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  1. @Tony Prodigy I was doing some research and calling up a few contacts that i know. So i've used Penrite ENVIRO+ GFS in both my Toyota & G6E, now.... after several services i personally don't think it stands up to the expectations i want. I stick with their ATF's purely because i know they're brilliant, higher flashpoints than alot of the competition, similar composition makeup with a bit better additive/anti-wear packs, etc. But oil wise i'm switching to Shell Helix Ultra 5w40, upon looking as the base oils & GTL. I'm looking forward to having the protection i want, etc. The Ultra better competes with Penrites Ten Tenths range. Also i was very particular about the dynamic viscosity at -30 (Helix ultra's tested at -40), suppose shell wanted to go a bit further, along with at 40ยฐC & 100ยฐC. Now.... the HPR5 is brilliant don't get me wrong, but the base oils in the Helix Ultra exceed, whilst being a not overly thick 5w40 which is what i was after. Both are SP spec which is well above the specs back when they were new. It'll be interesting to see the results come the next intervals. Less impurities, better final product i say. Off memory Penrite & Nulon get alot of their oil from Singapore, where alot of the base in Shell is Qatar haha ! I remember one of you boys saying you've had nothing but good results with it. Notes worth mentioning.... Even the 5w30 X Helix Ultra has a higher flashpoint than the GFS & HPR5.
  2. My condolences man, jesus that's rough. But what a way to honour your father. She's a legend ! I lost mine back in 2016, so i feel you man. I'm sure the end result of the garden will be simply astounding !
  3. Exactly ! That's why if i wana go cruising i'll take the Avalon, it's a slower pace in which you take time in, sunroof open, music playing, etc. I mean, it's not underpowered in anymeans, it gets me out of trouble willingly. Not M3 fast, but still faster than some cars on the road, so it'll keep up with traffic. I'm looking forward to really putting it through it's paces. Since the new shocks, tyres, etc. Only thing i'll do when they get knocky is full bushes swap over to superpro. Combined with a slightly better sway bar & stronger sway bar links. As it is, it wants to hug the turn & just go hahaha. Where as if i want to be spirited. I'll take my G6E or mothers Calais which is firmer again lol. I'm insured to drive all 3 haha !
  4. Oil filter: Mann-Hummel: HU 926/4X (or mahle equiv) Air: Mann-Hummel: C25 114 (or mahle equiv) Cabin: Mann-Hummel: CU 2835 (they seem to fit better than Ryco & Wesfil when it comes to german cars) AGM are simply beefier stop/start approved batteries which have higher cca, reserve current (rc), etc. I'd use Century/Yuasa or Varta, i've got a supercharge in my G6E at the moment. No issues what so ever. Battery Options: TechChg - Our brand (made by federal batteries): DIN65LH-TS (680cca) Varta - E44 (780cca) Supercharge: MF66 (720cca) Just to rub it in.... Oxy sensor for cyl 1 - 3: EGO-199 (bosch) Cyl 4 - 6: EGO-199 (bosch) PAT Premium is literally branded products in different boxes. Coolant fan switch: CFS-076 (black connector) CFS-035 (white connector) Alternator belt: 6PK1510 or 6PK1560 A/C: 5PK1120 Thermostat: TT405-174P Thermostat Housing Seal: TTG33 Waterpump: (GMB) WP9810 Very high quality pumps too. Front Pads: DB1131-Euro+ Front Rotors: DBA 984E or 984S (Slotted) Rear Pads: DB1132-Euro+ Rear Rotors: Pagid: 50266PRO (Left) Pagid: 50267PRO (Right) Wear Sensor Front: BWS1052 or Pagid P8081 Wear Sensor Rear: BWS1005 or Pagid P8013 Coils: IGC-053 (bosch) Plugs: NGK PKR7A, wouldn't use bosch plugs nowerdays haha !. Future reference.
  5. Oh jeez i'm dying at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. Horse Float ?, yeah there's no horse in it, yet they're driving slower than the flinstones. Move your fat f**king ***** out of the right lane or f off "Keep left unless overtaking"
  7. Ahaha if there's nobody behind you, and you see a mobile money theif (roadside camera) in a 100k zone, slow down to 80 past'em, the dirty looks they give you crack me up. Then go back up to 100 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Being a ***** i know, but those contraptions are just oxygen thieves. Caravan drivers, don't get me started..... ******* andrews would rather keep vic in lockdown instead. But i'm not going to get started on that incompetence moron.
  8. Yeah the lockdown in vic is beyond a joke at this point, clearly his curfew isn't working, everything being closed isn't working, etc. Open stuff up for the fully vaxxed only i say. Oh no it's how we have to do it, that's the stupid thing. Yeah the way commie andrews is going, it'll be Easter before we're open again lol
  9. How are you holding up ?, working from home that is. I'm over doing this stupid click & collect bs for the most puney part. Atleast what we're doing in vic. An 04' Mazda 2 is hardly a touring car lol. The IS200's aren't a bad car, GS460 will be fun !
  10. HAHAHA ! C'mon, give yourself credit. What are you up to today ? It's all good man, i could really quite easily look on our system for the recommendations anyway if you give me the deets. Reg or make/model/year. Shouldn't be difficult.
  11. My thoughts exactly ! He's a wizard harry ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
  12. See, you're lucky prick lol. A simple retainer & sender unit setup. Meanwhile toyota thought overkill & affixes the Avalon fuel assembly (pump, dampner, filter, sock strainer, etc) all together. But it's a metal fuel tank, so it's got a seal, followed by the assembly aligning up correctly followed by 10 little f**king bolts which are a pain in the *****. Oh yeah, plus the metal retainer plate. Gotta love returnless fuel systems though. One line out, idiot proof lol. Get me a battery number & i'll cross it over to a Century AGM or something super heavy duty, car wise that is.
  13. Can someone seriously block and delete all that scammer spam too ?, it's beyond a joke. On a side note
  14. Both lol How many retainers hold each part in ?, a bunch of screws, plus a lock ring & more fasteners i reckon ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I learnt the hard way from not using genuine parts at times. You wouldn't think an intank filter would be such a c**t though. Until your own Toyota screws you over ๐Ÿ˜‚
  15. Hopefully soon.... i bet you miss your M3 That 20L won't last long ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh ?, priced a replacement unit ? My Yota's giving me grief with the fuel filter at the moment, so i feel you haha !

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