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Turbo Tune


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Alright guys im very new here and yes I believe this may be covered but I'm writing a new post

Ive owned street csds most my life and I have brought a 2006 hilux 3ltr diesel

anyway heres what I want to know

I have brought a 3 inch exhaust for it

Was told the turbo will need to be tuned for exhaust

Now I have seen some exhaust systems sold online with a chip ( modual )

Also I have seen wastegates

I have no idea what each do?

I want to tune exhaust as well as boost the turbo

Will I need both wastegate and modual?

I need to know this asap

My turbo is 7.5psi and I want 12psi there abouts

Also can anyone recommend a plave I should go to

I live in Drouin Victoria

List of things I want and need

Tune turbo for exhaust

Boost the turbo to 12psi

Oil tempreture gauge

exhaust tempreture gauge

Turbo boost gauge

how much would this all roughly cost with fitting labour?

Thank you hope you cab help

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