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Dash Speaker Upgrade


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I own an Aurion 2013 Touring model which I use in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Its a lovely car and I have no complaints except for wishing that I had better sound quality from the stock speaker system (non JBL). I plan to replace the front door speakers with 6.5 inch Focal-ISS 165 components. 

My questions are these:

Are the existing dash speakers tweeters? If not, is it OK to replace them with the tweeters that come with the component setup? And will there be any issues with the sound quality since the tweeters will be a bit far from the door speakers? I've read that tweeters should preferably be placed close to its mated speakers.

Alternatively, my other option would be to install 6.5 inch coaxials in the doors and 3.5 inch coaxials in the dash bays. Will that be a right setup? (This is my 2nd preferred option)

I am looking for a clean, crisp sound with good mids and some punchy bass rather than loud boomy bass. I will be using an amplifier. I will also be replacing the rear speakers with some Focal coaxials.

My apologies if this is a repeated post. I simply could not find what I was looking for.



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