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HVAC light swap (T4 advice)

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Hi all, just sharing my experience about my 09 ZRE152 HVAC light swap experience.

When you buy T4 LED, please check the dimension. Even some of them are listed as T4/4.2 on Ebay. IT MAY NOT FIT.

I bought few of those from ebay.

One of it got a large SMD so the corner wont fit in. (No photo)

The black one (A) is barely ok. You can push it in but don't expect you can get it out easily.

The grey one (B) is great size. It can go in and out easily. But the LED isn't really bring in daylight.


Also, anyone got manual how to swap the dashboard light (e.g. how to take off the dash)?







neo wedge 6.jpg

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So far my experiences with eBay LED neowedge bulbs has not been positive, if any more blow in my dash I'll be trying to get OEM first

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