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2013 kluger alltitude outdated maps / freezing maps


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purchased new kluger altitude in nov 2013, was told maps were the latest 2013 maps, within 2 days went to use for 1st time and found maps were more ancient than I was, went back to dealer only to be told this is what Toyota Australia had told them that they were latest, also found that there was very little speed limit display as speedo is out and mapping had no safety cam alert on it. the head unit made by fijitsu ten isn't any better as most of the features don't work with an apple I phone 4, and the voice command is terrible. Had to go to qld for a function found that in 110 zones the maps was telling me 100 or 80 most the way, i know for a fact the Newell hwy is 110 and has been since it opened but Toyota so called technology thinks it knows better. I took photos of this and showed Toyota as i went to another dealer also informed them the head unit was very faulty as it also would freeze at times and switch off and also lose the satellite's, dealer arranged new head unit and sd card , got the sd card 1st and again was told this was latest maps from Toyota Australia, far from it as the maps were from 2010 so went backwards as more roads and fwy were missing on this one. New head unit came in from fijitsu ten and its features didn't work period, even Toyota tech couldn't get unit to work for him so had to wait another week for yet number 2 head unit and a new sd card. after 7 days they arrive and have them installed, maps at the time seemed better but i guess time would tell as for head unit still didn't work with my phone as told before buying it would. So me and family first had to go up great ocean rd way, gps didn't know any safety cams on princess hwy nor did it know roads that have been major roads for more years than i have been around, didn't even know speed limits in area, great back to square one. The real test came a week later as we were heading to surfers for family holiday, it turned out to be the drive to hell and back , on the Hume was telling us its 100kmh in 110 zone, then gps sent us cross country and was lost itself, eventually got onto Goulburn valley hwy to head to shep then on to Tocumwal , once there gps wanted us to do a u turn head back to Albury via Wodonga, i continued on Newell as its the route i always took, speed limit is 110 but gps is still telling us 100kmh what a joke its turning out to be, then in the middle of nowhere it tells us school zone ahead 40kmh all this in the middle of 2 wheat fields lol, to cut it short the gps got us lost many times on way to surfers but once in surfers the gps kept losing satellites but yet knew where we were when we where parked 2 levels underground, it was continues and started to really p me off, for eight minutes gps didn't know where we were nor did i, then screen froze so needed to power down re start kluger, spoke with dealer in Melbourne they said don't know what to say, then they emailed us saying if you look in back of service book you'll find a range of dealers you can attend to, i shouldn't need to be doing this i am on a family break but took video of all that the gps was doing took kluger to tweed Toyota , showed and explained it to them , they said if your here for 2 weeks we will arrange new head unit cause the one in your kluger is stuffed, was only up for a week so had to do all this once back in Melbourne, in meantime had nothing but freezing and when it did work all it done was sending us in wrong direction cause maps hardly new the roads. Headed back to Melbourne and same issues with speed limits and taking us cross country, even once back in Melbourne took us long way to get on east link, in total just on this trip clocked up an extra 570 odd ks to and from. Rang dealer to make time to show them all the pics and vids of what was taking place and they couldn't explain it, they sent copies to fijitsu ten they to couldn't explain it, i have spoken with fijitsu ten on a number of times and they tell me there is nothing they can do as its a Toyota part , yet Toyota tell me its a fijitsu ten issue, spoke with fijitsu ten again and they say until Toyota can diagnose the issue and tell us what it is there's nothing we can do, at this stage i was on edge of a breakdown as all i am trying to do is spend as much time with my family as i suffer from serious health issue and i am just trying to tick off my bucket list, was also planning to go up to northern territory to catch up with old friends and with gps the way it is don't want to chance it, but Toyota tell me go on your planed trip don't let the gps hold you back, i think that is irresponsible for Toyota to say this cause if i do get lost i don't see Toyota sending out a search party and it would be irresponsible from my point to attempt this trip with a faulty head unit and out-dated mapping .Since Toyota or fijitsu ten cant fix i have lodged it for vcat , all of a sudden Toyota Australia want me to drop my car of to local dealer where Toyota want to pick up and take to a secret location to try replicate the issue, i told the dealer no this can be done at the dealership as since all this has taken place i have an additional 1600ks on my car, the service manager agreed with me and stated they can do it all here let alone he doesn't know how they would replicate the issues unless its taken to where most of this took place, and not once has Toyota Australia tried calling me like its to hard to pick up the phone and communicate with me. After doing some asking around this problem with mapping and the fijitsu ten head unit have been apparent issues that span way back and i am not the first or the last, if i had of known this i would off purchased base model and placed a pioneer in it,i was looking at base model and asked dealership what a gps head unit would cost, they quoted me $2500 plus installation, the head unit is not worth it especially with all its issues and poorly made in Philippines with cheap hardware. I have spoken with a altitude awd owner in my street and they to have the same issues and say Toyota have been stuffing them around since they brought it, they to are taking it to vcat. Don't get me wrong i love my Kluger but the out-dated maps and faulty head unit let it down. Spoke with a motoring adviser from herald sun and he tells me Toyota along with other manufactures that use the same head unit have known about this for long time but they try play it down, have also spoken to navteq who make the maps they tell me they release updates every 3 months. Recently i gave Toyota Australia some negative publicity on the back of my Kluger and they didn't like it, but since i am an amicable person i told them they can wash it off , they were quick to have it washed off but very slow when it comes to fixing the head unit and mapping issues. As for the i phone not working with head unit which also states in audio book the i phone is compatible with head unit my local dealer paid for 2 new Samsung 4 only cause my wife brought a new corolla and was told that her head unit and apple i phone 4 was completely compatible, still doesn't fix the issues in the Kluger. Sorry for the long spill but need to get it out as all this has driven me to a point of no return, my health has been impacted severely as i couldn't attend many specialist as well cause gps couldn't find where it is i was suppose to be going, but be good to hear if anyone else is having these issues.

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