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Need help valuing my car- G7 T-sport

Kaleb Ze'badi Bass

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Hi guys, I've just moved here from England and my pride and joy is still at home.

So it is a 1998-1999 Generation 7 T-sport 1.8litre, Japanese Import. Roughly 130,000 miles on the clock, 210,000 km. Imported in 2001.

The inside is beautiful suede seats, white interior lights, new gear stick, other small interior improvements. Expensive touchscreen($500) and full sound system run by two amps in the boot and also a sub. The car has also been completely soundproofed (wiring and soundproofing around $1000 process) which means the sound quality is perfect and no rattle.

The outside has a few scratches but i'm planning to have the car re-sprayed on any panels that need doing which I can have done for just under $100 a panel


Heres my question!!

My car can fetch around $3000 back home.

How much will it be worth if i import it over here.?

I love my car and I would love to have an excuse to bring it over here so if I can sell it without losing out on too much money!

Thanks for reading guys, I've attached some photos although they aren't the best taken ones ever. (Appreciate my parallel parking skills though haha)



^_^ ^_^




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