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  1. Hi, i have heard of it mentioned on here about similar issue's with pulling too the left, I also have had a full alignment and seems to fix the issue for a short time. i am used too it now so hardly notice it, I am not sure if there are threads about the issue but may be worth you time looking too see if there is..If not I am sure others will comment if they know of a solution KAA
  2. Welcome to the forum Tran..Enjoy your first car 😁 KAA
  3. Welcome to the forum Peter, always happy to have any who can assist us on here KAA
  4. i would use a woman's make up brush the kind they use to lay that foundation powder stuff on their faces in combination with vacuum cleaner, seems too work on my Aurion for those hard to clean areas around switches etc as it has softer bristles on them KAA
  5. Interesting idea, But I doubt the work involved would even make it a viable option as so many modifications would be involved and the $$$$$ involved WOW KAA
  6. Hi I agree with Ashley, if your main concern is a fire because of the unit you have then Yes go with the refurbished unit, as all safety checks should have been performed on it to ensure its safety and with your warranty covering the cost involved. I hope it will fix your issue as it sounds like it is in the existing unit as you said nothing was located after their checks on the rest of the system. Keep us updated as too the outcome KAA
  7. Welcome to the forum Paul, did a good job keeping the old beast alive mate hope it provides many many days of pleasure if you happen too get any sunshine too enjoy it LOL KAA
  8. Welcome to the forum Peter KAA
  9. Hmm well i am listening too van morrison "moondance" right now..... but I am not posting it your attached thread as it looks weird..... not even opening it!!
  10. Hi Daniel same deal here as Virgil, except I went with a Clarion Head Unit so it used the original camera in back and all controls on steering wheel operate as per specs..I went with Monster Car Audio up here on the coast for the purchase and install I found them very good too deal with and a full professional install was done with proper shroud used to have that clean fit..I am sure they will be around your area in melbourne..If you wish I have a Picture on my profile page you can check it out, Good Luck and stay safe KAA
  11. Welcome to the forum Tanner KAA
  12. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-01/toyota-faces-class-action-over-hilux-prado-filter-issues/10821680 Hope no one here is affected but in case this may prove interesting KAA
  13. Welcome Back to Toyota Shely,as an old Cairns boy myself I hope you enjoy your adventure up and down the coastline of our beautiful country KAA
  14. Hi Martin.The fuse box is in the engine bay that has the rear defogger fuse in it , Good Luck KAA
  15. I agree with Conrod..it should be what you like!!..your buying it,your driving it.... it should always be your choice & if that is too tough a decision to make then you should take a time out and then decide KAA
  16. Hi Jude, Tyres are a very personal thing to a lot of drivers every one will have a different opinion..it always comes down to a few things..1:Money ..what you can afford...2: your driving style like how many KLMs you drive and what sort of driver you are, where you drive like what the road condition is like ..3: how well set up your car is as in maintaince of brakes, steering, wheel alignment etc..so to ask for a tyre that others use is going to be tough to answer..try and find a good tyre dealer who is maybe having a buy 3 get one free offer there are always bargin tyres available but in the end it is always what you can afford to pay as to what tyres you end up with Good Luck KAA
  17. I agree With Jude..a dealer issue to fix ..it certainly sounds like a weird issue and i always leave it to professionals too deal with when they are weird issues.. and be sure and let us know what the outcome is Anne KAA
  18. Hi Ann, It could be the disc itself..I "assume" it may be damaged and therefore the unit can't read it..I got sick of our head-unit not having the ability to properly use blue-tooth and the map discs (being so expensive to replace and out of date) that I replaced the unit itself..it may be worth considering a replacement head unit..worth it so you can enjoy more a modern sat-nav set up and sound system Keep us updated as to the outcome and good luck KAA
  19. Welcome to the forum Simon KAA
  20. Welcome back to Toyota and the forum Chris KAA
  21. Welcome to Australia and the forum Scott I am sure you will love your Aurion..Looks a nice one too, Like Ashley I love the luxurious sweet comfort and the quiet and powerful experience of ours.. KAA
  22. Welcome to the forum Melanie, glad you have joined us... a lot of knowledge and great people on here KAA