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How do I turn traction control completely off?


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Hi all

I took my 2016 Hilux SR5 4x4 onto the sand at Stockton Beach a week ago.

After a little driving on the sand, in high range 4x4, the traction control started kicking in and I would regularly lose power (and make a terrible noise) as the car slid over/through the sand. Naturally, I then turned traction control off. The display message on the dash confirmed that traction control was off. But within a couple of minutes of driving it turned itself back on - even though the dash still said that it was off.  

How do I turn traction control completely off? What am I missing? Is this a high range 4x4 mode vs a low range 4x4 mode issue?

Any advice / thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Up up down down left right left right B A Start.


In reality, a lot of traction control systems are never really "off" even if you press the button and the light comes up - often they will re-activate above a certain speed or in particularly bad conditions, same with stability control etc.  However, there is often an over-ride to this, and as @Jordanlove91 mentioned above holding the button in for 5-10 seconds should kill it completely.

Still better than the Aurion hokey-pokey tap dance sequence...


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Mate, had the same issues/noise with my 2016. You need to hold the traction control button on for more than 5 seconds to completely turn it off. Thr orange light near your RPM taco needs to stay on.

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even when traction control is off, if your wheels are turned at speed of 30klm it will take a snap shot of wheel position and then everything gets disabled, such as Traction control, cruise control, forward collision control and then you have to get it reset your dealership.   

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I have heard reports about the traction control causing the other driver aid systems to freak out.  Other commentary I’ve seen online claim that if you have your N80 in low 4 low this won’t happen.  The guy that’s checks your cars in at the dealer (so not a mechanic) told me the VSC turned off message that appears every 500 meters with the traction turned off would not happen in 4 low either but just did a Simpson desert practice run in little desert over easter and boom, there is that message overriding my speedo every 500m.

Getting my bit nervous now for quality advice, I might have the $175 the dealer quoted me for 15 minutes of the Master Mechanics time to get a straight answer and find out if they will be willing to disable it with techsmart.


Happy for any free advice in the meantime if anyone had experience with.  Seems to be across other Toyota models too but my Uber driver isn’t going to take his Prius 700 kay’s through a desert


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