be, but usually i don't. I can be heavy footed at times, hence why i'm going to a group IV/V full synthetic not a highly refined group III But most 0w40, 0w30, etc are a group IV/V true synthetic. Hence why i've chosen Mobil 1 0w40. Better suits my driving style periodically. Doesn't burn anymore oil than the owners manual states, 0.5L every 1500km or whatever they have stated, which is normal operation. It's alot less than plenty other cars i see 🤣
  10. A wide berth ?, more like a titanic girth 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Exactly why i'm always extra cautious of dickheads. Even the slow idiots that do 60 in an 80k zone. I'm a confident & safe driver even though sometimes i can be a lead foot, you're allowed to accelerate however up to the speed limit 🤣
  11. I spend good money on good rubber, the continentals on my Avalon at the moment are great. Low noise, good grip, etc They're NOT one of them rubbish "economy aiding" tyres, they're more a sportier better grip focused tyre. No excuse why soccer dads/mums can't afford new tyres, they forked out 40k+ on an SUV. My car is at risk due to their stupidity. One reason we pay so much for insurance 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Buy new, don't make the mistake i see far to often. Brand new/near new SUV's with basically bald rubber yet they have children in the back ?, pathetic. I wouldn't say sludged up, but definitely that premature brown staining on the top end, etc
  13. Well a 2020 Camry SL V6 starts at around 45k before options, fees, etc (made to order not a demo) And a 2020 Kluger Grande starts at around 68k before options, fees, etc (made to order, not a demo) Considering the common powertrain, almost 70k for a jacked up minivan platform ?, get real 🤣🤣🤣🤣 (figuratively speaking)
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah basically every soccer mum car owner, cheapest possible maintenance. When realistically they're getting ripped off hardcore buying a crossover/SUV. When a Camry fully equipped has a price tag 20k cheaper lol Roughly anyway. Same 3.5L V6, 8sp auto, etc
  15. It's your car, service it when YOU want, don't let dealerships bully you. I do one service at a family mechanic for the past 20+ years & one at a dealership i know/trust. They've always been fantastic, i supply my own fluids but. Considering my Avalon has impeccable Toyota service history, i wana keep it at Toyota partially. Full synthetic all the way 😁