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Rear Wheel Bearings on EP91 Starlet


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I will soon have to replace the rear wheel bearings on my Toyota Starlet which is a front wheel drive vehicle.  As I have only had rear wheel drive cars in the past I'm not sure how to change the rear wheel bearings on a front wheel drive car.  

I have some questions about this process.

1 - Does anyone have any pictures of the rear hub assembly?

2 - Do I need a bearing press or any special tools to remove the old bearings and replace the new bearings?

3 - Exactly how many bearings will I need for each side?  Is it just one bearing or two on each side?

4 - If anyone has any instructions on how to go about this process (FOR A STARLET 1999 model) it would be much appreciated if you could maybe give me some tips on how this is done.

Thanks very much.  

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